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BlockSafe Technologies is the only US company that protects the blockchain ecosystem from all sides: wallets, exchanges and private blockchain. With a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions, BlockSafe Technologies presents stability to a volatile market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem in the most vulnerable places: authentication and user interaction. Similarly, BlockSafe Technologies has developed proprietary methods to maintain approved block chains through transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS reduction, load balancing, and content filtering. BlockSafe Technologies is a subsidiary of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: SFOR), the leading provider of cyber cyber security solutions to consumers, businesses and the government.
The wallet was hacked by malware that uses keyloggers to steal secret keys and capture clipboards to change destination addresses. It is estimated that countless damage to wallet users amounts to more than $ 350 million. If your wallet is hacked, you cannot return money or sue anyone.
There are hot and cold wallets on the crypto exchange. The user’s secret key and exchange secret key are stored in the wallet. Most keys are stored offline in the safe (cold wallet). Some keys are stored on an internet-connected server (hot wallet) to facilitate transactions. Like other hackers, this server is exposed to hacking data.
Exchange Defender contains two products to protect internal crypto exchange systems. CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID® ™ protect computers and mobile devices from keylogging, screen grabbing, and clickjack attacks. ProtectID® provides access to internal systems using two-factor out-of-band authentication.
The Blockchain Defender acts as a gateway between applications and private block chains. It checks each message, verifies that it is permitted under company rules and policies, scans data field content for malware, and verifies the authenticity of transactions through ProtectID®. It can also send blockchain messages through the appropriate gateway to the company’s system or other blockchain.

How should the BSAFE tokens increase in value? 

BlockSafe BSAFE tokens provide passive income, BlockSafe takes ten percent of top-line sales revenue and returns to token holders every quarter.

What is the value proposition of BlockSafe Technologies?

BlockSafe is the only cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting crypto wallets, exchanging and blockchains permissions. BlockSafe products are patented; BlockSafe has a first mover advantage. The cyber security market to protect the blockchain ecosystem will grow to more than $ 355 billion in the next three years. BlockSafe is a subsidiary of Strikeforce Technologies, which has been in cybersecurity for more than 18 years.

Prevent malware from spying on your input. The key pressed between the kernel and the wallet application uses military encryption. Now, the password you entered to enter or decrypt your secret key is safe.
Prevent malware from monitoring the clipboard to spy on, copy, and paste clipboard content. The destination address sent by the crypto transaction is therefore not changed.
anti-screen production
By preventing screenshots of malware, screenshots of confidential information are created.
See hidden frames or frames from potentially dangerous domains. This neutralizes one of the hacker’s favorite tricks to download malware to your computer.
Prevent the operating system and malware from entering your keystrokes. All keystrokes entered on the keypad are specifically encrypted. Now, the password you entered to enter or decrypt your secret key is safe.
This is a secure and customizable locked browser that prevents storage of cookies and other malware artifacts. The browser is safely recreated for each session. Now you can safely access your wallet or your online stock market.
Allows storing passwords, keys, and AES-256 encrypted data. Access to the safe can be secured with fingerprints. A secure browser can be started from the safe.
This will create a strong password based on user-specified settings and store it in password memory for future use.
BLOCKSAFE plans to provide SECURITY TOKEN (STO) to collect FUNDS for further development and operation of its products.
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