It is well known in the world of cryptocurrency that a large number of values ​​are held across the various coins and tokens that are in the block chain. It is common knowledge that there are over 1500 different cryptocurrencies in the market. This can cause problems if the cryptocurrency user wants to send a payment to someone who only uses a different cryptocurrency. Thus, it can limit people who prefer only the big names of cryptocurrency, as they are more likely to be accepted.
Let’s be specific. Most have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, have not they? But what about MonaCoin or Elastos? You may have never heard of this cryptocurrency because they are not as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum. On this basis, you may think that MonaCoin and Elastos are hard to use because they are used by fewer people. That’s why you can accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, but not necessarily MonaCoin.
Hold this thought for a moment. Most have heard about the dollar and the euro, right? But what about Peru sol or Moldovan leu? You may not have heard anything about this currency – because they are not as popular as the US Dollars and Euros. But does that mean that they are hard to use? Absolutely not. There are 180 currencies worldwide recognized by the United Nations. They all live side by side thanks to cross platform protocols like SWIFT, which manage seamlessly across different currencies and banking systems. In other words, if you want to send US dollars to someone in Peru, you can do it – because the bank infrastructure is set up for cross-border transactions. This is also the essence of SwiftDex
What is SwiftDex?
SwiftDex is a decentralized global blockchain system that focuses on placing all blockchain capabilities on a single platform, unique because no one in the market is working hard for that sort of thing. Our focus is on the 3 most sought after services and solutions in the form of Trade Exchange, CryptoCommerce Market, and In Demand.
crypto platform solution. Many of these services are available in the market, but as stand-alone solutions, for example, many exchanges are available. The biggest problem with all major stock exchanges is that it is not easy to get new coins in the stock market. Swiftdex Exchange will change this by allowing New Coin entries in the exchange, making SwiftDex a new coin trading and investment place.
Regardless of trading exchanges, there will be an easy-to-use CryptoCommerce market where people can buy and sell articles for cryptocurrency, and third, publicly available platforms in the form of a complete Blockchain laboratory solution.
Our services are divided into three areas:
Decentralized trade exchanges
SwiftDex Trading Exchange is not your regular IPO and will not be affected by the large crypto-coin market volatility because the stock market is focused on listing new coins. ICO and new coin holders will have their coins registered for trading on SwiftDex Exchange
while traders and investors will be able to buy these new coins at a low price because they are still in the early stages. As these coins get bigger and the project behind the coin gains momentum, the value of the coins will rise dramatically and make Swiftdex Exchange a platform that appeals to the growing number of investors and blockchain traders.
: Every day many ICO starts and millions of coins / tokens are bought. Most of these ICO companies can not obtain tokens / tokens on the exchange that will make it unusable for coin / tokens buyers during the ICO phase.
: Since swiftDex Exchange regularly creates new list of coins, companies that have ICO can have their coins registered and traded on our platform. This will solve the big problem that many ICO token buyers have.
SwiftDex CryptoCommerce MarketPlace
Our market will allow users from all over the world to buy / sell anything against cryptocurrency.
It’s designed to help people buy and sell products for crypto so they can buy coins without investing their fiat money.
Benefits to buyers
To be able to buy cheaper and faster from anywhere in the world, because there are no bank delays and no normal FIAT fees for foreign payments. You can now purchase your goods with cryptocurrency and immediately complete the purchase.
Advantages for sellers
Make a list of items to immediately sell and receive crypto payments. No further delay, you no longer have to wait for payment.
SwiftDex Solution Lab
Lab Our solution is a complete revolution and unique service where we can offer companies or individuals a comprehensive blockchain solution.
Features of this platform include turnkey solutions from ICO, mobile application solutions and exchange service development. With more and more blockchain technology, more and more companies are looking to introduce blockchain technology, whether in the form of ICO, to raise funds for their projects, or by implementing a blockchain solution for today’s business model. Our highly skilled developer team and blockchain experts will be able to develop turnkey solutions.
Our job
We at SwiftDex want to make it easy for anyone to become part of the Blockchain ecosystem. We want to simplify the upcoming and new ICO projects by giving them a strong foundation for starting their business.
We want to create a market where cryptocurrency can be exchanged for everyday items. Our turnkey solution platform will change the dynamics of the blockchain world by developing new blockchain solutions
SwiftDex Token (SWIFD) –
SWIFD is an ERC20 token whose primary purpose is to function as a trading currency on the SwiftDex platform. This will compete with all other cryptocurrencies on SwiftDex Exchange. It is used in CryptoCommerce Market SwiftDex to trade and also hire turnkey service ICO or Blockchain
For more information, please visit:
Website: https://swiftdex.co
Whitepaper: https://swiftdex.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/SwiftDexWhitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/swift_dex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwiftDexico
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/swiftdex
Official telegram channel: http://t.me/swiftdex
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfIzTcDFiLjEeMsPIlaUUXg
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