Today I will discuss about the development of Cryptocurrencies world that has been increasing significantly in recent years, with various types of Crypto, platform or application in circulation. Many ICOs will come every day now. Some with good ideas, some with useless ideas, few have great ideas. Now I want to talk about ICO with a good idea of TEDCHAIN
Fifty-six percent growth in five years shows us how gaming companies not only pioneered new ways to attract and entertain users, but have also led the innovation of business models that fit the digital age. Future prospects for games have never been better but require a new outlook on the market
Most games now provide entertainment for users on three different levels of playing games, watching, and making games. Game companies are rapidly evolving into all-round entertainment companies and are pushing for sharp engagement time and securing game positions as a favorite hobby in the world.
Now the whole industry is about gaining as much profit as possible from gamers. Apple App Store peaks and Google Google Play are shared between large publishers who earn ninety-five percent of their revenue and reinvest them in new project projects and campaigns This financial cycle does not allow new projects to be shown to a wider audience. An emerging game product has only an opportunity to become successful and famous for getting investment or help from a major publisher that limits the freedom of the author at the same time.
The average one smartphone has more than twenty-six download apps and at least one to two games. the average adult spends twenty-three minutes a day playing mobile games. Most free mobile apps for download. But everything is developed using real money and requires monetization to support the business.
The main monetization model is subscriptions, ads, and for gaming solutions as well as the sale of domestic merchandise or In-App Purchases and only recently the advertising market will be responsible for the two hundred billion dollars spent on two thousand nineteen
More than two billion users worldwide use their smartphones to play games. And every year the models are technically better If you see the most sales apps on the smartphone, you should not be surprised This is a game. In addition to smartphones, people also play on computers, laptops, tablets, and video games.
TEDCHAİN considers the gaming market promising, capable of generating huge revenues to companies that are one step ahead of rivals. In addition to having established capabilities such as iOS, Android, PC, and console, based on TEDCHAİN Blockchain technology will surpass themselves and create a cyber sports environment and our own shop TEDCHAİN plans to enter the regional market
Tedchain is a decentralized gaming platform that allows users to easily print, use, and sell crypto stuff that can be operated in blockchain. By shifting parts of an elaborate and expensive market to build into the gamer’s ecosystem and by decentralizing those parts on the blockchain,
the market will grow faster than it already is, and everyone will be able to benefit from that growth. TEDCHAİN recognizes the greater potential for growing the market by decentralizing it and giving market power to millions of entrepreneurs and video game influencers with existing social graphs, traffic, content, and followers. It is a self-contained ecosystem built around the first economy of blockchain items. Crypto TEDCAİN items can be operated, meaning they can be used and sold in many games and users.
Total game app revenue in the year two thousand seventeen is forty two point five billion dollars. All the games listed are free to play, meaning that the profitability of these games does not depend on the number of downloads but rather on the number of micro transactions taking place in the game. The Free to Play model has several advantages over the classic Pay to Play system. Tedchain applies this technology and combines it with Blockchain security, creating an exciting play experience optimized for today’s gaming market
Tedcoin is a private, safe, and untracked currency. In the Gaming Ecosystem, you are your bank, you are in control of your funds, and nobody can track your transfers. Privacy Tedcoin uses a cryptographically sound system to allow you to send and receive funds without your transactions easily revealed on the blockchain or ledger transactions that everyone has.
This ensures that your purchases, receipts, and all transfers remain completely private by default. Security: Using the power of a distributed peer-to-peer consensus network, every transaction on the network is secured cryptographically. The individual wallet has a 24-word mnemonic that is displayed only once, and can be written to back up the wallet. The wallet file is encrypted with a passphrase to ensure that the words are useless if stolen.
Disadvantages By taking advantage of signatures, specific properties of a particular type of cryptography, Tedcoin can ensure that transactions are not only traceable, but have an optional measure of ambiguity that ensures that transactions can not be easily reconnected to individual users or computers.


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