SYNOPSIS OF AUTHPAPER [Deliver Secrets with Trust and Verify]



Cryptocurrency, which is sometimes referred to as digital currencies operate independently of any central authority or banks and it is permissionless to use, the transaction is open & available for people to see.

Because it is decentralized, government authorities such as the Judiciary, Authorities in-charge of taxation, and the central banks do not find it appealing because it cannot be taxed and they don’t have power to influence the transactions of traders/participants.

N.B: Cryptocurrencies Transaction cannot be cancelled, cannot be reversed and neither can it be disputed, This is the reason why newbies are advised to have someone who is experienced and careful to guide them whenever they want to carry out a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies can be obtained by buying/purchasing from a digital/crypto-currency exchange platform, The exchanger allows the trader to exchange their Fiat( paper currency) to Alt coins of their choice. The top five (5) cryptocurrency Exchange can be find below:

  1. Binance,
  2. Bitmex,
  3. Kucoin,
  4. Changelly, and
  5. Hobi Pro.

Cryptocurrency Trading platform have their own shortcomings such as: scalability, Cybersecurity issues, price volatility and lack of inherent value, Regulations, and abuse of trust which traders place on the crypto exchange all for the sake of profits, user-friendly interface, these shortcomings cause traders to panic.



Authpaper Delivery is a platform for users to issue unforgeable certifications. The Authpaper project is a peer-to-peer platform that combines various modern technologies, including blockchain. The Authpaper ecosystem is built in such a way that all its users in the shortest possible time can send their digital data in the most reliable and safest way. Authpaper delivery platform provides a decentralized system allowing users to send data between one another confidentially.

To ensure that privacy of the document is restricted to recipient , the document is encrypted by two encryption keys before sending out. Two encryption keys will be delivered via email and a trusted channel other than email to make sure only the recipient can decrypt the data. The Authpaper data delivery is done through a BT protocol.


Authpaper Delivery combines blockchain, BT, cryptography and other current technologies to build a peer-to-peer digital data delivery platform. All data delivered is confidential except the specified recipients. Data is verified to be unchanged down to every single bit. Operations on the data are properly done and recorded among the peers so that the delivery histories are public verifiable yet unforgeable. Peers are rewarded by delivering the encrypted pieces of digital data and helping to run the platform with good will.


The platform will keep all delivery records which are enough as a supporting witness to prove a data was or not delivered to the recipient.

Data delivery is confidential that only the expected party can read with the use of the two key encryption.

The platform is completely degeneralised; hence no single party can control how the data is treated or tamper with any record on the platform.

Platform will provide a limitless data size that can’t be shared.

The delivery record should be public accessible so that all third parties can view and verify it without the confidential data. If a party has access to the confidential data, they can easily verify the delivery record is connected to the confidential data they own, and the data is not changed since delivery.

Besides necessary and public metadata, like time of delivery, identifier of the data, recipient email, no privacy data should be kept on the platform.


The AuthPaper has some really amazing features which makes it different from the rest of it peers, Find below the key features of the platform:


Documents and data within this platform can be disseminated instead of being printed and wasting time around people for confirmation.


With this platform, mailing time is saved as documents are transmitted instantly over the Internet and are confidential with public verifiable records at the source of mailings and documents.

Document Certificate

This platform allows agencies and authorities to issue unforgettable document certificates for various purposes.

With this platform, the document sender can send a data along with a complete delivery record, how the document is distributed, when and who gets the data sorted. If the supply fails, the record of trying to supply is recorded on the blockchain as a smart contract. So it fits the legal and compliance requirement.

System Maintenance

With this platform, companies can secretly send snapshots online. All data is honestly verified and encrypted. As data is transmitted through the BT protocol, data transfer can be easily performed once the connection is lost. On the download side, data transfer is increased from multiple peers to increasing the data delivery rate.

This platform allows video owners to create and transmit videos at random with one random sound. Video owners only need to keep the original copy of the video and the torrent file for each modified copy. Subscribers will download a protected video copy so that whenever a video is leaked, the video owner can find it again.


Token Name: Authpaper
Token Symbol: AUPC
Public Sale Start Date: 15th March, 2019
Public Sale End Date: 15th August, 2019
Price of AUPC token: 0.001 ETH
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Soft Cap: No matter the soft cap is reached or not, the project will continue as there is enough money to implement the software part. 750,000 USD reached.



All for the ICO program founders Authpaper will manufacture four hundred million of its coins. It’s necessary to notice that in 2018, the project team already dispensed the sale of its token, that resulted within the assortment of regarding 750 thousand greenbacks. Currently, the developers commit to raising funds necessary for the complete listing of their coins on a selected exchange.




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