Do you know Cold Transmutation Technology? Perhaps for the layman it is a new thing, With this technology allows the change of certain chemical elements to the other and certainly more valuable and rare, without using enormous energy

At Synthestech we have done a lot of experiments and great results, of course, all that is not finished, the next step is technology at the industry level.

What are the advantages of LENR technology?

LENR will cut the cost of tran metal element mutations, 2–3 times cheaper in the same way, and will result in a more stable metal element.

High energy potential

Elements are obtained by cold transmutation, increased energy, and they can transmit this potential in the form of micro, entering into chemical reactions within the human body.

Extraction from natural deposits

Very often in nature there is no needed concentration of valuable elements, sufficient for economically profitable extraction. Especially it concerns platinumgroup metals. For example, a number of platinum elements can be obtained as byproducts in processing/refining of copper-nickel ores. The production of platinum metals is a result of multistage and complex purification, using chemical reagents and calcination. This is the most widely used industrial technology for obtaining valuable elements. The world leaders in production are South Africa and Canada.

High-energy nuclear

reactions High-energy nuclear reactions — are a technology used by the nuclear industry based on high-energy splitting of atoms. In essence, a target is bombarded by a beam of charged particles accelerated by electric and magnetic fields. Such impact results in nuclear transmutation in the targeted chemical element with emission of radioactive radiation and conversion of one element (its isotope) into another element (isotope). John Cockroft and Ernst Walton in 1951 received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their pioneer work on “Transmutation of atomic nuclei by artificially accelerated atomic particles». However, this method’s applicability is significantly limited due to the high cost that starts from $10,000 per gram of a product and reaches tens of millions of dollars.

Separation of isotopes

Ever since differences in the isotope properties of chemical elements were discovered, the problem of their separation arose. Different methods of separation are used for different elements, but the most well-known method is gas centrifugation. Cascades of gas centrifuges separate isotopes into light and heavier ones. Exactly this method is used in uranium enrichment, allowing to use it in nuclear power engineering and creation of nuclear weapon. There are other methods, such as laser separation, separation with an accelerator, etc. For some isotopes, chemical enrichment is possible, which is based on difference in the speed of chemical reactions between heavy and light isotopes of a substance

The chemical elements generated from the LENR Transmutation result will find applications in Industry, Medicine, Science, and Finance.
First of all, what drives us along is quite a practical task — to achieve serious commercial results. Implementation of our project must provide.

The Synthestech project is about implementing experimental developments in the cold transmutation of chemical element cores. Methods developed for. In experimental experiments, phenomenal results have been obtained. Among other elements, iridium elements, etc. — have been synthesized. Development of technology for industrial production of this element using cold synthesis method (transmutation). “Synthetech” will change the industry and generate substantial revenue. Currently, the project is in preparation for an ICO campaign to attract investment

Currently, Synthestech is preparing to launch ICO to allow everyone to participate in important events at LENR. This opportunity allows everyone to benefit from innovative technology and its implementation in the economy. Yes, many of us live in countries rich in minerals but synthesized.

Following the ICO campaign, the laboratory will be built at the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2018 and this project will be put into practice. Then the result will not make you wait long.

Commercial perspectives of the project on Cold Transmutation of Chemical Elements

Today, all traditional business sectors are highly competitive, including banking, hotel, trade, production, and service industries. They all are engaged in grueling competition. Therefore, investment in these areas yields poor or even negative returns. The advanced blockchain solutions market is already overcrowded.

High commercial results are only possible with the use of breakthrough innovations, or most likely with development of own technologies and products with high added value.

The technology for converting some chemical elements into others, for example, cheap elements into valuable ones — platinum, iridium, ruthenium and so on, has no competitors in efficiency.

We are developing this technology and have already achieved impressive success. Today our group is ahead of everyone engaged in this field in the world. We have already obtained platinum, iridium and many other elements in our experiments. We are confident in our ability to very quickly turn the technology into industrial one.

How to make money investing in Cold Fusion by “Synthestech”

et’s be honest — everybody who enters an ICO seeks to gain a significant profit from investments. What should you pay attention to in order to increase your funds.

The time has come, when promises are no longer enough for wise investors — they demand minimal risks, and want to have tokens that are provided with something more substantial than virtual platforms.

Modern innovations need modern investments!

A couple of decades ago Cold Transmutation of chemical elements (LENR, Cold Fusion), as well as, some time ago Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, seemed to be something unreal or paradoxical. Somebody may claim today it is impossible to obtain one chemical element from another through Cold Fusion. Likewise, just 9 years ago many people laughed at those who invested in bitcoins, being confident, from the height of their knowledge, about the ephemeral nature of cryptocurrency.

Synthestech Token Sale Details

We have developed Token Sale Details for you to get an insight of how the Synthestech Token Sale will go. Please, don’t hesitate and ask if you have any questions. And don’t forget to join our PrivateSale with 50% bonus!

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