TATTI is a generic and self-amending excretion-ledger. TATTI can instantiate any excretion based ledger. The operations of a regular output are implemented as a purely functional module abstracted into a shell responsible for network operations. Bcash, Ripple, Verge, etc. can all be represented within TATTI by implementing the proper interface to the network layer. TATTI will empower the wider community by bringing Blockchain technology which is a revolutionary and renewable technology into their daily lives.


To empower everyone around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life. TATTI currency makes it possible to engage in direct dumpings quickly, efficiently and privately. With TATTI, individuals have flexible options for finding suitable places to give away the “gold”. With the flip of a switch, we offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions (Every living being knows the importance of this).


– First, the derivation must be really peer-to-peer – there is no need for a third party. For thousands of years, we exchange values ​​directly with the skills or services of others; a third party is a compromise.

– Second, true meritocracy will provide the best experience for all users; the best providers should get the best and must charge the maximum fee for their services.

– The third is that careful design can be used to fulfill the promise of quality, and the interface can provide a seamless experience between the digital world and the real world. With these principles, we invest time and money realize this vision.

The Block-Chain protocol can be broken down into three different protocols:

The network protocol identifies block and broadcast properties.

The transaction protocol indicates what makes the block valid.

The consensus protocol forms consensus around the uniqueness of the block.

TATTI implements a public network shell. This shell does not rely on transaction protocols and consensus protocols. We refer to the agreed protocols of transactions and protocols as “chain-chain protocols”. First of all, we give the mathematical representation of the Block-Chain protocol, and then describes some implementations in TATTI.


Hodlers looking for a quite spot to release the tension out of their system connect in a decentralized manner to the collectors through the TATTI app.

Once a Hodler reserves a spot, the reservation triggers the TATTI smart contract on the Ethereum Public Blockchain.

The TATTI App transfers the full fee amount, in TATTIs, from the hodlers wallet, to a depository (a temporary wallet). In the event that the driver doesn’t have enough TATTIs, he can use his credit card or other means of payment (bitcoins, ethers) to buy TATTIs in real-time and pay for the transaction.

Successful reservation and payment offers hodlers and collectors additional features needed for the completion of the tatti session:

For example, the hodler will have the ability to open the access door using his mobile phone, while the collector is notified and can monitor – the video of the hodlers entry, excretion activity and departure. This optional functionality is possible using remote access tools, currently available in the market, integrated on the TATTI platform, or through a low-cost TATTI device.

At the end of a successful excretion, parties conclude a smart contract on Ethereum, with the entry and its confirmation on the blockchain. The collector receives 75% of smart contract in TATTI tokens, , from the depository to their wallet, when hodler check out of the parking space.

Tatti believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, Tatti can provide to Users, a Cryptocurrency, secure and powerful, and provides Users with diverse benefits and conveniences. Team Tatti also believes that with systematic and professional development, Team Tatti can build a better platform than similar platforms.


Tatticoin will be employed to interconnect and interrelate within the ecosystem and will ensure the right of entry of users of the platform, all this been equal. 500, 000, 000 coins have been created in total. The coin will anchor on smart contract provided by the Ethereum platform to ensure transparency.

Symbol: TATTI

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 500,000,000 TATTI

unsold tokens will Auto-Burn


Kind Regards, ensure to join this incredible project.


Website: https://www.tatticoin.com/how-it-works/.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TattiCoin

Telegram: https://t.me/tattibounty

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=158562321439312

Medium: https://medium.com/tatticoin

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