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Swace is a community-driven initiative, envisioned as a solution to the unsatisfactory experiences users and brands have with social networks, each from their own perspective.It is a blockchain-based social gaming platform featuring smart contract-enabled games to empower users to engage with brands and get rewarded.The app’s economy is based on decentralized blockchain technology and revolves around a token called the SWA Coin. The development of the app has reached beta stage. The app’s potential for expansion is great, as its appeal is universal and it offers a solution to a problem relevant to every market.
Swace Budding companies, which decide to hold an ICO face a serious dilemma of what token they will issue. They also face the problem of trying to remain on the right side of regulation that is changing all the time. It is especially so when a company tries to go international. This is because legislation is different all over the world.
Swace offers socially interactive games, which result in real-world rewards. This can mean winning coins to swap for partners’ goods, items and etc. Anything that the target group is interested in can be Swaced. Any brand, any product can have a game developed or adapted for it: People love using their ingenuity and skills to solve problems and play in competitions and leagues, especially with their own peer group. Now imagine that instead of just the fun of playing the game there are real value coins and actual prizes to be competed for (i.e. Starbucks coffee, IMAX tickets, smart watch, sneakers and etc.)! It’s easy to see how ‘Swacing’ and ‘Swacers’ will soon become words in wide use. The technology for Swacing exists now in tried and tested form. The games portfolio is already large, and growing.
The market is also a proven thing, because we know that millions of affluent young people are out there, and that every top global brand is hungry to meet them in their space.

About Swace

Swace is a community-driven initiative, envisioned as a solution to the unsatisfactory experiences users and brands have with social networks, each from their own perspective. It is an independent platform featuring preset gaming frames brands can use to engage with users, who in turn get rewards for participating and winning games. The app’s economy is based on decentralized blockchain technology and revolves around a token called the Swace Coin.

The app’s main goal is to improve the interactions between users and brands. It encourages a more active and exciting lifestyle for the users while having them engage with brands in a genuine and non-manipulative way, forming positive associations and a happier user-brand relationship. We want to enable users to be more adventurous and to give them a feeling of being appreciated and rewarded for the content they generate and for the loyalty they give a brand.

Another central aspect of Swace is the socialization between users. Being a network centered around social gaming, Swace encourages healthy competition while helping the users find a balanced approach to sharing and relating to what others share. Instead of causing each other unpleasant envy and suspicions of fakeness, Swace will empower users to support each other in games, share and engage with each other, and even team up for better rewards.

The Swace Solution

Swace developers saw all these issues and decided to come up with a solution. The solution is legal according to EU and Lithuanian regulation. Normally, there are two types of tokens: utility and security. A security token is a document that confers certain ownership rights to the holder. In essence, it is an advanced type of IOU.

How Swace Social Gaming Rewards Blockchain Works

For some, none of these two tokens is the right choice. If your preference is in between these two, then the Swace solution is perfect. They have developed something called the payment token.

The SWA token is not a security or a utility. When you take part in the Swace ICO, you will not gain part ownership of the Swace Company. Besides that, there is no promise of getting future services. Instead, you will be getting a sort of locally applied currency. When the Swace project launches in May, you will have the in-app wallet as a way to purchase goods and services

Token info

  • Token – SWA
  • Platform – Ethereum
  • Type – ERC20
  • Price in ICO – 1 SWA = 0.02 USD


  • Private pre-sale – 30%-60%
  • Public pre-sale – 25%
  • Main sale – Up to 20%
  • Tokens for sale – 1,485,000,000

Investment info

  • Min. investment – 100 USD
  • Accepting – ETH
  • Distributed in ICO – 55%
  • Soft cap – 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap – 23,000,000 USD

Token allocation

  • 55% the public token sale
  • 23% community growth
  • 12% the team
  • 7% bounty, airdrop & test reward
  • 3% advisors and partners

Distribution of the collected funds

  • 43% research and development
  • 23% HR and corporate development
  • 18% market and community growth
  • 11% legal
  • 5% reserve fund for unforeseen expenditure


2017 Q2 – Development launched (Android)

2017 Q2 – Legal setup in Lithuania, EU

2017 Q3 – MVP testing, UX/UI design

2017 Q4 – MVP presented at Web Summit, Lisbon

2017 Q4 – Selfiemus rebranded as SWACE

2018 Q1 – SWACE ICO legally set up in Lithuania, EU

2018 Q2 – ICO pre-sale

2018 Q2 – App launch on Google Play and App Store with challenges

2018 Q2 – ICO

2018 Q2 – New game types presented & Swace Dapp development launch

2018 Q2 – Legal setup in United States of America

2018 Q3 – Swace Swap 3rd party integration


For more information:

Website: https://swace.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.swace.io/downloads/Swace_Whitepaper.pdf
Onepager: https://www.swace.io/downloads/Swace_Onepager.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swaceapp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swaceapp
Telegram: https://t.me/swace
Medium: https://medium.com/swace

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