Taklimakan Network A Block-chain Investment Platform and its features

The Taklimakan platform, the block-chain based educational and finance tool linking amateur investors with field professionals, announced recently that, they’ve signed an MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with Linker-Coin, a multi-currency exchange that simplifies virtual assets trading for everybody. The networks report that the MOU was drowning-up to set up a system for R & D collaboration among the two.

The strategic collaboration is a natural one, as both firms have explained the shared goal of facilitating and reachable to everybody. The Taklimakan system platform was made as educational resources for traders, investors, and enthusiasts with every level of virtual currency experience. The platform’s aim is to boost financial literacy and the standard of skill about investment devices, as-well-as linking analysts, and digital money advisors and individual investors to bring the entire market to a mainstream level.

The Taklimakan network mobile and the web-based application will also offer a moderated news aggregator & analytics service, alongside with the capability for users to contribute in Crowd sourced predictions; entire meant to help consumers make informed virtual money buying and trades.

Linker-coin’s skill in Block-chain money exchange is useful here. Once analyses are done and a person is interested in purchasing or trading digital currency, they might found it hard to make those trades on the just single exchange. In addition, a lot of virtual currency based firms, including digital health apps, e-gaming, and many other utility platforms, provide their consumers rewards in the shape of their utility tokens, but these can lack liquidity and flexibility outside of their segregated systems.

What opportunities does the Taklimakan platform offer us? First, it is a news aggregator, the information in which will be checked and evaluated by experts. Thus, the user will be able to receive reliable, up-to-date information from the first sources, without wasting time searching for it.
Second, analytical reviews and educational content. Users will have access to high-quality analytical reviews from experts and professionals in this field, which will help to make the right decisions in the market. Beginners will have access to basic information about cryptocurrency, trading on exchanges, which will help to improve not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.
Third, the tools for analysis of assets. The platform will present a wide range of trading instruments for analyzing the market situation. Only institutional investors in traditional markets are able to use such instruments. With the help of them, the user will be able to make the right decision during trading or investing.
Fourth, professional advice. Any user, regardless of the initial capital, using an internal token, has the opportunity to get high-quality advice.
Separately it is necessary to pay for educational opportunity platform Taklimakan. The so-called Educational center will perform the task of improving the financial literacy of users, and improving their skills in trading. As part of this center, the user will be able to find a crypto-investment mentor, take a course of webinars and lectures, get acquainted with the knowledge base about blockchain technology, investing and trading on exchanges. In turn, experienced cryptocurrency market participants will have the opportunity to create informative and educational content, provide advice, and get tokens TKLN.Tkln token (created on the Ethereum blockchain) can be bought at all stages of the sale. It will be actively used inside the Taklimakan platform itself. Thus, with its help, users will be able to pay for access to analytical materials, news portal, as well as pay for the services of the Educational center. Also the token will be used when fees for the use of the strategies traders platforms and referral benefits and remuneration for content creation. In turn, all TKLN holders will be able to make a decision by voting on any change in the future development of the platform.
About ICO
Token symbol: TKLN
The price of a token:$0.05 USD
Total number of tokens: 1 billion.
Soft cap:$5,000,000
Hard cap: 27.500.000$
All tokens that are not sold will be burned.
The distribution of tokens
Pre-ICO: 100.000.00
ICO: 550.000.000
Team, Advisors: 175.000.000
Partners: 50.000.000
Bounty: 25,000,000
Reserve: 100.000.000
More information in:

Website: https://www.taklimakan.io/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2426759.0
Whitepaper: https://www.taklimakan.io/taklimakan-whitepaper-eng.pdf




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