Cryptocurrency is that slow and steady technology that is making its way up the rungs in the current market. Initially, the rise was discrete, but its exponential valuation is now raising the question of exchange. This is where TenX comes into play as it enters the race to develop one of the best crypto debit cards.

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So, what exactly is a TenX Card?

TenX is Your Own Crypto Wallet

TenX has developed a debit card system funded by cryptocurrencies with a mobile wallet accompanying it. The wallet and card are interlinked and is compatible with any crypto-asset.Now, all cryptocurrency accounts are maintained via a

Now, all cryptocurrency accounts are maintained via a block chain. Blockchain technology requires a public ledger to be updated and thus it needs to be connected in a decentralized manner.TenX uses a protocol known as

TenX uses a protocol known as COMIT for this purpose which is secured to offer transactions off the blockchain and using multiple crypto assets instantly.

Want to Profit While You Pay? TenX is the Answer

Still not sure what I meant? Read on.

TenX is configured to be used in 200 countries with an aim to support its mobile wallet on all Android and iOS platforms. It has partnered with Visa and Master Card thus branding itself and ensuring hassle free transactions. Credit card companies generally charge their merchants 2% of the total transaction amount to generate revenues.

TenX, on the other hand, generates its revenue via a revenue share basis with its card holders. All token holders will receive 0.5% of the whole transaction value done through the TenX debit card. The payments will be made in Ether crypto asset.Thus more the transaction volume greater is the revenue.

TenX, on the other hand, generates its revenue via a revenue share basis with its card holders. All token holders will receive 0.5% of the whole transaction value done through the TenX debit card. The payments will be made in Ether crypto asset.Thus, more the transaction volume, greater is the revenue.

An important point to understand here: It is not about more number of users, but about more volume of transactions.

TenX: Your Answer for Crypto to Fiat

A common question is raised about every technology that comes into play. The question is: What problem is TenX solving?

To answer this, we must first consider the risk factor that comes with virtual currencies.

The risk factor here is the volatility and the liquidity.

It is expected that 99% of the businesses all over the world will not accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Thus, currency exchange through a centralized exchange bank needs to be done which will take days. This is where TenX helps by immediate conversion of a crypto asset to fiat (government issued currency) when a transaction is done using its debit card.

TenX Paves its Way

TenX presently supports Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash and all other crypto technologies with Bitcoins and Ether as its major players. In short, TenX is one of the biggest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) launched till date.

TenX vs Competitors

Have a look at this chart to understand how TenX is different from WireX & Xapo, Monaco or TokenCard.

Okay, here’s the most the most important thing.

Should you invest in TenX (PAY)?

Well, I came to know about TenX from a member of our Facebook group where we discuss cryptocurrencies. So, if you still have not joined us, I highly recommend you to do that to keep yourself updated about TenX and other crytocurrencies. TenX was advised when it was just above 1 USD.

Reasons why you should buy TenX PAY

They are active.

They look much better than their competitors.

They give dividends. You will not only be making money when the price of TenX pay would increase but also, just by holding the coins in your wallet, you will be earning dividends.

Plus, they are super cheap now. You should enter now as I believe this coin looks like an undervalued project.

How to buy TenX (Pay) Coins

  1. Go to Bittrex.com.
  2. Shift your Bitcoin from Zebpay. If you have Ethereum, you can also transfer to Bittrex.
  3. Buy TenX.

The process is same as mentioned as buying NEO coin. Follow this guide. Just in place of NEO, it would be TenX. Read here.

Where to store TenX Pay Tokens?

Once you have bought TenX, it is always recommended to shift it to a wallet.

a. TenX wallet for iOS: TenX wallet for iOS version is now out and you can store you Pay tokens there.

b. MyEtherWallet: You can also store your PAY tokens in your MyEtherwallet. Read this guide to know more.

Project contact information:

Website: https://tenxcoin.eu/

White Paper: https://tenxcoin.eu/onewebmedia/WPTXC_ENG.pdf

Bounty BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5082533.0

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5029582

Twitter: https://twitter.com/10xcoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tenxcoin

Telegram: https://t.me/tenxc

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