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We will provide Article to present the “ TAGZ” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.
There is big need for regulation in the industry with the call of official government bodies and regulators such as SEC and ASIC cracking down on unregulated exchanges. This is due to ‘shady practices’ and questionable behavior being orchestrated by some of the most well-known exchanges still being used today.
The hope of joining the This project is very big for us, before you join it will be better if you understand the project besides it will add to your insight and improve information for you especially understanding the project’s vision and mission so that it adds to your trust in.
Tagz Exchange is a platform that has a mission to create a trusted trading environment and Liquid Dual Exchange Exchange that allows users to trade confidently with enhanced experience by removing all unregulated cryptocurrency space traps and managing transactions on a stable and sustainable platform.
It is mostly well known and common knowledge that within the cryptosphere a vast majority of online exchanges offering crypto trading services are purely unregulated. This presents a huge cause for concern as unregulated exchanges are high-risk to both the average investor, day and swing traders and are a fantastic target for hackers.
In addition to the above, cryptocurrency is a very fragile and volatile market and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have begun to evolve into mainstream adoption providing for Futures Markets to arise with Derivative Trading aswell as Traditional Crypto Markets This is where TAGZ aims to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ in an effort to solve this problem by creating an environment where Regulation, Security and Liquidity is paramount and both markets on one platform is also achieved.
We call this a Dual Gateway Exchange (DGE) which allows for both traditional trading of cryptocurrencies while also offering futures trading in form of derivatives, all whilst being 100% regulated and eliminating any risk to users.

Our Mission 

To create a trusted trading environment and liquid Dual Gateway Exchange that allows users to confidently trade with an enhanced experience by removing all pitfalls of the unregulated cryptocurrency space and regulating transactions on a stable and sustainable platform.
Traditional and Futures, Derivative Trading & Pairs
Traditional Platform Pairs:
Upon launch we will be listing the following 8 main cryptocurrencies:
Futures Platform Pairs:
Upon launch we will be listing the following 4 main cryptocurrencies:
  • All of the above cryptocurrencies will be offered through pairings of USD, AUD & TAGZ and are the first of many that will be added to our platform. They will NOT be the only cryptocurrencies available to trade as our agenda is to add 2 new coins to our exchange every 30 days.
  • As part of our strict criteria and due diligence process our team will only be selecting the best cryptocurrencies that we feel will benefit from our platform and hold up true to our high standards.
  • In order to add new cryptocurrencies to our platform we will reach out to current users of our platform and community to vote in allowing us to appropriately select the right asset to be added to our exchange.
Benefits of a DGE including Margin Trading Futures will allow maximum Margin
  • Trading leverage of upto 200x.
  • Enhanced asset volatility
  • Increased market momentum
  • TAGZ will be the first to offer 200x Margin Trading against crypto assets.
  • Margin Trading option between 0–200x is offered.
  • There will be NO FEES when trading 200x on any asset.
Our regulation method will aim at protecting users from some of the top flaws and irregularities caused from unregulated exchanges including:
  • Flash Crash — Sudden downward spike in price usually caused by panic-selling and excessive volatility.
  • Solved by implementing Circuit Breakers preventing sudden price fall.
  • Pump & Dump — Pump and dump schemes artificially and rapidly increase the trading volume and price of specific asset.
  • Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine enforces preventative action.
  • Spoofing — Spoofing is a form of market manipulation by placing an order which the user doesn’t plan to actually execute to influence traders.
  • Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine enforces preventative action.
  • Lack of Due Diligence — Minimal or non-existent identity checks on customers from unregulated exchanges.
  • Tight KYC and AML procedures to prevent money laundering, terrorist funding, fraud and corruption.
  • Fake Volume — Artificially inflated volumes from illegal wash trading.
  • Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine enforces preventative action.
  • Security Hacks — Exchanges not having a tight and stringent security policy in place.
  • By design, first and foremost security is the foundation of our platform.
TAGZ Token
  • Name: TAGZ
  • Ticker: TAGZ
  • Maximum Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Contract: 0x5d8cE06A40fB101895bE5b6560931b92a1b3444F
  • Decimals: 8
Token Utility
As part of our business model, the TAGZ Token was created to reduce exchange trading fees for all of the users of our platform aswell as increasing the net worth of all TAGZ Tokens through achieving higher market capitalization.
With this in mind and through the pairings of both USD & AUD, the introduction of the TAGZ pair against cryptocurrencies offered on our platform provides a clear path to market.
NOTE: Please see 3.2. Fee Structure for exchange fees in the first year.
After the first year of trading any user that maintains holdings of at least 3,500 TAGZ Tokens and trading against any TAGZ pair will save 50% on all fees.
TAGZ will be holding a worldwide crowdsale in an effort to hit our goal of raising enough funds to meet our Hardcap in order to build our exchange platform and progress ahead in line with our roadmap. To successfully launch we must at least hit our Softcap.
  • Softcap: 1,100,000USD
  • Hardcap: 7,500,000USD
Crowdsale Pre-ICO Details
  • Extra Bonus: 40%
  • Price Discount: 25%
  • USD Price: $0.0825
  • Tokens: 10,000,000
  • Start: 20-MAY-2019 9AM
  • End: 31-MAY-2019 11:45PM
ICO Rounds
Token Distribution and Allocation
Fund Distribution
Token Distribution
Our Planned Strategy and Project Dates
May 2019: ICO Kickoff
Jun 2019: ICO Completed
Jul 2019: Platform Development (Alpha)
Aug 2019: Platform trials (Alpha)
Sep 2019: Platform Launch (Beta)
Nov 2019: Mobile App Launch.
Dec 2019: Full-scale Platform Adoption
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