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Swiss Alps Energy AG is an environmentally friendly mining industry in unused buildings in the Swiss Alps, reducing energy consumption by up to 50% due to natural climatic conditions and the ORC energy recovery system. Swiss Alps Energy AG is the first company with a revolutionary solution that allows you to save up to 50% of its energy costs by using blocks for mining, working exclusively through renewable energy sources and the extraction of waste heat from mining equipment. This represents a solution to the global problem facing the industry. The significantly lower boiling point of water at high altitudes, where the cubes are located, significantly increases the efficiency of energy extraction. This makes the production much more profitable, protects the Swiss cultural heritage and saves energy.In June 2018, Swiss Alps Energy AG will hold an initial coin offering (ICO). The funds raised in the ICO will be used to Finance the development and expansion of mining facilities and the acquisition of holdings at hydroelectric power plants. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a distributed book – based energy supplier and operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures designed for long-term stationary use. Thus, SAE keeps unused buildings in the Swiss Alps and uses them wisely and without hindering the building structure or the environment.The containers are self-service and operate autonomously. For remote maintenance and monitoring, each container interacts with a Central management platform that monitors the containers and assigns the optimal parameter to each of them to maximize mining in order to maximize profits. As part of projects with direct participation or purchase of environmentally friendly power plants such as hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic systems and wind power plants, SAE does not buy but produces environmentally friendly and economical energy for SAM containers. These power units are the so-called SAM power plants. The energy produced is delivered to their own SAE containers, which end users/miners can also equip their own equipment. Given cooling problems and noise emissions from mining equipment, demand for suitable premises and electricity is high. SAM can rent out both premises and electricity.

What Are Company Information?
Swiss Alps energy AG (SAE) is a distributed Notebook energy supplier and operator of the flexible modular ores infrastructure, which is divided into long-term fixed use.
For this reason, SAE protects buildings that are not used in the Swiss Alps and uses them with the building or the surrounding environment and uninterruptedly.
Swiss Alps Energy AG operates the Swiss Alps Mining and energy.
They come from areas such as team Downers, blockchain technology, Crypto money ores, program developers and hyper-specialist experts, civil engineers, infrastructure engineers and energy experts.
The team successfully developed and launched a variety of products, analysis tools and programs based on blockchain technology.
The company is currently in the process of applying for the Swiss self Finance Facility (SRO).

Swiss Alps Energy’s innovative and advanced business model

The advanced modular Cube system enables the Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) to create and program on-site dust-defending ores.

Ideal of course, the temperature conditions cause a reduction of up to 30% of meat compared to similar delegations in the use of energy by ensuring simple cooling of the ores.
Flexible and modular ore cube, the ultimate technology is automation and little attention is needed.
Each cube interacts with the Central Administration platform that follows the cube and gives ideal variables to maximize the ore for maximum profit.

Energy efficiency will rent out all cubes or individual ore capacity from Sam Club – meanwhile it will provide high energy saving ore and competitive prices.

SAE will separately offer competitors and / or individuals the opportunity to hire ore companies and may be paid for the required EFOR Sam tokens.

SWIS Alps Energy token distribution;

68.99156% = main token sale
5 = reward campaign
8% = early angle tokenu, consultants
6.0844% = token sales
% 2 = next participants
10% = founding team and partners

Swiss Alps Energy token sales;

SAE will finance the development of commercial transactions and market movements for the promotion of a large volume platform for the sale of Sam tokens.

Sam will be sold in BTC, ether (ETH) and Fiat currencies during qualified sales.

With a smart contract, a total of 311’011’901 Sam coins (100%) will be given at the ethereum blockchain.

SAM will be reasonable to the level of erc20 and will be freely transferred on the ethereum platform.

These tokens will be the only Sam ever published.

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