SYNCHROBIT: The Versions And The Future.



SynchroBit is a growing trading platform with an original method of ensuring sustainability. The version nature of the platform is one of the ways with which SynchroBit continually improves performance and functionality. It has sustained its relevance through these consistent improvements revealed in the different versions. Here are the different versions of the SynchroBit and its road map.

VERSION OX: This was the first version of SynchroBit, which was introduced in the last quarter of 2018. At the time, it met the requirement of the private community of experts who tested it. The platform provides significant developments to curb the new forms of risk to the platform. In effect, there is an extensive change in the codes of version Ox. The upgraded version improved its security, performance, UX, and user-interface.

VERSION SILEO: Just as suggested by its Latin meaning, SILEO was like starting the platform from scratch. There were a lot of developments and differences from the first version. Fiat wallets and stable coins were added to increase its versatility. This version integrates hardware cold wallets with the platform and also enhances procedures. Between version OX and SILEO, there is a lot of changes in the user-interface. This version provides the foundation for the subsequent versions.

VERSION INIZIO: This is the first version of SynchroBit that is open to the public from August 2019. Most of its features are outcomes of consistent developments on versions Ox. The user-interface, security, and trade features were seriously improved. This version also has decentralized cryptocurrency wallets that support BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, BCH, etc. version SILEO included gateways but did not have integrated fiat gateways. Version INIZIO consists of an implementation of blogs and charts. This version is presently in use and is setting the pace for trading platforms in the market.

VERSION DELTA: This version is the next in line to be implemented or introduced. It would become available on the first day of 2020. The added features revolve around functionality, liquidity, and profitability. This version tries to empower users as much as possible financially. It introduces the platform to SNB token and the SNB market. Just like other versions, the UI and UX of this version are a notch better than the previous one. The dashboard constitutes more functionality. Users would become opportuned to group and public chats. The platform will also include an ICO Launchpad to conduct IEOs.

VERSION SIGMA: This version is to be launched on the first day of July in 2020 as an improvement from Version DELTA. This version comes with a SynchroBit academy to train users. New modules like the energy market, PAPM, and precious metals market are also integrated into the platform. New fiat currencies would be made available to users. The membership plans of users are revised and improved.

VERSION OMEGA: This version is expected to out on the first day of 2021. Most of the features of version SIGMA is unchanged in this version with adjustments and diversification. More information would become available as time goes on.

VERSION COVENANT: Version 1.0 (covenant) would be the final out-form of SynchroBit. This version takes SynchroBit beyond digital asset trading. It introduces more effective trading solutions. One of these is E-commerce solutions, which include shopping cards, new payment systems like credit cards, etc. The platform will infuse Artificial Intelligence to help users trade better. At this stage, SynchroBit will become integrated with SYNCHRONIUM public blockchain.



These are the points of SynchroBit’s road map and how it aims to increase its relevance over the years. The future versions go to show the dedication of SYNCHRONIUM in providing outstanding trading solutions through SynchroBit.



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