Taklimakan Network A Block-chain Investment Platform and its features

Today, digital currency is on everybody’s lips and the virtual community is rising up from day to day. And more and more people are contributing the digital world with the hope of getting rapid money.
However, there’re some of them, who can verify promising coins, invest in booming -chain startups and deal by getting a stable capital gain. This occurring due to the new ones lack skill and education in the crypto field. Never the less there’re a lot of resources for trust management, analytics, and trading signals but most of them offer worse quality services or even do fraud. To solve this issue, experts from Russia, Kazakhstan, and China made the Taklimakan platform.
The Taklimakan platform is aimed to empower and magazine startups by offering them with new tools and remarkable knowledge. Skilled traders and analysts will be encouraged to share their skill and assist newcomers in order to turn into more effective in personal fund management. A few Taklimakan innovations will look advance and exciting even to the professionals of investment planet because its goals to be linked social media platforms, block-chain, and investments and make an efficient and unique fund management experience for anyone.
“Rashid Yussup, co-founder of the startup, the Taklimakan platform will become one of the most famous resources for booming virtual money investment and trading. This is the actually helpful product for the full crypto community.”
The Taklimakan offers all the needed tools for booming investment and education in the digital money field.
Taklimakan Network Overview
The Taklimakan platform will advantage for both skilled and beginners traders. The most vital feature of the network is the aggregation of news, moderated by our in-home analytical service, the market of analytical and trading tools, educational center, special tools to manage the virtual portfolio and analytical reviews. The main aim of the Taklimakan platform creators is to make a community of experts. Our network will link the leading virtual analysts, skilled crypto investors with startups and offer them needed tools to bring the digital currency market to a next level.
Future planning of the Taklimakan
“Co-founder of the platform, Yong Ming Hong says, within next five years we’re planning to boom more than 100k platform users. It would not be a challenge, considering that with the progress of block-chain tech grows the virtual world market. It’s also worth nothing that the plan is aimed at the viewer of the world.”
There’re a lot of benefits for experts and ordinary users as the just ones with the idea suggestions and predictions on the peak of the rating of the platform, so the all of the consumers can determine reliable and trustworthy with perfect predictions.
Any user of the network will be motivated to perform some actions, getting are ward in the shape of the system tokens.
Platform token will be supported by a constant stream of income from Taklimakan network. The network paid services will price values of USD can be bought for pays of TKLN token equal to USD according to present exchange prices. Area of paid services payments will be spent to pay services givers such traders, signals providers, analysts, etc.
Taklimakan platform Features
The Taklimakan platform provides suite tools for amateur and specialist virtual money trader, including entire of the following:
1- Trading Tools:
The Taklimakan platform features strategies, trading signals, and suggestions from expert traders. These signals are shared exclusively to network users. Where users can make individual decisions on virtual assets investment based on signals share by the network.
2- Investment Pools:
Fund managers can make investment pools, and then magnetize investors to the pool. Fund managers are rewarded based on the number of capital in the Pool, alongside with the source of the finance. Everybody can begin managing their own fund.
3- Analytics:
The Taklimakan platform provides analytics for virtual markets globally. Based on the reviews and analytics, the consumer can fund the idea investment for their sole requirements.
4- Educational Materials:
The Taklimakan platform has a library of educational stuff users can reach, including open source book, notes, articles, and some other content to enhance their trading skill.
5- Crowd Predictions:
The Taklimakan platform has crowd predictions a model is that’ll forecast rate movements in digital currency markets.
6- Private Messaging:
The Taklimakan platform will have private messaging, enabling everybody to connect safe and sound via the platform.
7- Reputation System:
A specialist on the Taklimakan platform will have an in-network value and rating system.
8- Email Marketing:
Experts investment managers can apply Taklimakan platform for Email marketing and trading signals can be distributed by e-mail between SUBSCRIBERS, for instance alongside with trust management offerings.
Overall, Taklimakan platform’s goals to appeal to startups and advanced investors, startup investors can reach professional skill via the Taklimakan network, while specialist investors can make rewards by delivering their expert skill with the Globe. Taklimakan platform separates these 2 parties into analysts and investors.
End User Benefits
The Taklimakan platform gives its consumers with the effective virtual money regardless of position, initial capital, and the knowledge. The expert community of Taklimakan platform, which includes skilled financial analysts & traders, shapes a major network with lots of benefits for the consumers.
Who is Behind Taklimakan platform?
The Taklimakan platform is led by Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Yong Ming Hong, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Rashid Yussup and Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Rustam Kairy.
Yong Ming Hong is explained as a block chain evangelist and skilled expert in conducting complete financial and economic analysis and evaluation of asset plans.”
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