Temperature controlled containers & IoT sensors on the blockchain.

Good day people.I hope you are having an exciting day like me too i am here  with some great news.. An interesting ICO, trust me you would love it.Before i continue i would love to ask you a question. Have you ever had this wild dream of having a GPS chip like thing being appended to the item, with the goal that we can see it moving; drawing nearer to me, well ordered?

I as of late came to think about this organization called SmartContainers, who takes after this training. Be that as it may, they are truly centering the conveyance of ranch and pharma (Rhyming, right). Means they fundamentally do sustenance items and medications. What’s all the more fascinating? The greater part of their development, is followed and recorded utilizing blockchain, which makes things “fantastically reliable”! Each stacking and conveyance is recorded on the blockchain, and individuals can track it; alongside review some broad insights about the shipment as well. Each and every other detail that the overall population shouldn’t know is recorded on a private blockchain, which must be gotten to by individuals with some approval. We get following, they get protection; as straightforward as that.

Smart Containers is a phenomenal utilize case for blockchain innovation by consolidating IoT sensors and uninvolved temperature-controlled holders with the blockchain to give an unchanging record of load temperature as it’s being transported. Savvy Containers Group AG. is really a holding organization for two firms, SkyCell and FoodGuardians.

SkyCell has utilized bleeding edge innovation to create holders that utilization IoT sensors associated with their information cloud, that uses blockchain innovation to remotely screen every compartment to guarantee the item temperature is steady amid transport. SkyCell transports probably the most costly and temperature-touchy merchandise in the pharmaceutical business, this observing is significant as it empowers organizations to agree to enactment from the EU with respect to the conveyance of restorative items.

The FoodGuardians business has a comparative offering – reusable compartments and boxes to transport delicate nourishment items crosswise over locales or the globe. Their licensed cooling innovation is a major offering point (The holding organization holds over a hundred patients at the season of distributing), with the vision of having secure nourishment wellbeing through track and follow on the blockchain. The firm additionally touts cost productivity, and a decreased carbon impression as the capacity units are reusable.


I would love you to hear from the CEO your self and see how awesome the project is. Please watch the video>>

  SmartContainers is currently the leaders in logistics of bio products. They are currently aiming to leverage the blockchain technology for two things: one to raise some capital for their expansion, and two, their expansion which comes under the name LOGI CHAIN. Under this network, every competitor can become a part of the LOGI CHAIN ecosystem, to make all their transactions integrated through the blockchain. This means all of their payments (done in LOGI tokens) and other transactions are recorded, and further reduces the risk of fraud and false testaments.


ICO public sale is now live
until June 30th, 6 p.m. (CEST)MINIMUM INVESTMENT: USD 500

For more information visit the links below

Website – https://smartcontainers.ch/

Whitepaper – https://smartcontainers.ch/assets/20180208_smartcontainers_whitepaper_v1.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Containers-157874458234951/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SMARC_ICO

Telegram – https://t.me/smartcontainers

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