According to wikipedia, Blockchain is originally known as bloc chain, It is a growing list of records known as blocks which is linked using cryptography, each of these blocks contain a cryptographic hash of the initial block, a transaction data and a time stamp.

Since its emergence in the year 2008, when Nakamoto satoshi discovered and introduced bitcoin, there has been serious efforts to integrate the blockchain technology into several aspects of various process of global business , The blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries with immutability, low-cost transaction, and enhanced maximum security. So many other blockchain implementations have been deployed and developed with unique features designed to specific use-cases.

The blockchain technology has made possible to issue assets through a distributed ledger framework. With cryptocurrency tokens, Assets can be given economic value in order to validate and initiate transactional processes.


  1. Decentralised payment processing,
  2. Creating an immutable system of recording,
  3. Reducing Cost of Transaction and
  4. Enhanced Security.

Now that we have reminded ourselves of what blockchain technology is, let’s look into the subject matter.


The SWINCA project developer seeks to update the true estate sector by blending this business with today’s technology, including blockchains and cryptocurrency and allows users and investors to become owners of a number of large scale property estate items within moments. The team made a system for tackling property, allowing users each month is given a share of their income made by Swinca by distributing running profits obtained among investors. Each one these actions are carried on the blockchain to guarantee security and transparency.



The Swinca platform is easy to work with, instantaneous and does not want minimal expense decision to automatically receive rental income and also suitable financing profits. The intention with this challenge would be to provide anyone who wants access to each opportunity to invest in real estate throughout the universe. They can transparently choose the percentage of this flat house, house, office or property they would like to invest. Within this manner, they can gain from the elastic own estate portfolio to control.

We expect a better return on investment than many competitors and the present remedy that does not use the block-chain to their real estate resources. A participant may pick the part of these leasing earnings to be paid out at SWI coins, which is meant to raise the value of this pig from time to time.

They required an initiative which is really appreciable. It’s a way to those investors that they are using a reliable source of investment and also can participate here with their own investment. Here a transaction could be done instantly. Verily to say that this is actually the manner by which all assets around them happen to be tokenized about the platform of this block-chain. As a consequence, liquidity is being sprinkled in the market. This system is convenient and much easier because each transaction here is recorded about the block-chain.

Their vision is that they are enhancing expenditure decision prospect to both the distinct and nearest people to real estate investment resource. In case there is investing, people may create portfolios if they desire and that is really transparent. They consistently promised to provide a greater yield in comparison to others that are not utilizing the blockchain approach.


  • There is no liquidity in the real estate asset market.
  • Transactions (buying, selling, exchanging) still takes time and are costly.
  • Offer limited to specific countries or categories.
  • Processes for ownership are counterproductive and takes months.
  • A lot of intermediaries and related costs limit investment opportunities.
  • Fractional investment is not a reality and minimum investment required are too high.
  • Difficult to access cross border, commercial or high yields oportunities.
  • Hardly possible to manage a diversified portfolio of real estate with small amounts.
  • Unfair Monopolistic (notaries, brokers) situations for retail investors.


  • Tokenizing real world assets on the blockchain is one of the main use-case of the blockchain for 2019. Thus, by giving the possibility to large and small investors to participate in great investments, they can transact between each other effortlessly and instantly. By doing so, we are bringing liquidity to the market making transactions of assets instant, cost effective and much easier.
    Also those transactions are fully transparents using the blockchain, which means that investors have now the possibility to take informed decision with open track record including all informations they need (occupancy rate, number of previous transactions, yields, value appreciation etc…).
  • Our goal is to let anyone access to any real-estate investment opportunity worldwide. They can transparently choose what percentages of a flat, a house, an office or a land they want to invest in. That way they can benefit from a personalized real estate portfolio that is flexible to manage.
  • We anticipate better returns on investments than most competitors and current solutions who aren’t using blockchain for their real-estate assets. Participant can decide for a part of their rent income to be paid in SWI coin which is designed to intrinsically increase in value with Swinca over time.


You’ll find a number of exemplary added benefits of SWINCA. All these are the Following:

  • Discount of expenditure
  • Inert earnings on a monthly basis
  • Permit from bank to manage crypto and Fiat
  • A Simple Process of earning crypto and also fiat
  • Clearness of real estate information
  • The appropriate time for real estate asset tokenizing
  • Comparatively greater return.
  • Secure way of trade
  • No intermediaries Are Necessary
  • A top skilled group with real estate expertise.


Token InfoTicker Symbol: SWI
Total coins supply: 400,000,000
Coin Price: $ 0.10 to $ 0.60
Soft cap: $ 2,000,000 (Pre-sale) $ 10,000,000 (Crowdsale)
Hard stamp: $ 6,000,000 (Pre-sale) $ 75,000,000 (Crowdsale)
Payment methods: BTC ETH USDT +100 other cryptos
Minimum purchase volume: 500 SWI
Maximum purchase volume: No max
Date presale November 26 2018 to 25 January 2019 (60 days)
Date crowdsale: 1 February 2019 au 31 March 2019 (60 days)
Date of distribution: April 20, 2019 (or soon if stamp is reached)

swinca token spec

The entire system of tokenizing authentic resources onto the block-chain is secure, decentralized and transparent for investors. Small shareholders aren’t permitted for the investment process. The process of selling and purchasing are really simple as these are recorded by using blockchain technology. Supply of allocating rental earnings is simple as a result of the boon blockchain. The digital pocket is utilized here in order to store fiat or crypto that’s really safer from your alternative celebration.




swinca team

NOTE: This article is just a guide to prospective clients, investors and every person scorching for a slice of this amazing project,

You can get more information about these project with huge potential by following the link below:

Website: https://www.swinca.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RHBWSafaQ56PvWyNvNcNtKcJwPOuRjS8

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swincagroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Swinca2

BitcoinTalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5063576.0

Medium: https://medium.com/@swinca

Github: https://github.com/swincacoin

Youtube: https: // http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwSSuIIGA6RmAwq0yB64iw

Telegram: tg: // resol? domain = swincacoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/swinca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/swinca




BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2407711


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