SUNXCOIN: The Smart Blockchain Crypto-Fiat Exchange

Sunx is a crypto / Fiat exchange ecosystem, with a mission to empower investors financially, considering the return of interest up to 3-10% with our advance algorithm & usage of the app.

SUNX Objectives (XNS)

SUNX (XNS) has a goal, ensuring every individual can make quick transactions in the comfort of their hood to achieve our sustainable vision by resolving the following issues. Low returns on investment-SUNX (XNS) will create an effective trading, investment, crytocurrency / Fiat exchange program with a mission to empower people financially with a return of up to 20% investment through our advance algorithms and usage of applications


Because ICO tokens are not automatically loaded in your immigrant wallet, you can view / transfer tokens in myetherwallet. When you create a token wallet, you must store 12 words of seed or mneconomics phrase. Go to, after you click the mneconomics phrase, write 12 seed phrases. You have successfully unlocked your imtoken wallet, in your myetherwallet account. Please click add custom token; then fill in the following details
Address: 0xbf2f1e0e41f1e144bb1d5870e94324b9878dd95b
Token symbol: xns
Decimal: 18


Each investor shall be entitled to 20% of any profit incurred each month from transaction fees if trading is made using SUNX applications. The monthly percentage (%) bonus is only eligible for holders of SUNX 100 SUNX or more. Volume Transaction Turnover Monthly Volume * Trading Volume SUNX 1: $ 10,000,000 $ 1,000,000 of corporate profits, $ 200,000 will be shared with SUNX Investors. * SUNX 2 Trading Volume: $ 100,000,000 $ 10,000,000 of corporate profits, $ 2,000,000 will be shared with SUNX Investors * SUNX Trading Volume 3: $ 1,000,000,000 $ 100,000,000 of corporate profits, $ 20,000,000 will distributed to SUNX Investors.

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High Security , At Sunxcoin, security is our top priority. We’ve taken many steps to help ensure your data is safe and secure. Our security team works constantly to combat the latest cyber threats proactively.

Blockchain , Blockchain is the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the world’s largest production block platform, we are using new technology to build radically better financial systems.

Quick Transaction Of course , the fastest crypto coin will be your choice, especially when you use it to make payments to others. We ensure you have the best and reliable transaction speed on our platform. Get

SUNX (SUNX) will initialize the top coin in the Trade crypto market ie you buy bitcoin, Ethereum or bitcoin cash with fiat money (USD, EUP, GDP among other currencies) and sell your BTC, ETH and BCH to your local bank account almost instant (within 30 minutes). Because SUNX’s main objective (SUNX) is to be a trusted and trusted exchange platform, where smoother and faster exchange transactions will be made to organizations and individuals to connect with our protocols, SUNX Exchange Development for Bitcoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash trades (more tokens will be added in the future) to earn cash in your local currency. Its almost instant. Merchants have the option to trade with Peer to Peer Exchange or SUNX directly.

The table below will be distributed by our Artificial Intelligence Financial Calculator Bot. Perform all tasks automatically. (Please note all stocks are put into the pool and distributed)

Stage1: 100-10,000 = 3% Share
Stage 2: 10,001-100,000 = 5% Shares
Stage 3: 100.100-500.000 = 7%
Stage 4: 500.100 and above = 10%

Stock. Monthly percentage (%) is paid BTC, ETH, and BCH. (Trading Fee Profits Distributed)

SUNX is not just an app more than just an exchange. Keeping the value positive and steadily increasing in value, SUNX investors can earn SUNX coins from affiliate marketing without doing much work other than your affiliate marketing.

SUNX promises and will continue to earn monthly profits and every percentage (%) that happens will be read on the SUNX app dashboard. (SUNX) will be exchanged or converted to Bitcoin, FLAT currency will also be supported where investors can buy directly from the existing bank account and can also withdraw directly to their bank account, other top crypto coins will be traded as well.

The team will make sure that SUNX App is user friendly. The SUNX app is not just one of the larger crypto for crypto exchange that offers a large number of trading partners to Bitcoin, – including all the main crypto. The SUNX app is not just an app, but also a tradable crypto coin and with a monthly income of about 20% for every investor who has 100 SUNX above. The exchange will be a very high cryptocurrency – which erodes the confidence in the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing the SUNXCOIN project currently being run by their team, if there is any lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate information. . information and of course you will be able to speak directly with their founder or team, at the link.

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