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The development of high technologies and the emergence of cryptocurrency market give a chance even to the ordinary person, far from these technologies with its computational algorithms, to organize the personal business on extraction of electronic currency at presence of corresponding Hardware and Software. However, there are a number of limitations at the moment, which do not allow mining to develop everywhere and become a reliable and accessible mechanism for investing funds and obtaining stable profits. Here are some particularly significant ones:

Power outages are detrimental to the equipment;
It is necessary to monitor the amount of energy consumed, the high temperature of the equipment, to cool it regularly and to observe the optimal mode of operation;
The control of all the equipment and its software must be organized, as they work on the maximum possibilities.
To simplify the whole process, a Swiss Alps Energy project was introduced, which proposes to correct this situation by its decision.

What is Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is an innovative project to provide cheap and energy efficient mining cryptocurrency. Today, it is the only company that uses the existing infrastructure to its offices without causing additional harm to the environment and promises up to 50% reduction in energy costs when using modular mining and various sources of renewable energy Resources.
The basis of the Swiss Alps project
The Swiss Alps is a platform for blockchain technology that works Decentralized. Its basis will be the cubic modular units (CMU), which are installed in the empty buildings of the Swiss Alps.

CMU are protected from external environment, automated and almost do not need daily control of the work, the remote maintenance from the central platform which sets parameters of optimum mining for each cube is applied and increases the general Indicator of the System’s usefulness.

Medium Mountain temperatures (July temperatures below + 14 °c, January to − 15 °c) contribute to cooling CMU and reduce mining costs. Actively involved in the general ventilation CMU Sensor System Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which uses prominent heat for the reproduction of energy and reduces its overall costs.

Modular units can be rented by regular users of the Swiss Alps and, if necessary, purchased. Also tenants can sell on the platform electricity to other users without intermediaries and without paying commissions. The received funds will be used to pay for the lease of buildings and electricity. Also on the platform will be offered services on calculation of optimal and profitable coin production, comparative analysis on determination of high yield of coins and service SAM Smart Mining (SamaiX) on use of artificial intelligence at mining of coins, which will tell you the most advantageous options of production at the moment and help to make the user a choice.

Developers promise to increase profits by more than 3 times during 3 years of work on the platform.

To facilitate the various payments on the platform will be created a SAM token, which will have its crypto turnover on the exchanges.
What are the advantages of the project?
The project has distinctive advantages, reflecting its noble purpose of creation and ability to keep up with the times:

Organized safe mining of currency;
Uses modular systems – cubes, which are easily transported and assembled in the mining systems in any place;
Preservation of cultural heritage and economic development of the regions.
Token Sale
The SAM token is a platform utility token designed to pay for the services rendered and to ensure the transparency and security of transactions, on the platform and on other cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as for the further development of the project, Acquisition of profitable investment objects and other marketing companies.

Token: SAM
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total Tokens: 239 682 538 SAM
Available for Token Sale: 165 141 268 SAM
Payment: Ethereum, BTC, fiat money
Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
Token value: 1 SAM = 0.80 USD
There are discounts up to 25%, 1 SAM = 0.50 USD
Soft cap: 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 100 000 000 USD
Required: KYC
Country: Switzerland!

Swiss Alps Energy Roadmap



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