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Hello, on this occasion, I will discuss about a very interesting project in cryptocurrency, so for that you are very obliged to see and understand the article I made before continuing to invest in this project.

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is operating Alpen Alpen Mining & Energy. Swiss Alps Energy AG is a distribution-based energy ledger supplier and flexible modular mining infrastructure operator aimed at long-term stationary use. As such, the Swiss Alps Energy maintains unused buildings in the Swiss Alps and uses them wisely and without interference with either the building structure or the environment.

The Concept of the Energy of the Swiss Alps
From its unique position as a provider of blockchain technology and experienced Swiss hyper ledger based business applications, Swiss Alps Mining & Energy strives to:

  • Promote blockchain technology and use it to the wider public
  • Provide clients / third parties
  • Decentralized infrastructure for Develop their own blockchain-based projects
  • Addressing environmental problems associated with crypto mining worldwide
    Support the local economy in the Swiss alpine region and facilitate digital transformation in this area
  • Become a supplier of electricity using
  • Distributed ledger technology

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy seeks to enable the mining of environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies in the Swiss Alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is operating Alpen Alpen Mining & Energy. SAE is a Swiss startup company in crypto mining and energy, located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.


In our world today, blockchain communities around the world face strong challenges due to the highly energy-intensive crypto mining process and blockchain-based business applications. At the same time, in the Swiss Alps, thousands of unused structures were disintegrating due to the fact that the current spatial planning law does not allow for the use of housing from these buildings.

Blockchain technology revolutionizes the view on conventional fiat currencies because it allows mining of digital currencies. The introduction of bitcoin changed the entire landscape and became the gold standard for cryptocurrencies. However, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the wider community still proves difficult because some service providers are related to reputation issues. The overall shift to digital currency is slow, and this breakthrough technology is rarely used to its full potential.

Blockchain is more than just an aspect of the cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology simplifies various business processes and transactions provide transparency and security, makes it unnecessary for centralized intermediaries and reduces costs. However, blockchain technology requires certain regulatory frameworks and guidelines in order to function safely and as intended. To add more to this, the business model based on blockchain technology is very dependent on energy supply. The price and availability of electricity are important factors for the mining process and this has led to the outsourcing of mining facilities to countries with low environmental standards, where relatively inexpensive fossil energy sources are mainly used to produce the required electricity levels.


The fact that SAM Cubes and SAM Power Plants operate with blockchain-based contract solutions allows the purchase and settlement of transactions through cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

SAM Token (Sam) is an ERC20 token. This can be used as a payment instrument in SAE’s mining and service universe and will be traded outside the SAM platform on all relevant exchanges.

All services provided by SAE and the purchase of power and cubes will be paid in SAM tokens. This includes renting and buying mining units, electricity supply from PLTU SAM, hosting blockchain on decentralized SAM Units, and developing blockchain-based services such as global KYC.
Important note: The ICO smart contract code can be seen on GitHub.

Token supply
A total of 119 84126913 Sam tokens (100%) will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract.
Standard and can be transferred freely on the Ethereum platform.
This token will be the only Sam ever published.
Of this amount:

• 14’583’333 Sam (12.17%) has been sold in pre-sale tokens. SAE has raised $ 0005,000 in this initial funding round. The next token sales token will be made at a significantly higher price. -SOLD OUT-

• 29675,269 Sam (62.83%) will be provided for the sale of tokens and for future sales and token activities (see below).

• 11 984127 Sam (10%) will be provided to the founding team and partners, of which 70% will not be redeemable for one year.

• 9 587302 Sam (8%) will be provided to the original angel owner and advisor, where 60% will not be exchanged for 3 years.

• 2 396825 Sam (2%) was used for the first prize campaign.

• 5 992063 Sam (5%) will be provided to contributors in the future (see below).

• (2.4 Mio of 5% will be used for the second bounty campaign)

Funding allocation
The founders of SAE are responsible for the use of all funds efficiently and diligently, which is relevant to the principles of the highest corporate governance.

Main costs include:

• SAE cubes infrastructure
• SAE infrastructure center
• investment in hydropower plants
• salary for the SAE development team
• salary for production and maintenance of cube staff
• outsourcing development costs
• server, office, equipment, and software costs
• marketing and promotion shopping
• fees for advisors related to the project

In the first phase of the project, most of SAE’s costs will be related to the arrangement of infrastructure and investment in small hydropower plants. In addition, funds will be needed to expand SAE’s user base through marketing, promotion and business relations, and to provide legal emergency funds.


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