Decentralization and use of smart contracts are some of the features of blockchain technology which makes it unique and outstanding in the world today. This is because, with blockchain offering decentralization, users will be the masters of their personal data while with the aid of smart contracts transactions of various kinds can be initiated effortlessly and on a peer-to-peer basis. Also, the advent of blockchain technology led to the creation of cryptocurrencies with the first being Bitcoin and ever since then, the view toward money has changed tremendously in addition to the creation of blockchain-based platform each offering a unique solution.
In every blockchain-based platform, there is transparency, trust, reliability, cheap and cost-efficient transactions etc.

Owing to the benefits and potentials associated with blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market has grown to more than $200 billion.
But yet even with all these potentials and benefits, cryptocurrency mining poses a serious risk in the world at large as it study has shown it consumes a lot of energy.
As blockchain technology depends on energy for most of its operations there is a need for cost-efficient and readily available energy sources for mining process. In a bid to achieve this, it has led most cryptocurrency mining facilities to leverage countries with low and cheap energy sources thus leading to the production of the required amount of energy; the result of this process is a cheap and “dirty” energy which also contributes to climate change.

Furthermore, a study carried out shows two key issues;
1. The global energy used by Bitcoin mining alone is equal to the energy consumption in Ireland, that is to say, it is very large and unfriendly.
2. Mining in countries with less personal freedom poses a great risk to the blockchain system thus increasing the risk of market manipulation.

In a bid to solve these issues thus safeguarding the future of blockchain technology, a team of experts believes that there is a need for a next-generation solution, that is;
1. There is a need to use climate-friendly energy which will be suitable for mining processes.
2. There is a need for a solution which will offer an independent stabilization of the blockchain network (or distributed ledger network).
3. There is a need for a solution which will increase the usability of cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain technology for mass adoption.

These led to the creation of a unique platform known as SWISS ALPS ENERGY AG (SAE) which is an operating business of Swiss Alps Mining and Energy.


SAE is a Swiss startup cryptocurrency mining and energy company based in Huenenberg Canton of Zug.
SAE aims to offer environmentally friendly mining process for cryptocurrencies in the Swiss Alps. In addition, SAE aims to contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency era by enhancing the very root of blockchain technology, thus developing and implementing possibilities as well as solutions.

What is SAE All About?

SAE is a platform offering decentralized blockchain infrastructure as well as mining facilities through the means of a sophisticated Modular Cube System.
These cubes allow for ecologically and highly efficient mining situations, in addition, they are in pre-fabricated form and within them are mining components which are then installed on-site in an unused building in the Swiss Alps.
Also, with SAE leveraging an Organic Rankine Cycle it will succeed in reducing energy consumption by 50%.
Owing to the nature of SAE platform, it will be based in Switzerland which is a country with exceptional environmental standards thus growing to be the centre of blockchain technology. Switzerland has proven to be the best location for mining facilities as it offers a good and cheap supply of renewable energy, thus SAE uses only renewable energy.
Also, with the proper management of SAE own power plant, it will make room for a profitable operation of mining facilities.
Furthermore, SAE has succeeded in developing a successful solution thus taking care of the disintegration of assets in the Alpine area and at the same time contributing to the growth of their economy and the digital revolution.

With the situation in Alpine areas coupled with the challenges in the crypto energy sector, the following opportunities will be found within SAE;

a. The future of IT infrastructure will be enhanced with blockchain technology,
b. There will be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions thus satisfying the exponential growth of the energy consumption used for cryptocurrency mining.
c. The Alpine areas are faced with unfriendly situations which spoil the landscape as well as troubles the residents.
d. There will be less competition as the electricity market of the border areas is reduced.

Underlying Attributes Of SAE

1. Promoting blockchain technology as well as its applications thus leading to mass adoption.
2. Addressing environmental challenges found in cryptocurrency mining globally.
3. Empowering users and third-parties with the needed decentralized blockchain infrastructure so as to enable them to build their own blockchain-based projects.
4. Supporting Swiss Alpine areas so as to enhance their local economy as well as facilitating digital revolution.
5. SAE aims to be a supplier of electricity with the aid of blockchain technology.


SAE token, SAM is an ERC20 token based on the prominent Ethereum blockchain and used as a means of payment within the SAE mining platform, in addition, it can be traded in cryptocurrency exchanges.
Applications Of SAM Token;
a. SAM can be used for leasing, selling of mining hardware as well as SAM Cubes.
b. SAM can be used for securing electricity costs and selling of energy to renters.
c. SAM is also required in KYC solutions.

SAE team have experiences in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining and HyperLedger applications. Within SAE platform are also civil engineers, energy experts and infrastructure engineers and currently going through the application phase of becoming a member of Swiss Self Regulatory Organization (SRO).

SAE will offer a solid foundation for other blockchain application, as will be seen in;
a. Financial assets custody as well as transfer.
b. Tracking of products with the aid of blockchain as well as IoT (Internet of Things) in logistics and transportation.
c. Electronic records in healthcare.
d. Identity management for the simplification of KYC processes.


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