Cold Transmutation (LENR) of chemical elements — is a breakthrough, innovative technology for transforming one chemical element into another. Cheap elements into precious ones.
It is a possibility of obtaining platinum group metals and other valuable elements, including gold, from cheap raw materials by artificial means.

Ability to synthesise chemical elements will change the economy in a much more significant way, compared to even blockchain technology.

Phenomenon of Cold Transmutation was discovered in recent decades. Our group is developing this technology; we have conducted hundreds of experiments and achieved phenomenal results. Among those results is obtaining of platinum group metals.

Blockchain — is a technology for recording information about values and its transaction; it is virtual information.
Cold Transmutation — is a method of producing values, physical and objective.

Precious metals that can be obtained through cold transmutation do not deteriorate or disappear. This is an objective value, which has a high cost in the modern world and will always be valued.


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Details Project

What we need for research
To transform the developed know-how into industrial technology we need a modern laboratory complex.

The laboratory complex should include an analytical laboratory with the most modern equipment; a laboratory for purification and separation of substances; a platform with processing complexes for production of Cold Transmutation reactors.

In this laboratory a sufficient number of experiments and tests will be carried out. It is planned to conduct 10,000 tests to elaborate the industrial technology. Several dozen pilot models of Cold Transmutation reactors will be created.
After the end of the research phase, we will move on to active commercialization phase of the project and gain access to the international market.



  • Vladislav Karabanov
    Head and Founder of the Project

Developer of the Cold Transmutation Method. He has 30 years experience in management of commercial and research projects.

  • Dmitry Pushkarev
    Manager of Engineering Work

Experienced engineer, specialist in working with various construction designs. He is able to implement the most daring design ideas and operating models.

  • Roman Karabanov
    Head of Laboratory “Synthestech”

He developed a number of methods of Cold Transmutation used by “Synthestech”. Project Administrator.

  • Nadezhda Fedyakina
    Community manager

She has experience in negotiations and project promotion.


  • Krishna Ghezza Matter
    Financial advisor

Trust and Compliance Operations Manager at ZEDRA Group.STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Yuri Bazhutov
    PhD in Physics and Mathematics

Theoretician and experimenter. Over 30 years of experience in Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements. He stood at the gates of development of Cold Transmutation in the world and in Russia.

  • Denis Kozulin
    PhD in Chemistry

Specialist in Analytical Chemistry. Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of Vyatka State University. Head of Analytical Chemistry Center.

  • Vladimir Krivitsky
    PhD in geology and mineralogy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU)

An outstanding Russian scientist in geochemistry, author of numerous scientific articles and 3 books on transmutation of chemical elements.

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