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SWAP.Online developers brought us a good news: the core of SWAP.Online exchange system is ready. This fact opens really splendid solutions for our exchange system to be implemented in different projects as our brilliant researcher and developer Alex B. (https://github.com/caffeinum/) says.

“Well, this is the core of exchange system. It is written using Java Script. Taking the fact into account, you can built it in the existing projects as the library. By the way, the SWAP.Online means are to be implemented even in the projects using different languages besides Java Script. To solve this issue, we’ve developed REST API interface. How would it work? This core will be launched separately. Operations will be maintained via the HTTP-requests”, Alex says.

Thus, one of the main goals of SWAP.Online development is met. As the complex of b2b-solutions, our project is initially designed to be integrated in another commercial projects somehow connected with crypto and interested in the investments in tokens. So, this particular update opens great abilities for b2b-features of SWAP.Online. You can use our capacities for collecting money to your projects. When finally developed it will be as easy as pay for the purchasing in the online store via the Visa paygate.

It’s not the only improvement in our stuff. For b2c-customers, traders and marketmakers, we are proudly presenting advanced version of our bot. It already knows how to place orders for BTC and ETH (0,1 , 0,01 etc.). All orders are placed automatically, without administration or third-party assessment. So, should you be ready to trade via our decentralized exchange, you won’t need to wait for the suitable offer — they are already placed.

Together with BTC<>ETH first swaps already executed, our decentralized exchange system is barely ready to be released. So, don’t miss next stage of our roadmap — Smart Bounty Campaign (first stage is already over, first tokens are send!) and Smart Airdrop scheduled for Jun 30, 2018. Also, the position of Project Ambassador for your country is still open: become the part of breaking-through crypto project!

Working for you nights and days,

SWAP.Online team

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