Terawatt- Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology

Hey guys At present, the best LED lights reduce energy consumption by 85 percent compared to incandescent lamps and 40 percent compared to fluorescent lamps. By 2020, these numbers can grow, respectively, by 90% and 50%. However, users are reluctant to switch to diode lights. To speed up this process, the order is created to create the DAO organization. And to help him in this patent technology, aims to translate humanity to clean energy. Let’s talk about this idea and about the ICO project.


LED lights are increasingly popular in the lighting equipment market. their costs are reduced, and the number of installations grows. But most consumers still use incandescent lamps and continue to pay light for 40%.

Switching to LED lights can:

Save $ 14 billion annually on electricity;

started the closure of around 20 power plants that extract energy from coal;

store 432 876 coal carts per year;

to reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. Only in the US can it be reduced by 100 million metric tons. This is a 15% reduction in environmental burden, which is related to electricity production. By the way, so the LED lights provide more natural lighting, which is closer to the daytime spectrum.

However, with all the clear advantages, people are slowly turning to profitable lighting. Mistakes, what is called, the effect of resistance to innovation. It seems that the utility is not interested in applying energy-saving equipment. But this is not true. They spend more money on congestion, which is currently experiencing electricity from using incandescent lamps, rather than what they will produce on electricity added value.

The solution

Terawatt is a company that has a mission – to transfer people to renewable energy sources. How will they do this? After all, the best thoughts solve it. The fact is that Terawatt has a patent for technology that allows electrical objects to receive electricity exclusively from renewable sources. This ensures its purity. Not for what they say, all clever is simple.

The pilot pilot industry was chosen as a pilot object for the introduction of technology. For this, Terawatt created the DAO organization. Keep in mind that DAO is an organization that is managed automatically, with the help of smart contracts.

Terawatt DAO will enjoy:

city organization;

organization for LED lighting production;

equipment seller;

token owner;

ordinary electricity users.

The Terawatt DAO creates international funds to subsidize companies, so they can modernize their business as soon as possible for the implementation of Terawatt.

To implement the project concept, an LED token will be created. This will be used as the system’s internal currency. These tokens are at least vulnerable to the influence of the external environment and inflation rather than fiat currencies. Terawatt will periodically burn LED coins, increasing their costs and profitability. There will also be coin exchanges of company profits of 50-70%, which they will pay to enter the DAO.

All LED token owners will be able to buy Terawatt DAO company products at significant discounts, and pay less electricity bills.


Token name: LED

Smart Contract: Ethereum ERC20

Problem: 100,0000,000

Doing Pre-ICO: July 2018

ICO: September 2018

Soft cap: $ 0.5 M

Hard cap: $ 13.5 M

Price for Pre-ICO: $ 0.30

ICO price: $ 0.40

Minimum investment: 0.2 ETH

Currency received: ETH

The distribution of tokens and tools is as follows:


Terawatt has a clear idea and patented technology for its implementation in reality. The concept of DAO underlying the organization, as a rule, is warmly received by crypto evangelists, so support from them is also expected. This team has an initial investment of several large crypto funds. There is now a presale and you can exchange LED tokens with a 100% discount.

Further information :

Website: https://terawattled.com

Whitepaper: https://terawattled.com/assets/Terawatt.pdf

Announcement (Ann): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Terawatt

Twitter: http://twitter.com/terawatt_led

Telegram: https://t.me/TeraWattICO


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