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It is discovered that the strain for prime quality and stable components like Pd, iridium, rhodium, platinum, e.t.c area unit at a high rate.


Valuable components and isotopes area unit characteristic of the many trendy industries (microelectronics, transportation, energy storage) and even have special properties within the treatment of assorted styles of diseases.

However, owing to the restricted quantity of obtainable energy, so humans build the way of sterilisation components and isotopes by means that of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, this can be the transformation of bound chemical components into another kind in their natural atmosphere, while not employing a great deal of energy for them to separate.

As a results of these high demands for quality and stableelements, a gaggle of researchers designed a platform known as Synthestech technology with the most objective of making valuable components and isotopes from low cost components of lower grades by means that of lower energy nuclear reactions (LENR) and to develop a certain techniques that’s economical, commercially profitable for cold transmutation of chemical components.

What is Synthestech?

A new era has return Technologies area unit dynamical the globe. What antecedently looked as if it would be not possible, nowadays is already the fact. The time for changes in natural philosophy has return. It’s time to save lots of the world.So,let us perceive what project Synthestech.

Cold Transmutation (LENR) of chemical elements — is a breakthrough, innovative technology for reworking one matter into another. low cost components into precious ones. it’s a prospect of getting noble metal cluster metals and different valuable components, together with gold, from low cost raw materials by artificial means that.This is associate degree objective price, that includes a high price within the times and can forever be valued.

Phenomenon of Cold Transmutation was discovered in recent decades. Our cluster is developing this technology; we’ve conducted many experiments and achieved fantastic results. Among those results is getting of noble metal cluster metals.

The goal of more analysis by “Synthestech” is to regulate the technology and develop precise techniques for Cold Transmutation of chemical elements; techniques that may be commercially profitable and industrially climbable.

The work is predicated on antecedently obtained knowledge as a results of our own analysis and on the study results of different scientists engaged in LENR reactions.

Will There Be any Market for artificial METALS ?

To understand this let us take the example of one of the most precious metal Platinum .

It is well known that the global platinum market (not taking other metals of the platinum group) is currently about 8 billion US dollars. What makes this metal irreplaceable?

Platinum is a chemical element of the transitional metals group, period 6 of the Mendeleev’s periodic table and, due to its unique properties, belongs to the group of noble metals. Because of the very low abundance in the Earth’s crust, platinum is considered rare-earth element and almost never occurs in its pure form.

Today, the demand for this precious metal is steadily growing. Platinum’s unique chemical and physical properties enable it to find applications in a wide range of industries and national economy.

Due to the vast trading market for platinum, the demand for this metal always remains high, which is the key to high prices. The World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) Platinum Quarterly predicted platinum market deficit of 15,000 ounces this year. According to WPIC, platinum demand will grow by 2% in 2018 reaching 8.03 million ounces and the deficit in the market will remain for at least the next six years.

The increase in use of platinum autocatalysts also makes a significant impact on demand, since almost all new cars are equipped with Emissions control systems. Also, don’t forget that the natural reserves are depleting, which makes platinum mining more complicated.

And Here Comes the Team of SYNTHESTECH. It directs its forces to the development of technology for the artificial synthesis of platinum group metals. The industrial production of platinum through the cold transmutation of chemical elements (LENR / Cold Fusion) will make platinum more available for use in industry, medicine, finance, jewelry. This allows us to be confident that the ready market for platinum is guaranteed.

ICO Price

Name of Token: Synthestech Token (Ticker STT)

Price one STT = one USD

Token Sale

The STT token sale is split into personal pre sale, pre ICO and ICO.

-Any purchase of the token throughout the pre sale stage attracts a twenty fifth bonus package.

Participants of the personal sales at any stages get a mouth watering bonus of fifty bonus package of investment quantity.

The pre ICO and personal sale started Dec, 2017 and can finish in Jan, 2018.

The ICO sale can begin February, 2018 and additionally finish in February, 2018.

As a wise capitalist don’t afford to miss this chance. Hurry currently and obtain your tokens.

The implementation of this project work can begin from Gregorian calendar month and finish in Gregorian calendar month, 2018.

The mastering of the technologies concerned in cold transmutations for business use can begin Gregorian calendar month 2018 and finish Gregorian calendar month, 2019.

Receiving of dividends from investments are going to be in Jan 2020.



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