TERAWATT – Global LED Adoption Through Blockchain Technology



WHAT IS Terawatt


Terawatt is a patent-pending, sustainable power source blockchain startup, with a solid spotlight on adaptation and driving worldwide L.E.D. selection. Terawatt will make a DAO, and furthermore a deflationary Ethereum-based, private (zk-SNARKS) cash for worldwide installments. The DAO will be subsidized and utilized by Utility Companies, L.E.D. Venders, Businesses, token holders, and vitality clients around the world. The DAO will go about as a decentralized worldwide common/protection store to guarantee Utilities (and organizations) dependably approach financing (which continually runs out) for sponsoring L.E.D. deals to their vitality clients (or for organizations moving up to L.E.D.s).


Add up to Supply: 100 Million Tokens


Flowing Supply: 65 million (supply will diminish exponentially in a s-bend mold to as low as 1 million tokens after some time). This is because of our ceaseless coin consuming calculation. Terawatt will consequently utilize 50-75% of organization benefits earned from DAO section/leave expenses, benefit taking charges (like a trade), time rot charges, carbon impose information stockpiling charges, buy record get to expenses (for organizations utilizing our tokens as installment), carbon credits, and even from offshoot L.E.D. deals commissions to buyback and consume (LED) Tokens. This is like the BNB token, however they just consume each quarter, we will consume day in and day out.


Utilities and different organizations will need to acknowledge our tokens for installments in light of the fact that our rate of flattening is significantly more prominent than all FIAT monetary standards and most, if not all, cryptographic forms of money/tokens while likewise being more private and secure with zk-SNARKS and masternodes when accessible. They can likewise diminish bookkeeping costs as all exchange information will be put away safely on the decentralized ethereum blockchain. Moreover, the more tokens they need to go into the DAO finance, the all the more voting force, benefits, and staking rewards they can get. This may additionally build token incentive because of the system impact. (Metcalfe’s Law)


Why take part in this DAO? High likelihood of making benefits, and to help drive L.E.D. appropriation and other enviro-accommodating innovations


The Terawatt token supply will diminish exponentially with our nonstop coin consuming calculation. Terawatt will naturally utilize 50-75% of organization benefits earned from DAO passage/leave expenses, benefit taking charges (like a trade), time rot expenses, carbon assess information stockpiling charges, carbon credits, and even from offshoot L.E.D. deals commissions to buyback and consume (LED) Tokens. This is like the BNB token, however they just consume each quarter, we will consume all day, every day!



This could conceivably scientifically cause token incentive to incredibly increment as we are diminishing supply, while additionally expanding request through promoting and developing selection. Ex: If an Utility organization contributes $10,000/month, in one year their record esteem has conceivably expanded 200% from $120,000 to $360,000. They could pull back part, or all, of their record adjust to give sponsored LED’s to their clients as required, or to finance other green activities, as sun oriented, wind, vitality star-appraised materials.products, electric vehicles, and so forth. Organizations and token holders can utilize their DAO benefits to purchase L.E.D. knobs which will lessen their service bills, qualify them for government impose credits/refunds, and diminish nursery discharges. We will likewise offer a token motivation for members who check that they utilized benefits for purchasing/offering L.E.D.s or related advancements.

This resembles a decentralized shared reserve, with the Terawatt token that forces it additionally going about as a quick, private, secure financial money which can be acknowledged at organizations and utility suppliers comprehensively. It will bode well for utilities and organizations to take installment in our tokens as it will enable them to include more tokens into the DAO, and conceivably significantly increment their benefits. With the supply being greatly more deflationary than FIAT, and even than most different cryptographic forms of money, it will turn out to be exceptionally alluring as an installment cash.

Who can join the DAO?

Every single intrigued business and customers, not simply utility suppliers, can purchase LED tokens and take an interest in the DAO. This will help increment the system impact (Metcalfe’s Law) Now we have a developing decentralized reserve as an ever increasing number of token holders join.

Token Utility

Utilized as a safe, private (zk SNARKS), quick, minimal effort, decentralized installment money at Utility Companies, LED Bulb Sellers, and some other intrigued vendors

Enables passage to the DAO, staking/voting capacities, controls the DAO biological community with Ethereum Smart Contracts

Enables access to decentralized changeless inexhaustible assessment information records (for a little expense), utilized as monetary motivating force to check L.E.D. knob buys

Service organizations and different organizations will be boosted to take installment in LED tokens since they will perceive how the to a great degree deflationary nature of our token will probably expand the cost, and the more tokens they have gone into the DAO support, the additionally voting force, benefits, and staking rewards they will get. This will additionally build token incentive because of the system impact.


Token info




PreICO price1 LED = 0.30 USD

Price in ICO1 LED = 0.40 USD


Private sale: 0-100% Preico: 0-65% ICO: 0-35%

Tokens for sale65,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment0.2 ETH


Distributed in ICO65%

Soft cap500,000 USD

Hard cap13,500,000 USD


Road map



Project Conception, White paper drafted, Patent filed

December 2017

Team Building: CTO, COO and Advisor acquired

January 2018

Whitepaper / website, registered trademark, quoted on KICKICO

February 2018

Presence of buildings, Token site Presale under development

June 2018

Private sale, more development and marketing

July 2018

I pray, DAO construction

August 2018

ICO, token launch, wallet release, apply to exchanges

October 2018

DAO testnet, mobile portfolios, research partnerships

December 2018

DAO main online network, Masternode ad

February 2019

Fully functional user interface released, Mainnet improvements

April 2019

Devcon, acquire more partnerships

May 2019

Receipt verification / Tax incentive utility / LED token development

July 2019

Expansion of the Terawatt LED ecosystem



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