Industrialization, urban development, economic growth and the overall development of a nation is greatly influenced by the amount of electrical energy such nation produces at present and also the amount of power to be produced in the future. The more developed and advanced a nation becomes, the more its electrical energy needs increases. The advancement in technological breakthroughs in the past few decades has equally contributed to the rising need for more energy supply across the globe, for example, the blockchain technology remains the most beautiful tech bride for many government and private institutions; the blockchain technology – a transparent and decentralized blocks of records used to ensure trustless and manipulation – free transactions require a great amount of electricity for its operations. From reliable records, it is estimated that the amount of electricity required to run the bitcoin blockchain network equals the total energy consumption of a country like Ireland. This situation is really a cause for alarm of the looming crisis that may arise from electricity consumption of blockchain networks!!! To worsen matters, most of the electricity generating plants that run these blockchain networks are fed by non-renewable energy sources which constitute climate worries and issues to the environment. So it’s clear that high electricity supply-demand threatens man’s future existence on earth, therefore the world needs to rise to the occasion of providing climate-friendly energy resources which in turn would be used to sustain emerging tech inventions and drive the urge for the innovations of more technologies!!!


In order to sustain the giant remarkable strides made by the blockchain technology and the further provision of clean and environmentally friendly energy to power blockchain networks, the Swiss Alps Energy, a startup firm in Swiss, plans to roll out its business package known as Swiss Alps Mining and Energy, aimed at advancing the course of the blockchain technology through the provision of reliable, climate-friendly and very transparent electricity generation, transmission and distribution operations that could efficiently power its own  blockchain cryptocurrency mining sites and households along the Swiss Alps region.
The Swiss mountainous Alps region is littered with abandoned farming cabins which are lying fallow without any economic generation value to the concerned government institution, Swiss Alps Energy will leverage on the provisions of the appropriate laws governing the conversion processes of these abandoned cabins to acquire some of the cabins and convert them in accordance to the laws into its cryptocurrency mining site hence improving the economic and social activities in the Alpine region.
Swiss Alps energy plans to use its Swiss Alps Mining Cubes, Swiss Alps Mining Power  Plants and Swiss  Alps Mining Centres to provide clean energy for electricity, transparent/fair energy sale deals and neutral network node services.


1. Swiss Alps Mining Power Plants: These are SAE’s climate-friendly power plants that are operated on renewable energy resources, these power plants generate sustainable energy at a very cost efficient maintenance fees and this generated energy from the plants are used to run the crypto mining centres owned by SAE.
2. Swiss Alps Mining Cubes: These are automated modular crypto mining sites of the SAE with minimal maintenance operations. Although each cube is autonomous in its operations, for the sake of maximizing profit, the central management platform monitors and communicates with all the participating mining cubes. SAM cubes are equipped with natural ventilation facilities which remove the need for installing air-conditions for cooling the mining system thereby reducing the cost to be incurred if air-conditioned facilities were to be installed for cooling the mining system.
3. SAM Centers: These are SAE’s branch offices that would be established in any locality where any SAM cube mining site is sited. These SAM centres will benefit the host communities through revenue collection (tax) by the concerned authorities, engaging and training of the locals to become on-call duty and security staff at the various mining cube sites.
4. SAM token: This is an ERC20 compliant utility token used on the SAE platform to execute services and operations such as payment for the purchase and renting of power, sales of mining hardware and cubes in addition to fees charged for setting up Swiss Alps blockchain for use as service blockchains for companies.


SAM has a total supply of 119 841 269 SAM tokens out of which 75% are issued for public sales through ICO to raise funds for the platform development. SAM token will be sold at the price of $0.4 – $0.8 per SAM token during the ICO, also the token could be purchased with BTC and ETH currencies at exchange prices during the time of purchase.


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