Svt Chain

Svt Chain
What is SVT Chain?
We Believe That Cryptocurrency Real Value Connects with Products and Services.
We introduce Crypto which will give customers an instant & secure payment method solution using our SVT Token. Using Crypto is more convenient to use and less risk of problems and customers will be more comfortable when paying at Pubs and Casinos or other places with SVT.
SVT Chain Objectives
SVT Aims to Build an Advanced SVT Chain System That Will Enable New Developers to Assist Vendors (Especially Those Less Developing System Capabilities) to Manage and Maintain Their Own Applications. This Will Make More Job Opportunities and Promote Economic Growth at a New Level. Our Services Included.
The Fastest Speed ​​Ever! With SVT Chain Technology.
Consumers Can Pay or Receive Money in SVT, Original E-Wallet.
Various Pubs, Casinos and Lounges.
Scan QR and can immediately check.
No more expensive fees.
This is a crypto project that can work with restaurants, 
lounges, pubs, casinos etc. This is relatively partnered with 
a large company working in the PUB & CASINO Sector, using 
its own Crypto currency named SVT. It aims to promote the 
use of Crypto currency in the PUB & CASINO sector. where SVT coins will 
be a substitute for cards and cash payments. The main objective 
is to use Block chain technology to overcome the many 
inconveniences of payment processes on PUB and CASINO, 
using our SVT platform. Research our SVT mobile application, we will 
provide customers 
an instant & secure payment solution solution using our SVT Token. For crypto promotions at
daily use market and easy to use service SVT team started 
a crypto project whose name was SVT CHAIN. Using Crypto is more 
convenient to use and less risk of problems and 
customers will be more comfortable when paying at Pubs 
and Casinos or other places with SVT.
Advantages of the SVT chain
The big advantage of SVT Chain is the lack of agents 
to transfer funds. SVT Chain eliminates the need for 
banks or credit cards, with trade going directly 
between customers and businesses. This can 
result in large cost savings for online game sites and 
the liquor sector, which will eventually be passed on to 
The problem with credit card details is that they can be 
easily stolen, and with the large number of hacking profiles 
seen in 2017, customer details are big business for 
cyber criminals. We already know about the benefits 
of block chain technology for casinos and how much more 
secure it can be, and this is definitely 
another advantage for players who want to deposit their funds 
using crypto currencies. Thanks to the anonymity 
provided by SVT Chain, there are no personal details 
for files, or any personal information that 
online casinos have that can be stolen.
SVT service
SVT and Crowd-Projects services are considered 
the backbone of SVT Coin, the main objective of 
Publishing SVT Coins is to show real-life applications with 
global use for SVT users with the opportunity to 
contribute to the SVT Project in various fields. SVT Chain 
offers several advanced products and services through the 
Global Decentralized Network based on 
block chain technologies such as wallets, global exchanges, mobile applications, 
e-Bills, crypto e-payments, SVT Advertising etc.
SVT CHAIN, with its multi-sided model, is 
a brand name. It is very important for enablers to be recognized and trusted 
in the community and to do so, the focus must be 
on creating brand socialization among the community. SVT 
CHAIN ​​will use various social media platforms to 
maximize its potential reach. 
Social Media Advertising Social media 
is the front line for every project or 
organization to interact with their communities and 
customers. SVT CHAIN ​​has used social media to 
keep the masses up to date with 
the development process, announcements, Airdrops and Bounties, Twitter, 
Telegram, Facebook, and Bitcointalk.
Each Transaction is being placed using a wallet (web wallet, 
Windows wallet , IOS Wallet, or Cellular Wallet) as a block on the 
Blockchain to be verified or selected between 
nodes in the network, namely Miners working at Proof of 
Work and Staker working at Proof of stake
Q.2, 2018
SVT Vision defines White Book Released
Q.3, 2018
Introduction to Air Points Developing Communities
Q.4, 2018 Preparing
with Community Managers and Advisors &
Introducing List of Exchange
Q.1, 2019
Partnerships with Clubs and Casinos & Introducing
Champaign Bounty & White Paper 2.0 Released
Q.2, 2019
Scalable Programs from the SVT Chain with Our Application to Pay SVT
Q.3, 2019 SVT Capability
Introduction to Testnet Networks 1
Q.4, 2019
Network Sharding Intra- Testnet 2 testing chain

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