Terawatt will create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and also create a highly deflationary Ethereum based currency for global payments. The DAO will be funded and used by Utility Companies, L.E.D. Sellers, Businesses, Token Holders, and Energy Customers worldwide. The DAO will act as a decentralized global mutual/insurance fund to ensure Utilities (and businesses) always have access to funding (which constantly runs out) for subsidizing L.E.D. sales to their energy customers (or for businesses upgrading to L.E.D.s).

This is a major benefit to utility companies as they want 100 percent of their customers to have energy efficient lights due to progressive grid overload, which forces power companies to build (and maintain) expensive (Hundreds of millions of dollars) power plants to meet demand. They are also mandated by government agencies (i.e. US Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency) to increase L.E.D. adoption in their respective markets. Businesses want L.E.D.s because they reduce electricity bills, increase light output, reduce maintenance costs, and qualify them for tax incentives. The upfront cost was the issue, but Terawatt will help overcome this.

The Terawatt Token will also be used as a currency similar to ETH at any business or utility company that will accept it as method of payment. DAO members with businesses will want to accept Terawatt tokens as payment because they will gain increased voting/staking power in the DAO, and because it’s much more deflationary than FIAT or other cryptocurrencies due to continual coin burning structure, which equals potentially increased profitability.

The power companies, and other token holders, will buy into the DAO with our tokens, we’ll charge a fee for entering and exiting, and when they sell their position, we take a percentage of their profits (like a mutual fund or an exchange does). We will take 50-75% of these profits to buyback and burn our own tokens daily (per transaction depending). With Terawatt, all people and businesses can have uninterrupted access to inexpensive/free L.E.D.s which substantially decreases their purchasing costs, electricity bills, increases global lighting efficiency, and in turn reduces global greenhouse emissions.

The (LED) token will may or may not exponentially increase in value as more power companies (and buyers/energy customers/other companies) realize the advantages of using our tokens and of joining the DAO (Metcalfe’s Law), thereby increasing demand while also decreasing supply.

Through DAO utilization, key partnerships (We are actively pursuing collaborations and partnerships with utility companies globally), deflationary supply, token incentives, and voracious marketing, Terawatt aims to help put L.E.D.s in all commercial, industrial (street lights), government and residential buildings/facilities worldwide and efficiently increase the changeover from less efficient Incandescent, Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) to 100% L.E.D. lighting (Light Emitting Diode).

Token holders will also be able to find and utilize applicable instant tax rebates, search for tax credits, and then securely store this purchase data on the network for later use in filing their taxes. Participants can buy, sell, stake with masternodes (when available), vote, donate, or hold (LED) tokens, which will power the Terawatt Ecosystem.

Terawatt is a patent-pending newborn chain of renewable energy blocks that focuses on revenue generation and drives global LEDs. quantum Terawatt will create a DAO and a deflationary Ethereum-based personal (zk-SNARKS) currency for global payments. DAO is a utility company, LED worldwide sellers, businesses, token holders and energy customers.

DAO will act as a decentralized global mutual / insurance fund to ensure utilities (and businesses) are always running out of funds for LED subsidies. Sales for energy customers (or companies that upgrade to LEDs). Total supply: 100 million tokens.

Circulating supply: 65 million (supply sharply declines over time to S curve as low as one million tokens). This is due to our ongoing coin-combustion algorithm. Terawatt automatically uses 50-75% of the company’s profits from DAO admission / exit fees, while others buy and re-buy tokens every day.

Terawat Information

By using block-chain technology, global lighting power consumption is reduced by about 50% (about 2000 Twawts) by 2035 and lighting output is increased by 50%. Terawatt will also create deflationary currencies to compete with FIAT and digital alternatives such as Bitcoin. Terawatt plans to deal with other renewable fields such as solar, wind, and electric vehicles.

Our Mission

This is due to our ongoing coin-combustion algorithm. Terawatt automatically uses 50-75% of the company’s profits from DAO admission / exit fees, such as exchange fees, time lost, carbon tax data storage fees, carbon credits and affiliate LEDs. Sales fees for re-purchase and image (LED) tokens. This is similar to a BNB token, but burning every quarter will burn 24/7.

Utilities and other businesses will want to accept payments because zk-SNARKS and masternode can be used more personally and safely because the deflation rate is much greater than all the FIAT currencies and most cryptocurrencies / tokens, not the most. Also, the more tokens you need to join the DAO Fund, the more votes, benefits, and rewards you can get. The network effect further increases the token value. (Metcalfe’s law)

Lighting problems / solutions

Inefficient bulbs create unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and unnecessarily excessive electricity bills for the public and government. Terawatt will help solve this problem by promoting LED adoption.

LED lighting solutions are never as accessible or affordable as they are now. With many rebate programs and incentives, more and more cities are switching to LED streetlights. Why? As we all know, LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, which can significantly reduce energy costs and reduce maintenance costs. But what are the other benefits? Reduced crime, safe neighborhoods, and overall cognitive improvement? LED street lighting is still shining most of our streets and neighbors compared to the high-pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting.

Advantages of LED lights

A light-emitting diode or LED is a light source consisting of a semiconductor material with two terminals. Kurt Lehovec, Carl Accardo and Edward Jamgochian interpreted this mechanism of the first LED in 1951, using an instrument that employs silicon crystal carbide, with pulse and current generators, and in 1953 a pure crystal variant.

Since then many have advanced to the maximum use of this technology, whose main advantage of all is known: lower energy consumption. The led lamp consumes about 80% less electrical energy than ordinary light bulbs, but that’s not the only thing: lifetime-like qualities up to 50,000 hours, low maintenance costs or improved lamp quality choices make it more suitable than traditional light bulbs.

It is estimated that widespread use of LEDs can result in savings of up to 348 TWh (terawatt / hour), an annual electricity equivalent to the production of 44 large power plants, about 30 million dollars in savings.

Since this has been a gradual abolition of incandescent lamps, enacting a ban on sales beginning in 2014 and will have a full effect by 2020. For this reason, companies and governments invest part of their capital in exchange for their lamp installations, but many of these institutions do not have the capital to pay for this job, and that’s where Terawattled comes in.

Token Info

LED Token

Ethereum Platform

Type ERC20

PreICO Price 1 LED = 0.30 USD

Price in ICO 1 LED = 0.40 USD

Investment info

Min. 0.2 ETH investment

Receive ETH

Distributed in ICO 65%

Soft cap 500.000 USD

Hard cap 13,500,000 USD



Project 2017, Whitepaper compiled, Patent Filed

December 2017

Team Building – Acquires CTO, COO, and Advisor

January 2018

White Book / Website, Brand Given, Registered at KICKICO

February 2018

Building Present, Token Presale site is being developed

June 2018

Personal Sales, more development and marketing

July 2018

PreICO, DAO development

August 2018

ICO, Token launch, release wallet, apply for exchange

October 2018

DAO testnet, Mobile Wallet, Seeking Partnership

December 2018

DAO online mainnet, announcement Masternode

February 2019

Fully Functional User Interface Released, Mainnet repairs

April 2019

Devcon, Get More Partnerships

May 2019

Tax Reception / Incentive Verification / Token LED Development

July 2019

Expansion of Terawatt LED Ecosystem


Evan WilliamCEO

B.S. in Business Management from New Jersey State University in Montclair. 12+ years experience in operations, sales, and management. Working at Fortune 100’s Verizon Wireless and Enterprise Holdings, is the Business Development Director for TBAviation, currently a US Government Contractor that fabricates aircraft-lined coatings for sale to DOD, and is a home business owner, cryptocurrency trader, investor, and blockchain fan.

Morris H. Layton IIICOO

B.S. in CIvil Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Morris has more than 10 years experience in civil engineering, business development, marketing, and event promotion. He has the opportunity to work on pre-launch software, and promote affiliate products. He has a thorough understanding of current infrastructure needs, and economics in funding maintenance, reconstruction and new construction. He’s pro-austerity and pro-tax savings. He joins this team to build client relationships with government, individual, and business authorities.

Jerome RaymondCTO

BS in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas. Over 10 years of experience developing Android and iOS software and apps. Expert in Solidity, Angular, Javascript. Have a strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and build business infrastructure. Provide executive leadership as a global IT head. Responsible for all aspects of strategic IT planning, implementation, and support around the world as an integral component of business plans. Successfully and deliver millions of dollars on time and on budget. Responsible for budgeting, design and support of all technologies.

Hase TakujiraAdvisor / Developer

Master of Science in Distributed Computing at The University of Tokyo. Previously a Full Stack Developer at Ubisoft Tokyo, and Blockchain Developer at NashTech Japan with over 15 years of blockchain programming and development experience. Hase recently worked on projects such as zaif.jp, bullxchange.io, psalm.io, CATS, COTN, and others.

Shubham TatvamasiDAO Architect / Advisor

Shubham is the largest contributor to Ethereum DAO and has worked on Blockchain technology since 2015. He has contributed to Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethos, Abyss, Microsoft Azure, Zcash, Token Markets, ChronoBank, Monero, Loom, Aragon, EthLend, Origin, EOS, and many others. Shubham also has experience with Decentralized Web Application, Corporate Blockchain, Hashgraph Hashgraph, Decentralized Exchange Platform, and CryptoCurrency Mining Server. Shubham has helped many community events / meetings for Blockchain Devs, HyperLedger Delhi / NCR, CryptoCurrencyIndia, PyDelhi, ILUGD

Roy DaveyLead Engineer

Solidity, Ethereum, NEO, Blockchain experts with 8+ years of complete web stack development experience including Python, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, GoLang, Django, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, React.JS. In-depth knowledge in the development of Cryptocurrency (Ethereum, Smart Contracts), ICO organization, DAO creation, Cryptocurrency purse and exchange development, Cryptocurrency Trade, Loan bot on Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Solidity, Web3js, Truffle, and ERC20 tokens

Jules De SmitDeveloper

Expert in Solidity, sophisticated smart contract functionality, core developer with deep experience in Javascript, React, Goal and Solidity. Experience handling and handling web API / RESTful API. Great interest in pushing Blockchain forward, recently working on Bountyone.io, proficient in making smart contracts and making DAPPS

Jacob SalvadorAdvisor / Marketing

Help build dozens of solar and renewable power plants around the world. CFO Bitspace, one of the leading blockchain companies in Norway and EOS block producer candidate. Experienced investment professionals with direct practice experience track record that implements technology projects in the financial industry, renewable energy and blockchain. His deep market knowledge in disruptive technology has contributed to some of the most promising blockchain companies today where he has held the position of the advisory board

AnuDeepAdvisor / Marketing

Anudeep is a world-class blockchain and business consultant. As an active supporter and supporter of blockchain technology, he provides consultation and advice to selected ICOs and has worked closely with the successful launch of ICOs that have achieved their marketing, media and PR targets. Anudeep has worked with 30+ ICO and blockchain-based companies as Growth Hacker and Marketing Strategist donated to some of the most promising blockchain companies today where he has held the advisory board position

Dr. David MeszarosLegal

Dr. Meszaros is one of the leading jurists when it comes to all the things that appear at the crossroads of blockchain and law. He has been a legal advisor to more than 19 ICOs and assisted Fortune 500 companies with company issues and compliance. With a doctorate in law and many years of international law experience, Meszaros guides TeraWATT through the regulatory maze of ICOs

For more information:

Website: https://terawattled.com/

Whitepaper: https://terawattled.com/assets/Terawatt.pdf

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4180151.0

Telegram: https: // t .me / TeraWattICO

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtUjNIRzbUQBK95dYinJhQ

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Terawatt/about

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/terawatt_led






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