SUITE – Decentralizing the Economy of Loyalty Cards

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Suite, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:
The new generation of Loyalty Systems based on Blockchain. Suite is a platform where it’s gonna be possible to gather points from adherent shops without the necessity of having multiple cards and with which is gonna be possible receive objects, request gift cards of the main online services (Amazon, Playstation etc), pay medical bills( national health dentists) or even request the conversion of Fiat points and transfer them on one’s own bank account by wire transfer.
The loyalty market at the moment is made up of 2.16 billion dollars not exploited and is expected a growth up to 6.9 billion dollars in 2023 .

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Our strenghts

It allows each user who owns a fidelity card and the commercial activities to continue to make a single collection in a transparent and simple way, thanks to the stability of SCT token. A reliable system accompanied by a worldwide spread of the cryptocurrency market.
Monthly Airdrop
To reward the loyalty of investors, of STK holders and for a continuous strengthening of The Suite in the global market, starting from the first company statements and with a monthly frequency, SCT tokens will be distributed free of charge to the shops and to the platform.
More Services
A wide range of services, goods, affiliated shops. Suite will revolutionize the concept of “loyalty rewards” in the fidelity card market, making it possible to request, by converting SCT, really useful services (like insurance, medical care, giftcards, parking lots and many services for daily use).

Main Features

The combination of the STK token and SCT tokens will allow the blockchain-based hybrid system an application in the real market: SCT stability for the “loyalty point” and STK integrated into the system with specific services and events dedicated to investors and crypto users.
The acquisition of infrastructures owned by The Suite the project will ensure a solid economic and business security and will immediately allow the use and distribution of SCT in the real-life market.
It will be possible for anyone with a crypto-based project to integrate their services on the Suite platform. The spread of crypto will increase in daily use.
The Suite platform will be full of innovative services and never offered in the fidelity card market. The simplicity of its design will favor the discovery of the crypto to new users and the choice of specific services for already experienced users.


It’s going to serve for:
  • Monthly distribution of an amount of credits to the owners in proportion to the amount of STK owned and blocked on the platform.
  • Gain a VIP status to have access to exclusive discounts (up to 50%) in the commercial businesses purchased from Suite.
  • Discounts for purchasing products/services on the platform.
  • Discounts on the use of holiday houses offered by Suite.
  • Free tickets for periodic extractions and also for the chance of taking part at VIP extractions
Additionally users are going to be able to purchase products/services even with other cryptocurrency that will be in part automatically converted in STK through API, increasing in this way the use of STK. A percentage of STK will be burnt with every purchase and extraction on the platform making more exclusive the token’s possession and reducing the supply.


To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:
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