Tedchain – Decentralized gaming platform for gamers

To date, the game industry is at the peak of popularity. Revenues reach colossal amounts – more than $ 100 billion and every year continue to increase due to greater involvement of people. But the biggest growth in recent years is seen in the segment of mobile games. It is logical that with the advent of smartphones, developers have opened new opportunities to improve their games. Users have a wide selection of game genres. At that time, none of the players could not imagine the opportunity to earn, wasting time on the game itself. Now it became possible due to the appearance of the blockade.

Tedchain is a decentralized gaming platform for gamers, in which they can earn money simply by playing their favorite games. On the platform for a wide selection of game genres for every taste: RPG, strategy, shooters, quests and others. Remuneration for their active participation in the development of the platform users will receive in the form of TED tokens. due to which they can buy their favorite games.
Any user, if he has experience in developing games, has the right to download his game to the platform.


  1. The platform provides an opportunity for all gamers to earn during the game itself regardless of the type of console: PCs, tablets, mobile phones. Users can translate their tokens from one console to another.
  2. During the game you can watch in real time how the TEB tokens are credited – this will undoubtedly encourage you to play further.
  3. Each member of the Tedchain ecosystem will be able to manage simultaneously several games on different consoles from one account, which is very convenient.
  4. The ability of your wallet to immediately connect to the blockbuster if you want to transfer tokens from one game to another.
  5. For players on the platform, a payment system is created, from which they will receive rewards for the game.
  6. The platform will sponsor sponsorship tournaments for all users, which increases sales.


Dedicated peer-to-peer network P2P. The Tedchain platform is a decentralized P2P e-commerce system that does not require a central server or proxies. Gamers with the peer-to-peer network P2P carry out transactions between themselves.

Blocked TED. Allows game creators to publish on a platform of good quality games for gamers through smart contracts. At the heart of its own blockade lies the model of the P2P network. This technology gives complete control over the optimization of the system for games and the development of algorithms for obtaining tokens. Based on the double reward system, the TED block has a block creation rate of 1 block per second.

The Tedchain Consensus Protocol . It includes the best qualities from such protocols as POS and POW. Ted’s proprietary protocol is based on the reward of users who participate in the development of the platform more than others. Rewards depend on the number of coins and how long they have been in the system. The Tedchain protocol is a decentralized solution intended for the exchange of goods and services on the network.

It is safer to separate. The platform allows you to safely share data between your own and other users of devices, provided that the Tedchain wallet is running.

Own platform token. Provides an opportunity for developers to evaluate their games and reward for participating in tournaments in TED tokens. Users can buy tokens from game developers and participate in fundraising events. Smart contracts in this case are intended for participation in the tournament, internal statistics of games and auctions.

The voting system. Provides remuneration to participants for ensuring network security without using serious iron for mining. In the event of a problem, each gamer has the opportunity to add it to the unit and put it to the vote.

Purse. To connect to the system on the platform, a browser wallet is used, which is able to have connections with different consoles simultaneously. When you do it, you make all the transactions on the network.

 Tedchain market

The Tedchain market is designed to interact with users of game developers. It will be able to trade rare objects of gamers and game quality content. All transactions will be carried out using the TED platform token. The process of buying / selling virtual goods is fairly simple and convenient. The buyer will only need to choose the goods he likes and make payment, then the goods will be in his inventory after some time.
Users are given full access to all product catalogs on the market, and you can also view the history of the price change of the goods.

 Procedure for distribution of tokens – ICO

The main currency for making all purchases and the reward for active participation in the development of the Tedchain system is the TED token. Token can be bought on the stock exchange, on the game site, for fiat money and inside the game itself by paying on Google Play or the App Store.
TED is a ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum block system.

✅ Token: TED
✅ Date of main sales: from July 17 to October 08, 2018
✅ Total will be issued: 10,000,000,000 TED
✅ Total will be allocated to ICO: 1,000,000,000 TED (10%)
✅ Softcaster: 3,500,000 USD (already collected)
✅ Hardcover: 21,500,000 USD
✅ Price of the token: Starting price 0.010 $ for the first week. With each subsequent price will increase by 0.005 $ only 12 weeks. The price for the last week is 0.065 $. Now – 0.025 USD
✅ Deposit: Fiat and other crypto-currencies (70+)
✅ Participation requires KYC


More information about the project team can be found on the project website https://tedchain.network/



As the game industry is at an incredible peak of its popularity, this project is very relevant. The ability to earn real money by playing your favorite games – what could be better? Uniquely, this project is waiting for success, if the developers can collect the amount claimed. Considering the fact that the software has already been assembled, I can assume that this is quite realistic. 

Following more information;

Official website: https://tedchain.network/
Telegram channel: https://t.me/tedmorning
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tedmorning
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tedmorning.daybreak
Whitepaper : https://tedchain.network/google/whitepaper.html
ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4471369

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