eSports has developed the following global platform, including a combination of interested participants, enthusiasts and audiences. At least 30 major events – and counting – are listed as annual every year around the world, and fans are participating in the series. Forbes reports that a new record has been set for the 2017 World Cup final – the Intel® Extreme Masters – in Poland last year.

More than 173,000 enthusiasts – more than 100,000 people compared to the Superbowl – packed the venue in Katowice, while 46 million people watched online, the magazine reported, “Starts like a humble PC game” on the computer. Independent stand-up in the 1980s, strengthening to become the current $ 44 billion industry, with 2.7 billion active players globally.

The new project code has recently spread, and there are no signs of slowing down at any time. What I see is many ‘first’ industries in space because people are just starting to grasp the power of Blockchain technology and what it really can do and the advent of smart contracts. It opens up a myriad of possibilities with many business use cases,

Come back again, we will discuss a blockchain project of course, this time we will increase our customers to peel on the blockchain platform. Of course, a platform has its own customer satisfaction. nah thinks this project is done. Immediately without any length, one of these projects named Tedchain 
Tedchain is a high-speed global network dedicated to gaming from the start. This means we have the unique ability to target the gaming industry directly using the best electronic money technology, blockchain and emerging smart deal. We are planning to develop our own game as both a proven concept and as a standalone MMORPG – our marketing for this game will bring users to the platform and give the house Other game publishing capabilities are free to contact with the user base.
Our mission is to develop and operate the Game Ecosystem – a decentralized platform where communities can play the game. Our games are always connected to the real world in terms of content. This is the position of the company in the game market and allows to tackle a wide target audience. Tedchain also publishes games from 3rd party developers on the platform to give gamers a variety of games to play.

The TED platform is for players who never “sleep” and like experimenting with different types of games. TEDCHAIN ​​aims to allow people to play games on their TED platform, thus earning TED cards and generating income for themselves. We try to connect gamers around the world together and help them live with their gaming passion.

In-game currency for game developers integrating TED into their games for use as rewards, recurring subscription payments, game upgrades or game engine upgrades and game purchase services. play.


Tedchain combines exciting multiplayer strategy games with real money making capabilities. In the next 3 years, our games will receive more new features to expand the game world and keep players invested. All features follow the following guidelines:

✓ Prevent “Pay2win Aversion” of casual gamers
✓ The game mechanics help players to participate
✓ The system is clear and useful progression
✓ The inclusion of a social component

As mentioned above, Tedchain is not only interesting for its play, but also for the financial sector. When each player works with real money they emit electronic money. This TED card can be exchanged for real money later, so players can make money playing our games. By providing an electronic currency with market-related fluctuations, Tedchain has the heat element associated with it. When the TED price changes, it affects the player’s interaction in the game such as buying and selling assets. In a nutshell, we provide a compelling economic simulation of attractive players with electronic money that can be exchanged by itself.

Game Developers: Tedchain develops his own game and publishes them on the game platform as well as on the app market for Smartphones / Tablets.
Third-party developers: International game developers want to publish their games through the Tedchain Game Platform. Tedchain has access to more than 100 international developers.


Tedchain runs on a dedicated peer network, blockchain is optimized for the game. The global Ted P2P network is the foundation on which all aspects of the Ted ecosystem are based. This allows us full control of the network consensus rate, coin-mining algorithms and intelligent contract syntax, allowing us to optimize the system to play the game. Because of the distributed nature of the project, we decided to rely on the P2P model to provide these services due to the resilience in the event of network fragmentation and easy management of end users of P2P networks.

Deploying P2P Mining Mining Pool. Tedcoin pools operate by creating a network of peer nodes.

Github archive: https://github.com/tedchain/P2P-tedcoin-mining-pool

Demo implementation of the Tedcoin mining pool using the Stratum mining protocol.
Tedcoin pools operate by creating a network of peer nodes. We plan to launch P2P networks in November 2018

Github archive: https://github.com/tedchain/tedcoin-stratum-protocol


All games listed are “free to play”, meaning that the profitability of these games does not depend on the number of downloads but rather the number of micro transactions occurring in the game. . The “free to play” model has several advantages over the classic “pay-to-play” system. Tedchain implements these technologies and combines them with 
Blockchain ‘s security , creating a compelling game experience optimized for today’s gaming market.
Each TED token is stored in the user’s Ethereum wallet, or in the game and is therefore mapped to one of the player’s accounts. TED so is currently in the game is technically parked in a special ETH wallet called Tedchain Wallet. 
The following will only be available for payments in TED:
✓ Items purchased
✓ Transactions between players and players inside the game

A player will have three ways to buy TED:

✓ On an electronic money exchange, for another currency (BTC or ETH).
✓ On the game site, for fiat currency.
✓ Inside the game, use the Google Play or App Store payment mechanism.
A total of 1 billion TED cards will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as a
standard ERC-20 token. TED is the utility token used in the project used by 
the main actor as a payment instrument:
✓ Gamers can purchase TED coins to use them in any published game
✓ Third party developers can pay for additional marketing opportunities for their games
✓ Developer and Publishers can reward players.

ICO Summary http://tedchain.network

Name and Symbol of Token: Teddy Bear (TED)
KYC / AML: Personal and Semi- Private Requests Payment Terms: 
Fiat and 70 cents
Softcap & Hardcap: 5,000 – 37,500 ETH
Volume: 1,000 .000.000 TED
Total allocations: 700,000,000 TED
Token privileges: Token utilities in the
Token emissions platform : August 10
Private Sale: June 1 to June 15
Hardcap: 25,000 ETH
Sale Token: June 15
st – 22: (1 ETH = 32,000 TED)
June 23 – day 30 month 6: (1 ETH = 29,500 TED)
Contribute minimum / minimum: 30-1000 ETH
Public ICO: Will start from July 1 to July 30
Hardcap: 15,000 ETH
Selling Token: Week 1: 1 ETH = 20,000 TED
Week 2: 1 ETH = 19,000 TED
Week 3: 1 ETH = 18,000 TED
Week 4: 1 ETH = 17,000 TED
*** 5% bonus on investment: 2 ETH and 10% on 4 ETH
Minimum / minimum contribution: 0.1 – 4 ETH

Distribute the token

Discount Code: 70%
Bonus: 05%
Management Team: 15%
Reserve: 10%
Telegram Group: https://t.me/tedmorning


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