Tatti – Taking Blockchain to Masses

Tatti is a type of cryptocurrency that will empower the wider community by bringing Blockchain technology which is a revolutionary and renewable technology into their daily lives. Tatti allows users to interact quickly and securely and unreadable by unauthorized parties. Tatti will be the best solution for high latency, which is often complained by many users on every transaction they make.

The core mission of this platform this time is to authorize everyone around the world by bringing Blockchain transactions into everyday life in a bid to make the technology a more global concept. With TATTI currency, users can comfortably engage in direct dumping rapidly, professionally and confidentially. With TATTI, individuals have flexible options for finding suitable places to give away the “gold”. With the cheeky of a switch, the bionetwork will offer cooperative incorporations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions which I know you know every living being knows the importance of this. The brain behind this innovation is to make sure a greater percentage of the world’s population use crypto-currencies in transacting and relating with each other without restriction or chauvinism. As a corollary, the developers of this millennium concept present TATTI which is a generic and self-amending excretion-ledger. TATTI can instantiate any evacuation based ledger as it has been programmed. The operations of a regular output are implemented as a chastely functional module abstracted into a shell responsible for set-up operations. Subsequently, Bcash, Ripple, Verge, etc. can all be represented within TATTI by implementing the proper crossing point to the network layer. Most significantly, TATTI supports Meta upgrades i.e. the protocols can evolve by amending their own system. To achieve this, TATTI begins with a seed protocol defining a procedure for hodler to approve modifications to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself. This is not unlike philosopher Peter Suber’s Nomic[3], a game built around a fully contemplative set of rules. In addition, TATTI’s seed protocol is based on a pure proof-of-quality system and supports Turing complete smart contracts.




TATTI will work on 3 principles:
The first is that excretion should be truly peer-to-peer — there is no need for a third-party. For thousands of years we’ve exchanged value directly for another’s skill or service; third-parties are a compromise.

The second is that a true meritocracy will deliver the best experience for all users; the best providers should get the most, and should charge the most for their services.

The third is that careful design can be harnessed to deliver on the promises of quality, and that interfaces can serve seamless experiences between the digital world and the real one. With these principles in mind, we invested our time and money to
realise that vision. From concept in 1990, development in 2015 and a successful soft- drop in 2017 in a small broken crapper, the TATTI project is being delivered.

A Block-Chain protocol can be decomposed into three distinct protocols:

– The network protocol identifies blocks and broadcasts properties.

– The transaction protocol specifies what makes a block valid.

– The consensus protocol forms consensus around a uniqueness of the block.

TATTI implements a generic network shell. This shell is agnostic to the transaction protocol and to the consensus protocol. We refer to the transaction protocol and the consensus protocol together as a “Block-Chain protocol”. We will first give a
mathematical representation of a Block-Chain protocol and then describe some of the implementation choices in TATTI.

Feb 7 – Feb 10
TATTI / 1ETH : 300,000
Per TATTI: $0.0030

Feb 14 – Feb 28
TATTI / 1ETH : 200,000
Per TATTI : $0.0045

Crowd sale PHASE 1 – 25% Bonus
Mar 01 – MAR 15
TATTI / 1ETH : 150,000
Per TATTI : $0.0061

Crowd sale PHASE 2 0% BONUS
Mar 16 – MAR 31
TATTI / 1ETH : 120000
Per TATTI : $0.0076


With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “TATTI Token”, here is the data.

➤  Jan 2018 – Feb 2018
Ideation & Brown Paper ✓Done
Token tested on RTN ✓Done
Token creation on main ETH network ✓Done
Website release ✓Done
Account creation on Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram ect. to start building FOMO. ✓Done
PreICO start
WasteProtocol sneakpeek FOMO Video release
Bounty Program Introduced ✓Done
➤   March 2018 – May 2018
Pre-ICO End
Tatti BrownPaper 2.0 ✓Done
Website Rebranding
Major Announcement
Unbelivable annoncments regarding few Partnerships
SneakPeak Video to introduce POQ
➤   June 2018 – December 2018
Submitting TATTI to Exchanges
TATTI IOS & Android app Announcement
First Tatti conference
Release of WasteProtocol
POQ implementation major Announcement
Brownpaper 3.0 released<
On ground TATTI implementation Ultra FOMO Video release
Release of Roadmap 2019
➤    2019
A new ERA

Now TATTI is basically a slang for Shit in south Asia! I thought it would be great to create a new category of coins, the worst ones to be known as TATTICOINS. This coin will basically exist to show people what time blockchain & innovation went through. The time will not come back & fun is good & healthy.

The goal here is simple: having a giggle every once in a while, when the whole world talks about Tatti.

You may ask what plans do I have for the money ill make here. Well, I don’t have very high hopes for this project.  Ill be happy if it fetches enough to get some groceries!

What ever half hearted work I have given to this writing I do feel that this does have a slight potential to spread like a wildfire because of the FOMOS I will try and create! You see, the Videos are more important then code now! In my dream I would like to have a giggle, seeing Tatti between Bcash and XVG.


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TattiCoin
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TattiCoin/
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1218176


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