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About temtum

temtum is an efficient, quantum-secure, ultra-fast, -resource intensive and environmentally friendly payment coin (using the acronym ‘TEM’), and an alternative to traditional fiat -money (government-printed currency). It can be used on a standalone basis wallet-to-wallet, and can also  be integrated into payment systems worldwide, serving as a payment platform for both consumers and businesses.

temtum – a global payments network:

As temtum was designed and developed from the ground up as a feeless and instant payment network that’s quantum secure, run on low resourced devices and with a genuine goal to be the world’s first carbon neutral cryptocurrency, it stands out as the front runner for what the video game industry requires to improve the bridge from virtual to real worlds. The benefits of temtum spread wide across the industry including cloud gaming and esports, with audiences and users within the space considered most likely to adopt new forms of digital currency.

Our aim is to allow every user to be able to fully participate in the network, no matter the device, from a mobile phone to an IoT device or even a smart car. The only requirement is the device must have an active internet connection.


The technology behind temtum is already fully developed, including mobile and web applications. The temtum live mainnet will be deployed at the same time as coin distribution is carried out. temtum coin (TEM) will be delivered as a fully operational form of payment on day one of genesis block (the first block of any blockchain).

TEM currency features:

temtum has a number of key characteristics that makes it ideally suited as a medium of exchange cryptocurrency. These are:

Medium-of-exchange characteristics:

» Divisibility – sub-divisible into small units

» Convenience – ultra-fast, with zero embedded transactions fees/costs

» Ease of adoption – the network can function on low-powered devices, enabling widespread network access over time


We want to allow all users to fully participate in the temtum network regardless of the resources they are able to contribute. The temtum network has been designed from the ground up to run at full capacity on low-powered devices such as smartphones or IoT devices. The only prerequisite to network participation access to an active internet connection or an SMS connection.Vision for temtum as a mobile POS payment system: temtum’s ambition to be the first cryptocurrency to achieve mass global adoption means that we have ensured that the network can fully integrate with standard, real-world payment systems. We have developed solutions for point-of-sale (POS) mobile payments, providing a seamless process.

TEM Mobile PoS payment solution:

We intend for any user with a temtum wallet to be able to make purchases using conventional payment networks, such as Visa for instance, with total transparency to the vendor who will see only a fiat money transaction. Yet all the advantages of temtum – for example, immediate international transfer of value – will still be available.There are a number of benefits for users (consumers) in adopting temtum as a mainstream form of payment.

They include:

» The currency should hold consistent value across all territories and can be transferred internationally without cost.

» For peer-to-peer payments (for instance, if users want to split a bill with a friend), it’s free and near instantaneous.

» Transactions take just 12 seconds compared to hours-to-days with conventional bank accounts. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, our goal is to enable the use of temtum for everyday purchases, for example at major retailers. Therefore, we have developed a process which uses existing payment infrastructure which requires no modifications. It uses the NFC capability on a smartphone interacting with standard POS terminals, which are in widespread use in developed  economies. The merchant is unaware that temtum is being used. (A merchant always has, if they want, the ability to receive temtum directly into their wallet, but that is not the purpose here).The payment process can be as fast and convenient as payments using conventional currency.

temtum national bank credit and debit card system:

This software component can process all the credit and debit card transactions from any part in the world. This software component can be deployed in conjunction with Visa and MasterCard franchises. Inside this module, VISA and MasterCard would install a special component that makes it possible to send and receive cryptocurrency transaction messages.


Our vision is a positive one. We believe that temtum will not only transform the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets; it will make the world a better place for more people. That is our purpose and we have a truly world-class and -dedicated team that is fully committed to achieving it. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey to the future of finance.









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