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Nowadays the question arises of the correct distribution of knowledge within society. The problem is most pronounced in relation to financial assets. A lot of people miss their chance to earn extra money by trading and investing on stock exchanges, because if you know the system it is possible with a probability of 80–90% to anticipate the direction of the movement of assets. Because of this situation, many large investments and transactions lose their share. With the growth of the crypto industry, more and more people are beginning to get interested in financial instruments, but they miss the most important thing — the understanding of market processes. Because of this situation, their trading ideas are unprofitable at the earliest stages.

Taklimakan Network will become your mentor at the world crypto-currency , will help choose right way management personal finances for augmentation of capital .

The biggest problem for today is false news agencies, aimed at fueling liquidity for the movement of kaital of a major player. The solution to this problem is robotized trading systems that work according to the algorithm of the market maker.

For individual investors, there is a whole range of problems:

Absence of systems of education at sphere cryptoinvestment and difficulties at search financial mentor.
Problem transparency and security.
Absence of reliable news aggregator and the source quality analytical material, past preliminary moderation.
Asymmetric distribution information and mistrust to financial intermediaries
Low level financial of knowledge and competences for investing.
Absence of systems of education at sphere cryptoinvestment and difficulties at search financial mentor.

Problems , from which collide analysts and traders

Absence of quality analytical portal.
Absence of trust with hand of users.
Underdevelopment sector and lack of technical decisions for trade.

Description platforms Taklimakan

Mission project Taklimakan Network — rise financial literacy and level of tenure investment instruments participants platforms , a also an association analysts , crypto-currency advisers and of individual of investors for implementation of investment ambitions on the new level of. Platform
will be useful as for beginners of investors ,So and for experienced of traders .Basic instruments — aggregator news materials, past professional moderation own – Noah analytical service ,educational Centre, marketplace analytical and shopping tools for analysis crypto-currency, collections analytical reviews, a also opportunity management capital.


Blocking within the system will allow voting for the best courses and investment strategies


Command project seeks create absolutely transparent the system , matching from continuous participation communities at development of across active vote .
Tokenomika project

Token TKLN is an means of payment at framework of platforms Taklimakan Network. Payment of all of services platforms , access to paid subscriptions analytical materials and market signals , educational courses and of individual consultations are implemented token TKLN. Also , token platforms is an the only means of payment commissions fees behind additional services and consultations , the at framework of platforms .


Application tokens

Payment subscriptions analytical materials and of services educational center.
Commission fees behind use strategies of traders platforms.
Referral payments and rewards behind creature content.
Stake for participation at vote.
Membership deposit for access to news infoportal Taklimakan Network.
Billing system for of users platforms.

My mark

I myself study trading on the exchange, and I can say with certainty that I found 3 people from the entire Internet segment in the ru segment who understand the fundamental analysis of the forex and the commodity market, but everything is a bit simpler with respect to the shares. I can confidently say that your trade will be much better, since only knowing the fundamental analysis can profitably trade the market. I liked the project, the team is trying, Whitepper is perfect. I think that in so many short terms softcap says that the project will be top-notch.
Token Sale

ICO: 9 April 2018 of the year 10:00 UTC — 9 June 2018 of the year 10am UTC.
1 TKLN = 0.05 USD.
Token Sale Supply: 550.000.000 TKLN.

Road map finish August 2018
Team & Advisor



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