With regards to the digital currency trading space, brokers are generally looked with assortments of trading restrictions. Conspicuous among these is getting simple trading access to stages that offer a trade of an assortment of altcoins. This particularly turns off hazard cherishing brokers who love to evaluate various coins. They think that its difficult to change over these altcoins too known trade stages do organize posting of the more settled coins over the less esteemed coins.

Another real side road is the obligatory enlistment required to utilize these trade stages. This doesn’t just remove the exchange obscurity benefits from the broker, numerous stages do require the merchants to give verification of character before subsidizes move administrations can be conceivable. Different occasions, progressively complex methodology are normally included.

Summing all these, noobs and even settled brokers are effectively disheartened from effectively putting resources into an assortment of coins. Particularly in light of the fact that many trade stages likewise require a lot of specialized skill to utilize the trading interface.

What is Swidex

SWIDEX – Swiftlance Decentralized Exchange, We give decentralized answers for crypto markets, a stage for trading ethereum based tokens(ERC-20).

The World’s First DEX with a re-appropriating stage.

SWIDEX offers profits to SWDX(native token) holders quarterly as Stakeholders of Swidex


Swidex is a tokenized decentralized application that will be based on Ethereum convention. It means to give a totally decentralized trade that is eco-accommodating, quick and verified for P2P digital assets trading.

Ethereum Blockchain is received on the grounds that Ethereum was one of the early digital currencies that rose in the Blockchain business. Subsequently, most designers know about the programming language, Solidity and more than 50percent of digital assets work on Ethereum Blockchain either as fundamental Blockchain or introductory Blockchain before mainnet dispatch.

Subsequently, Swidex propels a wide inclusion of digital assets and gives a decentralized trading stage.


Concentrated EXCHANGES (CEX)

Concentrated trades are the most widely recognized and early trading stages received by most of clients in the digital money industry. They are concentrated, go about as delegates between dealers with a few standards of who, what, and when to exchange. Wallet locations are given to clients to store digital assets and thusly, they offer virtual digital assets on the trading stage for clients to exchange. The client’s assets, assets are significantly put away in a focal wallet; it is possessed, controlled and overseen by a focal manager.


Since brought together trades are controlled and overseen by a focal chairman, a few natural issues are related with the utilization of CEX.

There are various accounts of clients’ records solidified or exhausted without real clarification or reasons. All the more along these lines, various security ruptures have been accounted for in a huge number of dollars prompting huge loss of clients’ assets, and inevitable shutdown of the trade. As of late, a remarkable CEX, Cryptopia had a security break and apparently endured immense misfortune prompting its inevitable shut down. What’s more, cases have been recorded where clients of a respectable trade were denied access to their assets because of the demise of the author of the trade holding private keys to wallets containing clients’ assets and assets.



Swidex is a DAPP and token convention that gives an open distributed decentralized trading stage that is moment, quick and verified where its clients can dispose of delegate hindrances and controls of the brought together digital currency trades. Swidex isn’t constrained by a focal director or element yet it offers a stage where clients are enabled to exchange legitimately inside themselves on the term they pick.


We intend to furnish a decentralized P2P trading stage with keen contract innovation. A reality where clients exchange digital assets with composure. A consuming convention will be coordinated into Swidex keen contract where Swidex tokens will gradually be consume until 30 percent (1.5 billion) of the absolute supply is effectively scorched. Swidex will offer profits in type of Ethereum (Eth) quarterly to holders of Swidex tokens. This is to remunerate Swidex token holders as partners of Swidex.


Swidex tokens are based on Ethereum Blockchain, ERC-20 with an absolute supply of 5,000,000,000 (5bn) SWDX. SWDX is the local token of Swidex, fill in as fuel for the trade. It empowers liquidity and forces open, quick and verified exchanges between clients of Swidex


WEBSITE: http://swidex.trade/

WHITEPAPER: http://swidex.trade/swidex.pdf

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Swiftlanceoutsourcingplatform

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/swiftlance1/

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@swiftlance.org/

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/UPqAT78/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Swidex/

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