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In 2017 there was an outbreak of eggs containing pesticides circulating in Europe and South Korea. Consumers are faced with the fact that it is difficult to trace the origin of these eggs. This problem will be solved by TEMCO.


What is TEMCO?

TEMCO is a supply chain platform that connects isolated supply chain platforms. It provides real-time data services through their business intelligence tools and consumer applications. Using the SSR blockchain, they help companies to work more efficiently.

One of their goals is to help manage food security at the government level, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Food & Drug Administration. (More about SSR: SSR is the first open source smart source contract platform with a two-way approach to Bitcoin, which also rewards Bitcoin miners through joint mining, enabling them to actively participate in the Smart Contract Revolution. Value of the Bitcoin Ecosystem and Functionality with make smart contracts, make almost immediate payments and higher scalability.)

TEMCO technology combines innovative technology – smart contracts, blockchain, and big data. Data is uploaded to the blockchain using smart contracts and then migrated to big data. With this design, companies can maximize the use of valuable information.


Let’s find out who are the people behind the scenes of this great project.

Brian Lee (Co-Founder, CTO) is a person who has more than ten years of experience in the IT field and eight years in the field of Global Market and Capital Risk. Lead Engineer at Royal Bank of Canada, NYC. A graduate of Stony Brook University majoring in Bachelor of Science (BS) Field of Study Computer Science certainly mastered his field at TEMCO.

Scott Jaeseob Yoon (Co-Founder, CEO) has more than six years of experience in Corporate Finance, FX Trader at the Global Finance Team.

Besides that there are still well-known name names who have experience in their respective fields backing up this project. And one thing is certain, they display their official and official Linkedin account profile.


How are products distributed and respected by consumers in a reliable way?

As mentioned earlier, the existing supply chain management system does not satisfy consumers who always want reliability, because consumers do not have direct access to reliable information. The TEMCO project aims to ensure accurate blockchain information is contained in the blockchain when a product is transferred through a smart contract. This connects producers, warehouses, transportation companies, distributors, and end consumers, this allows the supply chain to be informed in real time. As a data and information based supply chain solution, the TEMCO project strives to achieve:


High connectivity between users.

Reliability of supply chain information.

Transparency and stability of supply chain information.

High efficiency.

In the future, information generated on the TEMCO platform will be stored on decentralized servers. Because certain key values ​​in the blockchain can be supported at any time, so there is little chance that the existing transaction can be changed by a third party when a dispute occurs. Based on these features, TEMCO aims to provide complete information transparently to all consumers and vendors using the platform.

The use of blockchain and smart contracts in supply chain management systems can help ensure interoperability between different systems in manufacturing, storage and transportation. Vendor authentication systems are used to emphasize the reliability of information generated in the supply chain process. This will increase the parental trans by minimizing the time needed to identify the problem and provide a basis for immediately analyzing the data. Thus, the blockchain-based supply chain management system will streamline the entire ecosystem, reduce the cost of establishing infrastructure, and increase consumer confidence in the product.

Smart contracts will also be prepared to protect from falsifying information at the book entry stage. The TEMCO project has the potential to track product distribution through a blockchain in a single order so as to reduce the possibility of hazards such as recording inaccurate information about the actual condition of the product in the smart contract stage.

It seems that TEMCO will always be and is widely used by food distributors in the future, so we are sure that in the future this project will grow rapidly with its functions and people in its management.


Sales Tokens

Date of sale: 2018-10-15

ICO date: will be announced

Ticker: TEMCO

Total tokens: 6,000,000,000

Available for Sale Tokens: 50%

Token Price: 1 TEMCO = 0.006333 USD

Hard Cap: 19,000,000 USD

Receive: ETH, BTC



Hasil gambar untuk temco bounty


For more information;

Website:  http://temco.io/

Whitepaper:  http://temco.io/templates/temco_whitepaper_en.pdf

FASTFACT: https://temco.io/templates/fast_fact_one_page_en.pdf

Telegram:  https://t.me/HITEMCO

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TEMCOLABS

Steemit:  https://steemit.com/@temcolabs

Medium:  https://medium.com/temcolabs







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