TEDCHAIN – The New Blockchain Platform

We are a decentralized and cross-platform cryptocurrency dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on the blockchain for all users.

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Topic: The New Blockchain Platform
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The Tedchain platform is a high-speed global network dedicated exclusively to gaming from the start. This means we have a unique ability to target the gaming industry directly by using the best of cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and smart contract technology. We also plan to develop our own game as proof of concept and as a stand-alone MMORPG. Our marketing system for this game will take users to the platform and give other free game publishers to the user base.

Our primary mission is to develop and operate Ecosystem Games where all people can play games. And our game will always have
a connection to the real world regarding content. This is a company that positions itself in the gaming market and allows us to reach a broad target audience. We also publish games from third-party developers on the platform and provide gamers with various games to play.


Tedchain is a platform dedicated to improving the experience of playing on blockchain with decentralized cryptocurrencies. Currently, we are developing a mobile game that allows you and other players to mine cryptocurrencies and can spend them outside the game. By working with game developers, Tedchain aims to offer an exceptional playing experience around the world. If our research team applies their great success in the game industry to Blockchain technology, then it will save money for gamers and will be very beneficial for game developers.

About the Tedchain Network

Tedchain is a P2P cryptocurrency gaming platform that uses Tedcoin as a currency in gameplay.

TedLab continues to improve scalability and privacy on blockchain using Tedchain technology. Tedchain is a distributed ledger technology. This is perfect for organizations that want to issue and manage their digital assets in a secure, safe and scalable manner. This Tedchain Platform includes a blockchain-based development workflow that provides comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for players, content providers, channels and advertisers, and facilitates a complete ecosystem.


Game Marketplace & Token Economy

We continue to strive to create a safe space for trading and drive the economy in games and extra games by using tokens, called TED, and this is as a medium of payment for player-to-player trading and thus will facilitate individual sales. With the help of TED tokens, all consumers will be able to buy items in the game, including the exclusive ones available for buyers with cryptocurrencies only, on every project on the platform. Also, we plan to participate in the development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities by teaching players how to use the strength of cryptocurrency markets and see their prospects.

Using tokens in the game market

TED tokens are one of the cryptocurrencies in the TEDMORNING game. TED is a universal payment instrument in TINGMORNING Games Ecoshpere. TED tokens can be exchanged into TED coins or vice versa. TED coins are in-game currencies that you can use in all games published through our game portal.

Gamers want to play games

All the games on our platform are free to play, and you still have a lot of things to get money from it. TED Coin is used as money in all of these games. TED Coin is a unique payment tool for gamers on our platform that can be easily exchanged for TED Tokens or vice versa. We offer various opportunities to get prizes from TED Coins and free exchanges for TED Tokens.

Buy TED tokens during token sales

By buying a TED token during the token sale, all participants will be able to receive not only in-game resources at discounted prices (compared to the TED token price will be available after the Token sale expires), but can also exchange tokens with real money through an internal auction or exchange future stock. This also allows participants to benefit in the early stages of the game while investing less in their money.


Detailed Tokens

  • Token Symbol: TED
  • Methods of payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIAT
  • Token Sale Start: July 17th, 2018
  • Token Sale End: October 08th 2018
  • Max circulating supply: 10,000,000,000 TED
  • Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 TED (10%)
  • Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 21,500,000 USD
  • Token Price: 0.01 – 0.06 USD
  • Token Privileges: In-platform utility token
  • Sale duration three months

Token Allocation

Operation Allocation


March 2017
Build Cloud Portal Gaming. Demo TED Marketplace. Build Gamechain Platform, Demo P2P Network, and Tedcoin Hash

November 2017
Develop Consensus Protocol and build Tedchain Technology. Develop any games using Ethereum Smart Contracts.

January 2018
Build a Voting System (Testnet). Publish Energy Efficient System. Develop Tedchain-JS and Tedchain-Secure. Launch the Tedchain Crowdfunding Decentralized Platform.

March 2018
Beta Web Wallet and Securely Communicate. Develop the Decentralized App Store. Demo Tedcoin Stratum Protocol. Launch the Decentralized Play Store.

July 2018
Launch Crowdsale with the special bonus. Develop Electronic Cash System. Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Release. Testnet Demo

August 2018
Launch Blockchain Explorer. Testing P2P Tedchain Mining Pool using Stratum protocol. Launch Game Ecosystem

October 2018
Cooperation with Enjincoin. Platform API Development. Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis

December 2018
Tedcoin Wallet Alpha Version Release. Deploy Reward Engine (Testnet). APIs for third-party bots, games, and apps

February 2019
Reward Engine Release (Mainnet). Tedchain Open APIs. Launch Gamification Technology. Develop Mobile Games Store

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