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Another achievement in the realm of cryptocurrency mining with vitality and creation cost reserve funds.

What is Swiss Alps Mining?

Swiss Alps Mining is an astute cryptocurrency mining venture in a superior, more productive, and inexhaustible way. All mining gear is made particularly to work in the Swiss Alps, as indicated by the venture name. What’s more, a few motivations to pick an area that will spare you up to half in conclusive power costs. Realizing that at present the cost of power spends half of Bitcoin’s mining benefits, he clarified that numerous Swiss Alpine mines will profit by exemplary mining activities. The atmosphere in the Swiss Alps has a mine working temperature and expenses up to 40% for cooling. Hot fluid mining will likewise be utilized for power recovery, and this will make extra prerequisites for Swiss Alpine Mining activities. Swiss Alps Mining is a Swiss new business in the region of crypto mining and vitality, situated in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug. SAE intends to begin working crypto mining ranches in the Swiss alps in 2018 — a spearheading venture. These ranches are arranged in structures never again utilized by nearby agriculturists. SAE will in the meantime work little hydropower plants to deliver the power required for crypto mining.


The blockchain network overall countenances solid headwinds because of the plain vitality concentrated mining procedure of digital currencies and blockchain-based business applications. In the meantime, in the Swiss alps, a large number of unused structures are crumbling because of the way that the present spatial arranging law does not take into account private utilization of these structures.


Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a disseminated record based vitality provider and an administrator of adaptable particular mining frameworks that are proposed for long haul stationary utilize. Along these lines, SAE jam unused structures in the Swiss alps and utilizations them sensibly and without obstruction with either constructing structure or nature.

Plan of action

A refined particular 3D shape framework permits Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) to assemble and actualize pre-assembled dust-secured mining segments nearby. Perfect normal temperature conditions empower simple cooling of the mining offices, which prompts a lessening of vitality utilization of up to 30% in contrast with similar establishments. The adaptable and measured mining 3D shapes give forefront robotization and

SAE idea

Out of its one of a kind position as an accomplished Switzerland supplier of blockchain innovation and hyperledger-based business applications, Swiss Alps Mining and Energy endeavors to:

  1. Advance blockchain innovation and its uses to a more extensive open
  2. Give customers/outsiders the decentralized foundation to develeop their own particular blockchain-based tasks
  3. Address natural issues related with crypto mining around the world
  4. Bolster the neighborhood economy in Switzerland elevated territories and encourage the computerized change in these zones
  5. Be a power provider utilizing the conveyed record innovation

The Token

The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token. It can be utilized as a methods for installment inside the SAE mining and administration universe and will be tradable outside the SAM stage on every single significant trade. All administrations gave by SAE and in addition the buy of intensity and solid shapes will be paid in SAM tokens. This incorporates leasing and purchasing of mining units, power supply from SAM Power Plants, facilitating of blockchains on decentralized SAM Units, and the advancement of blockchain-based administrations, for example, worldwide KYC.

Token Distribution

A sum of 239’682’538 Sam tokens (100%) will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain utilizing a brilliant contract.

SAM will consent to the ERC20 standard and will be openly transferable on the Ethereum stage.

These tokens will be the main Sam issued.


Take an interest in The Smart Mining Company

Swiss Alps Energy AG will hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in May 2018. The assets brought up in the ICO will be utilized to back the improvement and development of the mining offices and to obtain possessions in hydropower plants.

The SAM token (Sam) is an ERC20 token. It can be utilized as a methods for installment inside the SAE mining and administration universe and will be tradable outside the SAM stage on every single pertinent trade.

SAM Platform

The SAM Platform will supply a Sam stashes this is totally perfect with most recent token trades and that licenses for basic withdrawal and purchase of tokens. Holders of Sam tokens also can utilize any pockets that helps Ethereum ERC20 contracts. The pockets likewise bargains the purchase of Sam money with digital currencies similar to BTC and ETH. Clients can draw in with the stage by method for web, registering gadget and cell gadgets. They can make ventures their Sam money at the SAE stage to utilize mining vitality and mine cryptographic forms of money practically identical to BTC, ETH, DASH, and so on.

The stage likewise includes particular investigation in their speculations and prizes. These investigation allow the purchaser to watch how their money is being used.


The Smart Mining Company — Connecting the world of blockchain with environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy strives to enable environmentally friendly mining of crypto currencies in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business. SAE is a Swiss startup company in the area of crypto mining and energy, located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.



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