Hi everyone. I’m here again today as usual bringing you another project thats worth the while. Today I’ll be talking with you about an amazing project solving the problem of fake crypto news publication. Have you guys heard of THE CURRENCY ANALYTICS? I suggest you relax, take a chill glass of water and read this article till the end, I ensure you it’s worth the time.

TCAT is a Google-verified media platform and community comprised exclusively of the latest stories from professional writers that value ethical, authentic journalism. The digital media outlets of today allow payments for stories or publish authors that are agents for businesses.

The media now a days has little or no credibility. People have lost their trust towards the news it publishes. a large portion of the news published my the media is one sided favoring a specific cause instead of preserving it’s transparent nature, hereby destroying the relationship between the readers and the news outlet.

The dissemination of phoney news or information can be catastrophic to readers because it can result to the loss of user’s finances, especially with digital currency. Information to be published the digital currency platform needs to be legit so that the media industry as a whole can become more trustworthy.

TCAT is aimed to power up The currencyanalytics.com into the most trusted Crypto news portal, equipped with pro writers only.

This disallows Agents supplant stories with a hidden agenda other than to write real news.

Advantages of The Currency Analytics Platform: The platform’s protocol publishes news that is

Real, Ethical, Lasting and Attributive; In the following ways

  • Real: The platform provides news stories are based off of reports
  • derive from real events not information to meet hidden agendas.
  • TCAT has a mission is to provide the most objective, accurate information to inform the investor.
  • Ethical: The news disseminated by the platform are not retrieved or
  • developed through the use of bribing, payment, or favors, only neutral and plain. Another goal of the platform is to provide investors with a news source that they can rely on.
  • Lasting: TCAT platform contribute to and create the larger conversations within the digital currency information space.
  • Attributive: The Platform are said to be attributive because the facts are checked and the sources are authenticated.


There will be 400 million tokens issued. 1 TCAT = 0.1 USD

You can purchase TCAT if you want to buy ad space or publish news on TheCurrencyAnalytics.com. TCAT can may be purchased directly from TheCurrencyAnalytics.com with ETH/ BTC, as well as on other major exchanges in the future.

The Currency Analytics is a cashback token. When purchasing TCAT on The Currency Analytics platform, you will receive an amount of TCAT that is of a comparable dollar-for-dollar value as the token you are paying with. Once the total number of TCAT tokens are sold, then the network will only accept TCAT as a form of payment.


After all being said above, it is definete toast The Currency Analytics is the right project to be a part of.

For more detailed informations about TCAT, visit:

Website : https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/tcat-token/

Whitepaper: https://thecurrencyanalytics.com/TCAT/whitepaper_tcat.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/TheCurrencyAnalytics

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheCurrencyA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCurrencyAnalytics/

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