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TokenStars is that the initial celebrity management platform at blockchain. we have a tendency to build ecosystems which will provide the celebrities, fans, and advertisers with tools and incentives for advanced interaction and engagement.

Our platform consists of twelve integrated modules that enable participants to attach in new ways that. Designed as a toolkit, this platform permits to mix completely different modules so as to attain the desired options and capabilities.

Based on its operate, the module is an element of the four completely different layers:

Crowdfunding layer, permitting the talent and celebrities that guarantees to boost funds.
The infrastructure layer, provides practical tools (such as option and Scouting) is that the main platform for activity.
Fans Community layer, that permits celebrities to cultivate their social capital by extending their loyal fan base and offers fans the specified involvement with communication and collaborating in activities with their favorite stars.
Layers of advertising, delivering intelligent information clear and involves & audiences to brands for advertising campaigns additional expeditiously (by sanctionative sensible contracts and merchandise sales square measure tight).

Token Growth Team

  1. Talent & pros:
    “Young talent in would like of monetary support”. we offer resource to young abilities in an exceedingly important age, so that they aren’t getting out of the sports and show biz professionals. This considerably will increase their possibilities for fulfillment .
    ‘ Established Players would like facilitate with ad sales ‘. we {provide} illustration and promoting promotions to pro athletes athletes and also the established media, that has been appealing for support but unnoticed by ancient agencies.
    Implementation of Token: TokenStars received a Commission ad (15-30%, each from professional and abilities) and price of talents that supported “future financial gain (5-70%, betting on the industry), to be paid within the TokenStars token. So, brands and also the talent that’s supported can obtain token within the token holder of the market to acquire our services
  2. Fans desire a a lot of nearer interaction with celebrities and additional influential on the Club and sports players. we have a tendency to gave the fans a community a large choice of exclusive product and permitting them to participate, analyzed, criticized, deconstructed, psychoneurotic and connect together with your favorite jock and temperament of their media.

Implementation of Token: by collaborating during this interaction of the fans earn and pay the TEAM’S token, increasing demand and turnover of the token.

  1. whole Advertisers seeking a mix of clear ad formats, and additionally for the viewers World Health Organization square measure additional concerned. TokenStars offers fans the chance to access whole enthusiasts World Health Organization square measure terribly concerned and increase the potency of the campaigns by implementing intelligent advertising contract.

Application of Token: support and promotion services are going to be paid in tokens (fully or partly from the Commission TokenStars), that the higher the quantity of advertising campaigns-the additional the requested token within the market.

Implementation Of Blockchain guarantee Transparency And measurability Of Operations.
We have chosen blockchain as a basic platform technology to permit North American country to create a system that’s clear and might be verified for all the participants of the platform, particularly for fans, advertisers, scout, and additionally holder of the token the standard.
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TokenStars platform are going to be recorded in an exceedingly ledger blockchain events of the interaction between participants, as option results, the applying of the Scout auction, bid or click ads.
Our platform are going to be supported 2 reciprocally moveing blockchains-Ethereum associated with operations and operational platform for private blockchain internal: selected as tens of thousands of individuals (with innumerable participants within the future) are going to be interact in T.S. platform, therefore all of this group action can manufacture innumerable recording operations. Use the blockchain to record the Ethereum an outsized range of events would be impractical as a result of the slow speed of the group action and also the group action prices square measure high.
Implement customary compatible token Ethereum ERC-20 permits to avoid the standard difficulties occur with enactment currencies like the regulation of low payments and cross-border payments.
Token TEAM
Ethereum, compatible with the standards of the ERC-20 is token utilities designed to permit interaction between fans, celebrities (prospective abilities triple-crown candidate &), advertisers, Boy Scouts, and a daily token holder. Token TEAM can function the interior platform and also the currency are going to be utilized in ten modules.
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Football legend Lothar Matthäus one of the 10 Ambassadors in TokenStars ICO.Lothar Matthäus FIFA World Cup champion (1990). UEFA European champion (1980). 7-time winner of German Bundesliga and 3-time winner of German Cup. Champion of Italian Serie A championship. 2-time winner of UEFA Cup (1991, 1996). Awarded the Golden Ball (1990) and FIFA World Player of the Year (1991). Played for Bayern, Borussia (M), Inter Milan and German national team.
Click this link to know the other Ambassadors who also part of the TokenStars Team ICO.

TokenStars platform have 12 modules for the community and CHARITY Click this link for TokenStars Charity if how it works.

TokenStars ICO is already LIVE. Token Sale started +40% Bonus till 10 January, 12:00pm PDT and have additional 5% bunos those investors who participate 1Bitcoin and above.

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