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Temtum is a quantum coin that is effective, convenient, very fast, does not require a lot of resources, and is environmentally friendly (use of the acronym ‘TEM’), and for conventional fiat cash (the currency found by the authorities). This can be used on a stand-alone wallet-to-wallet basis, and can also be entered into an international pricing system, which functions as a pricing platform for each customer and company.

Temtum has been determined to fix all the inherent problems faced with the use of now not only a lot of cryptocurrency but the overall peer-to-peer blockchain network both now, and in the most technologically most advanced futures, where in speed, scalability, security and resource requirements excess usefulness is the most relevant and maintained to limit adoption.

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Our Vision

This presents a first-rate opportunity that needs to be touched at this time.
For cryptocurrency to develop, blockchain now needs to take the next step in its evolution.

And that’s where temtum is available. Temtum can help alleviate a predetermined, decentralized and democratic destiny for monetary transactions.

This is a future that does not destroy the environment. A clear future for everyone, no matter where they live in the world, where the benefits of cryptocurrency are available and useful for all.

We have not seen this beautiful fate, we have designed the era, built it, tested it, and mapped out how it will be implemented because trade is the easiest.

Temtum’s ambition is to be more than a cryptocurrency that actually benefits speculators and is most simply utilized meaningfully by technology-centered blockchain companies – it has a basic motive made possible with the help of a trendy and strong generation of blockchain available on the market: Temporal Blockchain is advanced and certified with the help of Dragon Infosec method.

The benefits

Our integration version is a pioneer in cryptocurrency around the world, given that, in the assessment of exceptional cryptocurrency, the temtum is specifically designed to coexist transparently with a variety of foreign cash, if you want to obtain the best adoption fees.

Why do you have to use temtum ?

Although there are several cryptocurrency in the world today, none of them has succeeded as the main form of payment that will be used by millions of people for everyday transactions. Temtum has solved this problem and has caused changes in the development of cryptocurrency. Temtum is a complete network that is ready to use.

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Unique built around the NIST flare, Temporal broadcasts full entropy bits in a 512-bit block every 60 seconds. This stable method for generating randomness, uncertainty, autonomy, and consistency creates a key that is theoretically impossible. Temporal quantum mechanics and the use of light over processor, creates a level of randomness that has never been experienced before in computing.

The temporal network topology and security implementation have been tested by BSI Crest accredited firms several times and have proven to be very safe and strong and validate our claims.

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Research Chain Blocks

We have spent the past 5 years researching Blockchain and boast of the only Blockchain PhD as part of our founding team. This research leads to the development of a superior Temporal Blockchain, compared to what is currently considered the leading technology in the industry.

Technology Roadmap

To demonstrate the technical capabilities of the temtum network – and how little resources a node needs to participate in the blockchain – we deploy special code on the BMW i8 head unit (HU) as part of a mobility-focused project. This allows the car to function as a fully functional node, which is able to confirm transactions when the car is being driven. Code loading into the car has no impact on its functionality and can run in the background.

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Although the computing power on i8 is significantly smaller than traditional computers, it consistently shows the ability to confirm 500 TPS. We believe this is the first in the world where cars have been able to act as a full knot without additional hardware requirements.

TemTum Team

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For more information, please visit the link below :

Website :  https://temtum.com/

Whitepaper :  https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf

Telegram :  https://t.me/temtumcommunity

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/wearetemtum

Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/wearetemtum

Dispute :  https://discord.gg/hs3v4g4

Author : Kevin_Raditya

Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2648834



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