Synthestech: technology conversion elements in precious metals

Valuable components and isotopes unit area are characteristic of many fashionable industries (microelectronics, transportation, energy storage) and even have special properties in the treatment of different types of diseases.

However, due to the limited amount of energy produced, so that people build a way of sterilizing elements and isotopes means that low-energy nuclear reactions, it can be the transformation of linked chemical components into another kind in their natural environment, while not using a lot of energy for them to separate.

Basic information

The world is constantly changing, and now a new era has come! The time has come for changes in the field of nuclear physics. Cold transmutation of chemical elements is a real breakthrough. The innovative technology allows to turn one chemical element into another. This makes it possible to obtain a platinum group of metals and other precious metals from cheap materials. This value is considered to be objective and will always be appreciated in the modern world.

The phenomenon of “cold transmutation” was discovered relatively recently. It was discovered only in the last decade. Our group has developed this technology and done a lot of research in this category. After the experiments, the specialists managed to get phenomenal results. Experts were able to obtain metals that belong to the platinum group.

The results of the study “Synthesteh”

If we evaluate the work of Synthesteh, we can confidently say that in the field of “cold transmutation” it has managed to achieve significant results. The company’s specialists were able to develop their own and truly unique way. At the moment “Synthesteh” is a few steps ahead of everyone who is engaged in developments in this field. The data obtained may indicate that there are good financial prospects for the project in the future. In the near future, experts plan to develop technologies with high added value.

The main goal of further research of the company “Synthesteh” aimed at the adaptation and development of accurate methods of cold transformation of chemical elements. All methods can be considered commercially profitable and industrially scalable. This means that the technologies that the company has developed in the future can be used on an industrial scale.

To date, the platinum market (that don’t use other metals of the platinum group) is around 8 billion US dollars. As you can see, this amount is really impressive.
Platinum can be attributed to the chemical element of the group of transition metals. It represents the sixth cycle of periodic periodic periodic table of Mendeleev. It belongs to the group of precious metals and has incredible properties. Platinum can be considered as a rare earth element. This is due to the fact that in the earth’s crust it is too small. Unique physical platinum and chemical properties make it possible to find application in various industries.

The increased use of platinum autocatalysts also has a significant impact on demand, as almost all new cars are equipped with a system to reduce emissions. In addition, do not forget that natural resources are dwindling, making the mining of platinum more difficult.

And here comes the team SYNTHESTECH. He directs the forces on development of technologies for artificial synthesis of metals of platinum group. Industrial production of platinum on the cold transmutation of chemical elements (LENR / cold fusion) will make platinum more affordable for use in industry, medicine, Finance, jewelry. This allows us to be sure that the ready market for platinum is guaranteed.

Research problem

This study aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Analysis of all processes that occur in reactions previously detected by Synthesteh group.
  2. After reviewing the data, choose the most perspective ways of conversion of one element to another.
  3. Development of optimal conditions for a specific FLAX reaction P-transmutation.
  4. Creation and testing of various modifications of reactors for cold transformation of chemical elements. Processing of structures, equipment, materials and tools to select the optimal ratio.
  5. Production of experimental batch of artificial metals.

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