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What is Synapsecoin?

Synapsecoin has shaped an expert team of beginner entrepreneurs and experienced investors to make a comprehensive blockchain mercantilism platform.

Because cryptocurrency is meant for thought adoption Synapsecoin our platform is a stop buy purchasers United Nations agency will get the foremost from their investment. we are going to produce the easy-to-use system that mixes ancient markets and blockchain-based assets.

Our team members area unit specializes in money mercantilism and cryptocurrency market, that has years of expertise operating with world brokers. Understand the market from the customer’s purpose of reading, similarly because of the expertise gained from the quality management of monetary establishments and banks, urging America to return to the blockchain field.

The development of the Synapsecoin, the platform is one in all our most bold comes. The creation of the platform began in 2018. From the start and till the discharge our platform, several technological issues were studied and solved, that enabled America to excellent our system and make the perfect idea of future crypto exchanges.

This shows the amount of association exponentially increasing the utility base and trust in cryptocurrency as a very important and medium-sized trade store. Its growth is something that’s inspired with the assistance of samples of actual international use for transparency and unchanging blockchain LED technology, and its blessings and quicker, peer-to-peer transactions and reducing possession value.


Connect capitalist with entrepreneurs and/or comes in the run at worldwide, exploitation Blockchain technology and good Contracts.


We board a free and honest future supported transparency, wherever sensible comes can finance and receptive the globe while not limitations. we provide the most effective opportunities, accelerate progress altogether sectors of the globe, exploitation our own exchange (CriptoWasi) for its exploitation.


The Blockchain technology is AN example of technological advances of our age and has allowed connecting thousands of individuals worldwide, giving them the chance to realize monetary growth and over the years had been developing new systems because the Crowdfunding supported Blockchain technology that solves the issues of ancient Crowdfounds.

Synapsecoin is that the collective platform for the association between business ideas and investors, our team can take all benefits of Blockchain technology to all or any our customers, with the aim of produce a replacement basic scheme that may drive new monetary and social growth.


The Crowdfunding market on the net has been developed for a few decades, however, in 2018 the amount of fundraising platforms continues to be quite restricted despite the potential spherical it’s. the expansion of this collective finance system has been hampered by a series of issues like the dearth of confidence on the part of entrepreneurs and/or investors, thanks to a failure of many comes, lack of regulation and legal gaps within the rules enforced by governments of every region.

After the crowdfunding market began to kind, some comes started exploitation this sort of finance technology for little areas. By mid-2015 several platforms had a closed profile, specializing solely in specific, creative, commercial, public or alternative comes.


Synapsecoin has been operating in the intersection of 3 markets:

  •  The exponential growth of Blockchain and cryptography.
  •  The exponential market of Crowdfunding.
  •  The Fintech market/ invest market.


The Synapsecoin team is predicated on transparency, that is why Criptowasi has additionally been created, an area wherever you’ll exchange cryptocurrencies such as:

SYP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, jurist among others; wherever our users may trade and enjoy the cryptocurrency boom

Criptowasi could be a cryptocurrencies exchange that {gives|that provides} its user the chance of shopping for and commercialism over thirty completely different cryptocurrencies at a beautiful commission per group action and can give further advantages to users UN agency area unit inside the Synapsecoin scheme.


The fees and commissions this platform apply to transactions area unit borderline, granting to you a privileged position.

Deposits in Criptowasi of any cryptocurrency won’t be charged commission is totally free.

Withdrawals in Criptowasi have comparatively low commissions:

CRIPTOWASI is that the excellent leverage for Synapsecoin having the ability to price the value in keeping with the cut of the full provisions of the token CriptoWasi contains a arrange to keep the value of its currency stable, from time to time it’ll purchase a share of the SYPs in circulation and destroy them, so revaluing the value of SYP.


It is supported ERC20 protocol, ETHEREUM good contract, that is changed in keeping with the project necessities. this is often a key feature that produces the potential for the U.S.A. to bring the best level of security, privacy, comfort to investors and entrepreneurs. throughout the pre-ICO, solely straightforward open supply good contract is already enclosed. This good contract can offer ETH quick exchange.

Once the fundraising campaign is over, we are going to endeavor to supply investors with an association platform throughout the ICO, so that they will explore and perceive the investment scheme. that’s a reason we have a tendency to area unit acting on the mixing of ETH good contract, which can enable the primary customers to check our platform and style its functions.


Name of the token: Synapsecoin

Symbol: SYP

Decimals commonplace of ERC20: 18

Role of the Token: Utility token

Use of Token: Exchange currency inside the platform.

Total supply: 990, 000,000 SYP

Assigned funds: 297, 000,000 (30% asignación DE fondos)

Period of sale: December 01, 2018 UTC 21:00 to February 28, 2019

UTC 21:00

Token accessible for sale: 693, 000,000 (70% tokens distributions)

Contract: 0x7853a395abf4aac78e69ed9f7b93238a44b0f017

Contract link:

The 415, 800,000 tokens that may be distributed in four stages:

Tokens distribution

Assigned funds




Start team creation


Community expansion


Market Analysis of Crowdfunding and cryptocurrency


Whitepaper Development



Research of Crowdfunding technology and implementation with BlockChain and cryptocurrency.


Market and solutions of Blockchain technology


Development of our exchange CriptoWasi


SYP token creation


Social Media Creation


Website Development


Private Sale


Bounty Campaig Development


Development Marketing estrategy


Token Verification at Etherscan


Pre- Sale



Public Sale


Final Sale


Lauching of our Exchange CriptoWasi


Development of the Bot for Projects vote system into Synapsecoin platform.


Development of Synapsecoin platfom as Financing collective system.


Development of our own Wallet for cryptocurrencys


Dapp Development, to invest in our projects portfolio


APP Development- App for Android and IOS in our Synapsecoin system


Crowdfunding Implementation



Proofs at Synapsecoin Crowdfunding system


Official lauching of Synapsecoin as Crowdfunding system

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