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Hello friends, I am your real guy Olagoke Gbade Bisade. Just as you know that any information I share are always weighty in terms of opportunities and benefits. Today’s own will not in anyway differ rather, it will be of more values. Today write-up is all about “SWIFTDEX” Let me urge you to seat back and read through.


SwiftDex is a decentralized global blockchain system that is focused on placing all CryptoCurrency opportunities on one platform which is unique as no one in the market is extensively working on anything like this.

Our focus will be based on the 3 most sought after Crypto services and solutions in the form of a Trading Exchange, CryptoCommerce Marketplace and the “in demand” Crypto Solution platform. Many of these services are available in the market but as standalone solutions, example there are many trading exchanges available.

The biggest problem with all the major exchanges is that it is not easy to get a new coin listed on the exchange. Swiftdex Exchange will change this by allowing New Coin entries on to the exchange making SwiftDex the home of new coin trading and investing. Apart from the trading exchange there will be an easy to use CryptoCommerce Marketplace where people will be able to buy and sell items in exchnage for cryptocurrencies and 3rdly a platform that is already available to the public in the form of an all you need blockchain solution lab.

How does it work?

The trading exchange will focus on listing and trading of new Coins-Cryptocommerce market place will be where people can buy and sell items using cryptocurrency and the Turnkey blockchain solution lab is where you can get any blockchain service like ico services, ERC20 Token creation, Mobile App development and much more. The turnkey Solution lab is already active and you can purchase services at – swiftdex.net

  • SwiftDex Trading Exchange

SwiftDex Trading Exchange is not your regular run-of-the-mill exchange and will not be affected by the volatility of the big crypto coin markets as the exchange will focus on listing of new coins. ICO’s and new coin holders will have their coins listed for trading on the SwiftDex Exchange while traders and investors will be able to purchase these new coins at its cheapest as it will still be in its infancy. As these coins grow in stature and the project behind the coin picks up momentum the value of the coin would increase dramatically making the Swiftdex Exchange an attractive platform for the ever growing number of blockchain investors and traders.

Problem: Each day there are many ICO’s launched and millions of coins/tokens are purchased. Most of these ICO companies do not manage to get there coins/tokens listed on exchanges making it useless to the buyers of these coins/tokens during the ICO stage.

Solution: As swiftDex Exchange will be listing New Coins on a regular basis, Companies holding ICO’s will be able to have their coins listed and tradable on our platform. This would solve a major concern many ICO Token buyers have.

  • SwiftDex CryptoCommerce MarketPlace

Our marketplace will allow users from around the world to buy/sell anything in exchange for cryptocurrency. It is made to help people buy and sell products for crypto so that they can acquire coins without having to invest their fiat money.

Benefit to the buyer – Able to purchase goods from anywhere in the world cheaper and faster as there will be no bank delays and the normal FIAT charges for overseas payments. You will now be able to purchase your goods with cryptocurrency making the purchase instant.

Benefit to the seller – List items to sell and receive crypto payments instantly. No more delays, No more waiting for payments to clear.

  • SwiftDex Solution Lab

Our solution Lab is a complete revolution and is a one of its kind service where we will offer companies or individuals a comprehensive blockchain solution. The characteristics of this platform include ICO turnkey solutions, Mobile App solutions and development of exchange services.

With Blockchain technologies taking the world by storm more and more companies are looking to adopt blockchain technology either in the form of launching an ICO to raise funds for their projects or by implementing blockchain solutions to the current business model. Our team of highly skilled developers and blockchain experts will be able to develop turnkey solution.

Our marketing strategy

As SwiftDex will be offering a vast range of services and products, that will give us a bigger audience to target. We will be aiming to get as much exposure as possible. To do this, we will be utilizing the direct marketing tools such as advertising through distributors, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and paid promotions as well. Our marketing team will ensure the confrontation of our blockchain with other competitors in the market.

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