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Since its implementation in 2009, cryptocurrency has paved way for the creation and development of new cryptocurrencies on a daily basis and has been of great benefit to traders over the years. Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and its global acceptance is amazing. There are over 20 million users of cryptocurrencies generated everyday worldwide. The cryptocurrency market has significantly grown over the years that it is estimated to grow to worth over $5 trillion in 2025. Cryptocurrency was created to enable ease & security of transactions online, scalability and sometimes anonymity. Another feature of cryptocurrency is that it is minable but it consumes a lot of energy which is expensive and also harmful to the environment. In the Swiss Alps, there are a lot of dilapidated buildings because of the laws which prohibits it for residential use. The good news is thee structures can effectively be used as cryptocurrency mining facilities with renewable energy source. The renewable energy source is gotten from the fabricated dust projected cubes based on blockchain technology with an Organic Rankine Cycle system used to recover waste heat energy from the mining process. In other words, using these advanced technologies, the mining process will be recycled to produce more energy which will in turn reduce the amount of energy consumed in mining by 50%. The major aim of this project is to address the environmental issues concerning cryptocurrency mining and to support and transform the economy of the Swiss Alpine area.
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The SAM token is a utility token based on the Ethreum ERC20 token standard used as a means of payment within the platform and can also be traded on all relevant exchanges outside the platform. Swiss Alps Energy AG will hold an ICO in June 2018 with the total token supply of 239,682,538 SAM tokens. Unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO.

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68.9156% – Main token sale
10% – Founding team and partners
5% – Bounty campaigns
2% – Future contributors
8% – Early angle token, advisors
6.0844% – Token pre-sale

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18% – Administration, salaries/rents
60% – Mining facilities/hydrowpower plants
2% – Legal costs
5% – Development/blockchain/certification
5% – Workshop (cube construction)
10% – Marketing/promotion expenditures

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October 2017 – Work start
February 2018 – Renting first buildings
February 2018 – Founding of AG
February-March 2018 – First Cube Running
May 2018 – Press conference
June 2018 – ICO Start
March-October 2018 – Development of SAM Mining Pool & SAM Platform
Beginning of May 2018 – ICO private Sale
As of July 2018 – Start production of further cubes
As of July 2018 – Start development of KYC/AML solution
July-August 2018 – Renting further buildings
September 2018 – Commissioning and Leasing of First Cloud-Mining Cubes
End of 2018 – Purchase of first Power Plant
End of 2018 – Selling cubes
Early 2019 – Power Production
January 2019 – First release of SAM KYC solution
Early 2019 – SAM edge nodes and blockchain solution
February 2019 – Blockchain PaaS Provider
March 2019 – App Ecosystem for Customer
March 2019 – Expanding purchase of power plants
April 2019 – Expanding sales of SAM Cubes & ORC System worldwide
July 2019 – Energy supplier on DLT

Gian-Carlo Collenberg – Founder and CEO
Ramon Simon – Founder and CFO
Raja Yogarajah – Founder and CTO
Mike Rava – Founder and CMO
Christian Giger – Head of construction mining cubes
Gnana Yogarajah – Founder and CTO
Santosh Kumar – Blockchain developer
Goutham Krishna – Blockchain developer specialized in smart
Ankur Dharwal – Blockchain developer specialized in Hyperledger framework
Crissi Robert – Blockchain developer specialized in Ethereum Virtual Machine
Navjeet Kumar – Fullstack developer
Pascale Uccella – Head of human resources
Sanjay Jaiswa – Back-end developer
Karan Ahuja – Blockchain developer specialized in Bitcoin Core
Divy Trivedi – Supporter
Ajay Parmar – Front-end developer
Himanshu Phogat – Back-end developer
Shital Prajapati – Fullstack developer
Hinal Suthar – Fullstack developer
Sonal Parekh – Designer
Hitesh Trivedi – Fullstack developer
Arnav Chaudhary – Fullstack developer with IoT-focus

For more information, please visit the website and connect with other participants on any of the social media platforms listed below:

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