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When the first bitkoyny were mined in January 2009, attention was attracted only a few people. Today millions of people own a lot of crypto currency, using them to buy and sell goods and services or as valuable values, just as we do with the currency of fiat that we keep in our wallets and bank accounts. Bitcoin can be used in the same way as traditional money, but this does not mean that it works the same way. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by the central authority and since they can be exchanged in full confidence without the need for third party verification, they carry very low commission fees. This combination of low commissions and built-in verification has proved popular, encouraging its use and increasing the value of Bitcoin. This value is tied to the powerful dynamics of demand and supply, derived from the constraint, which was set to the total number of bitocans that can be created (21 million). Combine this with the growing complexity of solving the cryptographic problems that are necessary for their extraction, and these properties ensure that the value of bitcoins is directly related to use and not diluted by inflation.

Instead of being designed exclusively as a crypto currency, the Ethereum block chain is designed to run the program code of any decentralized application. On the Ethereum block, miners work to earn Ether, a cryptographic token that feeds the network. In addition to being used as secure crypto currency Ether also used by application developers to pay transactional fees and services on the Ethereum network. Because it is designed to run decentralized applications and takes advantage of the network of choice for companies launching ICOs, Ethereum benefits indirectly from huge growth in this area.

In 2017, the gaming industry has reached another milestone in its development. Compared to the previous year, the market grew by 12%, and by 2020 it will grow by 60-80% – to 168.8 billion dollars.

Video games have a long way from time to plastic boxes to digital space. In the video game industry, to date, the phases from black and white tetris to virtual reality were visible. In just three decades, the video game industry has not only challenged other entertainment sectors, but is now leading them. Directly from personal computers to game consoles, from mobile phones to tablets, you will see interactive and final video games in each form. Even with obvious high demand in the video game industry.

There was a new wave of distribution of the game with the advent of digital space. Since many games are present on several platforms, they receive the greatest benefit in the market. For example, The Witcher 3, which is presented on the platforms STEAM and GOG. The market has even seen a surge in the right distribution with the digital era.

If you are an active online gamer, or you are just interested in the game, and you are thinking about how to make money, then this review is for you.

Abyss is a gaming platform that looks forward to serving all kinds of gaming opportunities for users, including free games, video games, and crypto games.

In addition, it also comes with a referral system, as a result of which individual players can gain the maximum advantage. Players who access the platform can make real money from the platform. They can do this by forcing other people to join the platform. The more players play, the higher the amount that the referee earns.

Abyss mentioned several key competitors in the industry, including Steam and Origin. Since competitors have entered the market for many years and have already processed billions of transactions, it may take time for Abyss to become a comparable player in the industry. In addition, there are competitors trying to use similar blockchain technologies, such as Bountie. The competitive advantages identified by The Abyss, which include a referral system and a reduction in marketing costs, are not essential for them to acquire a significant market share in a short period of time.

Problems with the real game world

Today, there are many gaming platforms, some of which are Uplay and GOG. All these platforms have become an invention from the majority of such brilliant companies as EA. Various platforms are open for servicing paid as well as free games for players. However, developers also charge a fee for advertising for advertising in different games. This helps to keep the weight in your games and put it at the point where it is completely visible to the user.

The speed of game development is quite high compared to what the developers make, and this creates a win-win situation for both sides. All these costs must be taken into account by end users, which include gamers and consumers. This spreads when these users buy games at a higher price, which is more than necessary.

The Abyss platform differs from other platforms in the availability of motivational and multi-level referral programs that will allow players to earn on games and social activity.

Advantages of the Abyss for Developers

Abyss offers developers a fundamentally new logic of advertising interaction

  • Payments are accepted both in the ABYSS token and in the currency of the currency12;
  • The minimum share of revenue from user payments on the developer platform is 70%;
  • Because of referral programs, the share of the developer can exceed 100% as a whole;
  • The developer can withdraw payments in tokens without agreeing documents and wait for the end of the reporting period;
  • Fiat, the smallest number in the world.
  • The developer is already at the beginning of the target audience, including the creation of content;
  • The developer gets access to the specialized statistics of games;
  • Customer support is available around the clock and without days off;
  • The developer himself determines how to support his project (3 levels of integration);
  • The developer gets a convenient and understandable mechanism for using his internal CPA network;
  • The developer gets a simple mechanism to drive traffic both inside the platform and outside it;
  • When working with ABYSS tokens there are no forex and returns typical for payment by fiat methods;
  • Ability to launch your own projects in the alpha / beta mode for collecting, testing and understanding directions for improving the game in terms of content and monetization;
  • For the convenience of promoting the game and protecting against unscrupulous competitors, users will be provided with information on compilation, as well as in the profile press and other factors;
  • Users will not be able to delete comments left or right, containing a lie or slander, after the official explanation of the situation for developers;
  • Open for all developers the rules of free promotion of games on the platform, which include, for example, getting a banner on the main page, a slot in the pop-up windows.

Advantages of Abyss for players

Players Abyss also offers a number of opportunities: referral payments, reward for achievements in games, payment for content creation and much more.

  • The player gets access to a large number of games from around the world on one site;
  • Each user has his own referral program, within which his income (paid by ABYSS tokens) is formed in a five-level chain of referrals from friends invited by the user and other participants whom they attract;
  • Earnings in ABYSS tokens in personal and general games;
  • The ability to monetize created content (reviews, streams, guides, comments, fan art);
  • Additional income in ABYSS tokens at the internal auction;
  • The player can be purchased by ABY tokens by performing tasks in the internal CPA network from the developers;
  • Outside of a particular game, users can syndicate and receive additional ABYSS tokens for collaboration;
  • Upon request, ABYSS tokens are output to the user’s own user’s wallet;
  • Internal overlay for communication inside the game with any platform users and quick access to its important functions;
  • The ability to view news, including the achievements of friends in games, their gaming sessions and other information events. Individual privacy settings are available for each user;
  • Flexible individual system, through which the user sees only what he needs; The included FPS counter and data on the quality of the Internet connection will provide information on how well the game works on the user’s PC;
  • Achievements are divided into several types, reflecting the complexity of their receipt, the reward for the user and the impact on the player’s rating;
  • Automatic updating of games will allow the player to connect to low-speed connections. Automatic updating can be configured on a schedule or simply disabled;
  • Hibernation mode frees up computer resources when the user is running in the background or when the user is in the game;
  • The “Off-line” mode will allow the player to have access to some platforms, even if there is no Internet connection;
  • In session games, the user will be able to obtain data about all players with whom he interacted during the game to make new friends;
  • Capture the screen and video gameplay will allow you to capture all the important points for the player. The user will be able to adjust the quality of images and video, hot keys and space to save unforgettable moments with date and time;
  • The ability to connect computers to a virtual LAN, even if they are located at a remote distance from each other (in different cities, countries and even continents). This will allow you to play with friends who do not work or do not have access to official game servers;
  • Convenient search for users to add to friends – by a unique identifier, alias, postal address and other parameters.

Our gaming platform will be available for desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux), mobile (iOS and Android) and the Web. 3.2 Main characteristics of the project:

Increase revenue from one user: a powerful multi-level referral program, in which the user, given by the developer, provides the developer with revenue (paid by ABYSS token) from all payments and achievements in any other game on the platform.

The player also makes a profit: a similar referral system is built on a viral basis, through which players receive revenue (paid by ABYSS token) to attract friends and their payments. Also the player can earn on various events on the platform (achievements, content creation, internal CPA network, etc.)
. Abyss uses the principle of affiliate marketing: the maximum income players and developers who bring users to the platform first.

What is ICO Abyss?

Abyss is a new cryptographer that is installed as the very first DAICO ICO. DAICO is a fundraising method proposed by Vitaliy Buterin, which brings together some aspects from the DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) with the ICO to make them more transparent and secure.

Abyss – cryptoprotective ecosystem for video games and developers. Although there are already similar projects, I do not think that space is too crowded.

Route map:

  • Q3 2008
    Destiny Games Foundation
    • Q3 2016
    The idea of ​​creating a state
    -of-the- art gaming portal • Q2-Q3 2017
    Test the possibility of integrating block-chain technology into a new concept
    • Q4 2017
    Presentation concept Abyss – next-generation digital distribution platform
    • Q1 2018
    Realization of symbolic sale
    • Q2 2018
    launch Abyss development platform
    presentation Abyss concept for game developers

    Stage of development of an active platform Q3-Q4 2018
    Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project
    cooperation agreement with the pro game ktami
    • Q1 2019
    The first version of the platform with the
    API of the startup package of the game for the summation of the project
    Unified billing in two currencies
    Unified approval system
    The first integration of multi-level referral programs
    • Q2-Q4 2019
    Active platform development:
    expansion of the number of connected projects;
    Implementation of personalization and socialization systems;
    Implementation of a detailed reporting system;
    Presentation of the internal CPA network.
    • Q1-Q4 2020
    Expanding platform functionality:
    motivation programs;
    Ability to create and evaluate content;
    Joint gaming achievements.
    • 2020+
    Crowdfunding Platform
    New Platform Extension

What is special about ICO Abyss?

What sets it apart from ICO, such as Crycash, is the fact that it is nothing more than just a cryptographic platform for developers to give players the incentive to play their games. Abyss provides players with more opportunities to monetize their games, except for receiving incentives provided by the developer, which allows the player to create and monetize their videos and content in the game and provide a 5-level affiliate program. This means that getting your friends on board the project can help you earn more money, and when they send someone else 5 levels!

Information on the sale of the token

Period of sale: 12/12/2017 to 24/1/2018
Price: 1 ETH = 2500 ABYSS
Accepted currencies: ETH and BTC

oken Abyss.
The signs of the Abyss are the internal mechanism of interaction on the platform. All profits from the direction and motivation programs will be credited to these tokens, and most services will also be based on this sign. In addition, when paying for a purchase in a store, Token Abyss will receive discounts.

Cost of the token: 1 ETH = 5000 Abyss.

A total of 1.15 billion Tokens will be issued.

The sale of tokens will take place from February 7 to March 1, 2018. The minimum payment is 0.01 ETH, the maximum payment is 10 ETH.


1 day + 25%

2-5 days + 15%

6-10 days + 10%

11-15 days + 5%

Team The
team is diverse and experienced, with most of the employees of DESTINY.GAMES, the company of video game developers. Members have prerequisites from the block chain, technology and business.

Community Community
participation with The Abyss is very impressive. Despite the absence of a prototype, Telegram already has more than 14,000 members. A significant number of followers in other social networks.

The Abyss (the obvious copying …) uses most common marketing channels. The telegram is the main channel used by the Company to address issues from potential investors. Administrators answer questions quickly and in great detail.

Documentation The
documentation from the Abyss is sufficient and sufficient. Nevertheless, our team believes that more technical information should be provided as an increase in investor confidence.

Financial services
Financial information is not provided.

Our team raises concerns about the reliability of the “Abyss”. A functional prototype has yet to be provided, which makes it difficult to judge the functions and aspects of the platform claimed by The Abyss.

Feasibility Study
Our team believes that the key to the success of this business is to attract attention and volume of users. Moreover, our team considers the absence of partnerships with other significant institutions or companies as the main risk factor for the Abyss.

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