Swiss Alps Energy – It’s eco-friendly smart mining in the Alps!

The problem of excessive energy consumption in the production of cryptocurrencies is relevant even today, although since the advent of mining has been 10 years. And the question of its energy efficiency has been repeatedly raised by the public. Despite the fact that a large number of different ways of solving have been proposed, the problem still persists. According to statistics, the production of cryptocurrencies takes about 7% of the electricity consumed worldwide in the field of digital technologies. Yes, this figure does not look very impressive, but given the fact that the mining itself carries only an individual benefit — this figure takes on a very different meaning.The Swiss Alps Energy project was created to improve the efficiency of mining not only from the point of view of the miners, but also its impact on the environment.


About Swiss Alps Energy project

Swiss Alps Energy offers a range of mining solutions that will reduce energy consumption and increase the profitability of this method of earning. The main idea of the project is to use abandoned houses in the Alps, to accommodate mining equipment.According to the project team, which includes not only experts in the field of mining and blockchain, but also qualified energy, the climate of the Alps is perfect for mining and placement of equipment there will reduce electricity costs by half, compared to their volume now.

The platform itself will be based on three technological solutions:

Organic Rankine Cycle. A system that will use the excess heat from mining to generate electricity. This energy can then be redirected to the equipment itself or distributed to consumers.

KUB SAE. This is a unique development of the team, which will become the main unit of equipment for eco-mining. Mining equipment and ORC system will be installed inside the cubes. Today is available two versions of the cube. The first will cost consumers 200 thousand dollars, and the second – 350 thousand dollars. At the same time, as the developers say, even a smaller version of the SAE cube will be able to produce 20 BTC, as well as 150 ETH per year. In terms of dollars, the annual profit will be about 210 thousand dollars today. The cubes will operate offline under control from the control center.

SamaiX system. It is designed to automatically select the most profitable cryptocurrencies for mining. It uses artificial intelligence, past machine learning. In this case, the system will offer users a coin to choose from, analyze them and refer to the data in the future.



Swiss Alps Energy is not just a marketplace on the blockchain, not a decentralized exchange and not even a platform on smart contracts. The project addresses much more relevant and applied problems that exist in the field of cryptocurrency and mining, namely:

  • The need to remove a large amount of heat;
  • Excessively high energy consumption in the process of mining for cryptocurrency;
  • The complexity of maintenance and storage of mining equipment in the domestic environment.

The team has long worked on creating an effective solution that would make the production of cryptocurrencies less harmful to the environment and more profitable for the miners themselves. As a result, the SAE project was created.


ICO and Swiss Alps Energy tokens

SAM tokens corresponding to the standard ERC-20 will be used inside the platform. They can pay for the rent or purchase of mining cubes SAE. The total issue of tokens will be 239 682 538 coins .

SWOT analysis of Swiss Alps Energy



Project conclusion

 The concept of eco-friendly smart mining, presented by the Swiss Alps Energy team is unique in its kind and can significantly affect the cryptocurrency mining industry. For sure, there are many who want to buy if not, then rent computing power equipment, the cost of which will be twice less than in the case of conventional mining equipment. Accordingly, the project has good technical and commercial potential for investors. 

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