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Smartphones have changed our lives:the unlimited functionality of devices that we once used only for call,for a long time immersed the view of humanity in small screens of smartphones.On average,a consumer checks their smartphone about one hundred and fifty times a day-this number is likely to stun you.

But if you remember yourself,this number will become more logical.

Swipe already has a product on mobile platforms,SwipeRich is an application for advertising on the offline screen of the phone,it rewards the user directly.Swipe already has more than five hundred thousand users in Indonesia and the Philippines.In the current world, the use of users’ data doesn’t reward them. Conversely, it is monetized, resold to third parties, used for the needs of its owner. The Swipe application is going to solve this problem. The concept is quite simple: to return the rights to the data to users, to monetize their contribution and to help in obtaining income from the use of their data. Swipe is built on the blockchain technology that will ensure the security of users and their information, as well as transparency of transactions.
Thus, user information will become a new fuel for the digital economy. Users’ data is becoming an increasingly important and necessary part of building an economy, development strategies and marketing in any industry, it makes them a valuable asset. Such data are for example the pastime of the user in the application, which helps the developer understand how and for what purpose their application is used, as well as information about consumers’ purchases, for building marketing strategies, and similar situations. All data transactions will be conducted only through smart contracts, so they will be accessible for audit and easily tracked, and for the buyer the risk of acquiring a low-quality information product will be reduced.
SwipeRich Pte. Ltd. company was founded in Singapore in May 2016. In September of the same year, flagship product was SwipeRich, a marketing platform on a locked screen. In October of 2016 was the commercial launch of SwipeRich in the Philippines, the project won first place in MyPhone – Agila Rewards. In May of 2017, a commercial launch was launched in Indonesia with a leading local marketing partner, an alternative media group, CepatWipe. In July, SwipeCrypto Pte was included. Ltd.

The Swipe Team

  • Clifford Lim, CEO, Clifford has extensive experience in managing global business operations from his ten years of experience in the supply and operations of such market giants as IBM and Lenovo.
  • Andrew Marchen, CTO, Andrew is a successful entrepreneur and developer of ICT architectures, Andrew was the head of a fifty-million-dollar health project in Singapore for the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense, the Council for Health Promotion.
  • Kuay Chong Sean is the head of the security department (CSO), Kuai has more than a decade of experience in start-up and MNC organizations, as well as in product management, and business strategy development in innovation and data analytics projects.
  • Iyan Waer is the chief operating officer (COO), a technologist specializing in the development of the company’s roadmap. Iyan managed large telco software development, with various ethnic subordinate groups located throughout the whole continent. He has great experience in creating startups and working in MNC, including McKinsey Digital and Verint Systems.
    Also Swipe quickly establishes partnership relations. Swipe’s partners are blockchain platforms as Kenetic , TLDR, dG, Media Protocol, traceto.io, ORIGIN. Partners in monetization: FYSICAL, AdEx, GMO research, ACORN, PERFOMARS, Paneland, AIRBLOCK.
    Partners for commercial entry to the market:
    myphone – the leading manufacturer of smartphones in the Philippines,
    Alternative Media Group is Indonesia’s largest digital marketing company, Pedals.id is the accelerator for the development of technical startups.

The Swipe platform provides new opportunities to manage the data of your visits and purchases, and also allows to monetize it and make it anonymous. The company already has experience and success in entering the market with its SwipeRich product. The concept will be widely used because plays a plus for consumers selling their information, and for businesses that buy guaranteed quality data. Investments in such a project promise to become one of the reliable assets in the current range.

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