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Hallo .. If you are interested in joining an Online Swap project or you are interested in joining an Online Swap project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision during the Swap Online project.
New Internet technologies contribute to the development of the cryptographic market. It’s no secret that we stand on the brink of the big changes happening in the world of information technology. With the advent of technology blocking in this field, huge financial resources from across the globe flowed in. Each is introduced to simplify the lives of millions of people. Even the biggest trading platform for crypto currency is not fully protected.
Scammers quite often attack these resources to seize funds, as well as customer data. Many exchanges cease to function, given the many problems – large numbers of users, hacker attacks, lack of funds to continue developing projects. The vulnerability of exchanges to fraudulent schemes is determined by the fact that developers often try to launch their products quickly.
Poor testing, as well as various efforts to save the function – this is the reason for the collapse of these resources. There is a cheat program that lets you inject virus into code. But thanks to a dedicated cloud browser, such opportunities will also be excluded-Online Swap will be a truly unique solution in the exchange segment and work with crypto currency.
Online Swap Feature
The developers of a decentralized Swap Online exchange, which allows working with crypto currency, are confident that they will not be able to solve security problems and transaction lags. Moving sites to the browser allows to protect users from fraudulent schemes that work in traditional formats such as exchange.
If you use the necessary protocols in the browser itself, you can avoid problems with scammers. After all, their actions are the most damaging for this kind of exchange. Today, many exchange and exchange users note security issues, in some cases, transactions lead to the fact that funds go into scammers. The Swap Online developers want to make the cooperation between users as fast and secure as possible. According to their project – directly in the browser it would be possible to do the exchange without using a service from a centralized exchange for this. All keys will only exist in every user’s browser – this approach will ensure maximum security of all transactions performed.
How malicious scripts will be introduced to the user’s browser?
Since all code is executed in the user’s browser, the biggest risk is the introduction of foreign scripts into the code. Certainly it can create extensions that the user installs himself in the browser, or the hosting provider. To prevent such attacks, we propose to use cloudflare.com, cloud hosting that has used the top 10 global exchanges, along with Workers, a solution that, in response to any request to the domain, sends the title “Content Safety Policy” with js hash code , allowed for execution in the user’s browser. So, hacking the server and most of the attacks based on the introduction of malicious code flattened. When hacking a server for centralized services can be fatal.
Try our alpha: https://alpha.swap.online (works even with mobile PHONES) The starting code exchanger is published in GitHub, the protocol applies to Open Source Rights.
System features:
Swap Online will allow you to make any transaction very quickly, if you draw an analogy with centralized exchange;
The private key used to make the transaction will not be part of the Swap Online, which eliminates the possibility of fraud within the platform;
No software or plug-ins – exchange transactions can be done directly on the browser page;
The developers plan to add the opportunity to work with most of the basements of interest today to protect the token owners from the problem.
Any Online Swap client will be able to take advantage of a very simple and easy-to-use interface to perform the necessary transactions. The exchange is done very quickly, there is no additional confirmation or manipulation with the necessary exchange.
Advantages for modern business, an investor will be able to obtain a certain amount of internal currency of the project to perform the necessary transactions in the system. This is a great opportunity to find partners for transactions, buy certain types of crypto coins and sell them. This approach allows you to rely on very good income.
Here are the reviews I present to you all in finding information and knowing which Online Swap projects are currently being run by their team, if there is a lack of explaining this article, do not worry, I have set up a link for you to get accurate and sure information course you will be able to speak directly with or their team, in the link.
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