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Tatti is a type of cryptocurrency that will empower the wider community by bringing Blockchain technology which is a revolutionary and renewable technology into their daily lives. Tatti allows users to interact quickly and securely and unreadable by unauthorized parties. Tatti will be the best solution for high latency, which is often complained by many users on every transaction they make.


Getting Started Development friends

The team from Tatti developed this type of cryptocurrency metal using a system that is directly integrated and uses blockchain as the basis of its development. Tatti will use algorithms that have been developed by a team of professional and reliable, which later this algorithm will be used on every transaction that users do, so users will get better latency results, faster transactions and more secure. Tatti uses a peer to peer network, which does not require a third party. Tatti also uses an intelligent contract system, where each cryptocurrency value rated by the user will be protected by an escrow system. By using an escrow system, any transaction or user-owned cryptocurrency value will be secured, and the user does not need to trust the Platform or any third party to transmit their digital assets. The team from Tatti developed a blockchain system, in which the blockchain protocol was made introspective by lignblocks in the blockchain protocol itself. Tatti itself is an amalgamation of several ideas, namely, Shatter, chain-of-dump, and poof-of-burn, which are well put together in one place. With a peer-to-peer network system, Tatti avoids direct contact with third parties, as we assume that it is not necessary. The Developer Team carefully designs, in order to meet the promise of better quality and interface, which will provide a seamless experience between the digital and real world. And please note that Tatti also includes free multimedia messages, free voice calls, and free offers & invoice services.

Working scenario:
TATTI will work on 3 principles:
The first is that excretion should be truly peer-to-peer — there is no need for a third-party. For thousands of years we’ve exchanged value directly for another’s skill or service; third-parties are a compromise.

The second is that a true meritocracy will deliver the best experience for all users; the best providers should get the most, and should charge the most for their services. The third is that careful design can be harnessed to deliver on the
promises of quality, and that interfaces can serve seamless experiences between the digital world and the real one. With these principles in mind, we invested our time and money to realise that vision. From concept in 1990, development in 2015 and a successful soft- drop in 2017 in a small broken crapper, the TATTI project is being delivered.
With the power of zero Block-Chain technology, TATTI can deliver on the next phase of this journey. New providers are given a 7 day exposure boost to ensure they can penetrate an established provider base. All providers are given the opportunity to continually improve their profile and behaviour to ensure maximum exposure. TATTI is an end-to-end solution providing discovery, engagement, booking, tracking, payment, receipt issuance and review capture. TATTI also includes free media-rich messaging, free voice calling and a free quote & invoice service.

Trustless Hedged Escrow Under Development
At the heart of the transaction process is a smart contract that holds secured cryptocurrency for the provider. With an Ethereum smart contract, the user does not need to trust the platform or the third-party to send their cryptocurrency. Note: This is the 3rd most meaningful explanation in this Brownpaper.

Tatticoin will be employed to interconnect and interrelate within the ecosystem and will ensure the right of entry of users of the platform, all this been equal. 500, 000, 000 coins have been created in total. The coin will anchor on smart contract provided by the Ethereum platform to ensure transparency.





WEB: https://www.tatticoin.com
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TattiCoin
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TattiCoin

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