T-21 Dating App Coming Soon Here’s All you need to know about it

TitanProjects is a revolutionary ecosystem consisting of multiple projects and applications all of which use a common, decentralized payment system powered by the Titan Coin.

Titan Coin was founded as a digital payment currency which aims to make online payments secure, faster and hassle-free for everyone around the world. The currency can be used by just anyone for making instant money transfers anywhere on the planet.

Besides being a global currency for payments, Titan Coin will have its own set of applications where the coin will work as the primary means for payment.

In this article, we will discuss T-21 or Terminal-21 Dating App of Titanprojects.

T-21 (Terminal-21) Dating App

As the world is going mobile, more and more people are now using their smartphones for day-to-day activities, from working out to grocery shopping to even finding a match or date.

Keeping that in mind and in order to make online dating more secure and convenient for the people worldwide, Titan project is coming up with an all-new T-21 Dating Android app.

What’s special about this dating app, you ask?

Well, to start with, Titan’s dating app will be powered by a safe and secure payment system which will be governed by the Titan coin — a decentralized digital currency.

Security is another great virtue of this wonderful dating app. Most of the people who wish to meet and date new people online are afraid of the privacy and security risks because of the internet’s open phenomenon.

They think that their private information on these dating sites might get out if a hacker by chance happens to hack the site, and rightly so.

Titan’s app will be different as it is being designed with a special focus on security and user safety. The app will employ modern security standards in order to protect the user data & transactions from all kinds of security threats.

The app will be first launched on the Android platform, giving millions of users direct access to a secure and convenient dating platform. Being on mobile, it will be accessible anywhere in the world and will have no boundaries. You can simply set your preferred locations and get dating recommendations accordingly.

For dating, Titan’s new app is like a boon for those people who are looking to meet and interact with new people around the world. Besides dating, you can also meet new people just to make friends and/or expand your social circle.

This is also a great way to build contacts around the globe. Even when you’re visiting a new city or country, you can find and connect with local people there for any kind of assistance or simply to meet & greet.

The T-21 dating app comes with a user-friendly and super-interactive interface which is very easy to use.

Just like many modern Android apps, T-21 also works on the swipe mechanism, where you can access the various app features by swiping the screen. For instance, you can swipe right to like or swipe left to skip.

For any query or question, feel free to reach the team at the official Telegram channel @ https://t.me/TitanCoinOfficial

Visit for more details of the Titan coin on coinmarketcap.

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